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When is World Speech Day 2020

When is World Speech Day in 2020? Are you ready to answer this question without any prompts given by us? As a rule, almost all contemporary people reply negatively and that is the reason why we are going to discuss this matter in details.


Discovering the matter what day National Speech Day in 2020 is, we would like to demonstrate our readers a great amount of various pieces of information. Being rather curious, they are exceptionally interested in historical background of every event.

In general it’s no secret that Ancient Greece is considered to be the birthplace of this type of art, but the eternal rivalry between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome led to the fact that both states have been famous for their great speakers.

One of the most famous Greek speakers is Demosthenes. He pronounced his monologues in front of the audience passionately and powerfully, strengthening the emotional tension of the crowd with logical arguments. The natural gift of eloquence, he successfully combined with a clear structuring of talking. The listeners watched fascinated as Demosthenes consistently led them from point to point, summing up the results for each sounded thesis. This rhetorical tradition has survived in our days.

man making Speech


What does Speech Day mean? That is a good question but you have to answer it by yourself. We can’t tell you what holidays to celebrate and which ones may be quite forgotten.

All in all, like any other cases in the world, oratory art has its own basic rules, the main goal of which is to manage properly the elements and to apply a variety of talking techniques and principles depending on the situation. So under these conditions, speech becomes more understandable, interesting and, as a consequence, is better perceived and has a greater impact on the listener’s consciousness.

According to a person’s talking, one can immediately judge about several of his/her qualities, which play a big role in the formation of our general idea of the interlocutor. First of all, the talking manner allows you to understand whether a person is well brought up. If in a conversation he/she uses words with pronounced reduced stylistic coloring (examples: naughty, awesome) or, even more, brash vocabulary, this indicates a lack of education, and sometimes a low level of soul development. Most likely, with such a person we do not want to continue communication. Therefore, the first step on the way to the formation of their speech image is the exclusion from the talking any abusive words.

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If you want to make a good impression in a conversation use polite forms of addressing the interlocutor, remember the greeting and saying goodbye, try not to interrupt those who address you, do not raise their voice. It is important to avoid excessive emotion: in some cases, it is appropriate, but it can often offend or frighten the listener.


Discovering the question “When is International Speech Day 2020?” we can’t but mention some peculiar features of the subject.

In general our image consists of a variety of factors, beginning from the appearance and ending with the field of activity that we are engaged in. One of the important components of the impression, given by the modern successful person is his/her talking. The way we speak affects how we are perceived by others.

In accordance with practice, what you need to pay attention to is your talking manner. You see, your interlocutors should be pleased to communicate with you.

Our speech is believed to be the main instrument of influence on the audience. It’s no accident that public relations specialists and image makers working with politicians devote much time to forming the correct talking of their clients.

However, this is relevant not only for public people. – Each of us in everyday life communicates with a variety of men and women.

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All in all the way we speak creates a certain image of our interlocutors about our personality, about the professional and human qualities that we possess. Moreover, recent studies have shown that in just seven words spoken by the interlocutor, we can determine his/her position on the social ladder.


When is Speech Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. And from our side we would like to mention that this special occasion has a fixed date. It is held on March 15th every year. Knowing this you can be involved any moment you like or want.

Do you know how to spend this day in a proper way? No? – Ok, we will help you then. In accordance with our point of view, this period can be used for learning something really new.

You see, being a professional in any field, but not selfish at the same time, is rather difficult. So the exceptional talent is to start a conversation, which is interesting for other people.

As a rule, shy people are talking in a quiet voice, even on topics that are well-versed. If you belong to this category, try to be a bit brave and rehearse your voice on March 15th.

woman making speech

The first thing you have to learn is to speak beautifully and confidently in front of a mirror. After that, you need a small audience, which includes several people. It is better to start practicing your oratory before close friends or relatives. Spring is a perfect period for starting something new.

However, you should remember, that even having perfected the communication skills in a small company, at first it will be difficult to speak to a significant number of strangers. To do this, you need to raise self-esteem and train self-confidence.

Organize a cozy evening party for the close people, choose the theme, which will be interesting for everybody, propose to prepare the topics and discuss it. Some contemporary men and women prefer to cook something special for something special, to buy extraordinary products or to purchase takeaway food from the nearest restaurant.

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National Speech Day Facts

Investigating the matter “What is the date of World Speech Day in 2020?” we would like to touch some very important points of view concerning this matter in general.

If you want to interest the listener with a conversation, it is important to keep the right talking rate. Do not rush: the speech should be harmonious, otherwise for the interlocutor it can be difficult to grasp the essence of the conversation. If the speaking does not feel rushed, your listeners will see in you a reasonable and thoughtful person. In this case, you should not talk too slowly, stretching words and phrases: because of such slowness, the audience can get bored.

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, sometimes it is recommended to record your talking on the recorder, listen and decide if it’s comfortable for you to perceive this pace of speech yourself.

When communicating, be sure to consider the specifics of the audience before whom you are speaking. If you want to make a good impression on business partners, do not try to conquer them with the help of techniques that worked when you were giving a speech at your friend’s wedding. Answer for yourself the questions: “With what people (from what sphere) will I communicate?” “What do I expect from the audience?” “What image do I want to create?”

However, remember that listeners feel insincere, so do not try to imagine yourself as who you are not. The image formed by means of speech should correspond to your internal state.

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