The history of the relationship between humans and four-legged appeared a long time ago. Approximately 15 thousand years ago, people domesticated an animal for the first time, this animal turned up a dog. Since then, more than half of mankind cannot dream up their life without a beloved pet. This can be explained by the fact that between us and beasts exists a real strong mental and special connection and sometimes we just don’t notice it. These unique relationships usually last many years and consist of completely a harmony, peace, and understanding. National Pet Parents Day is observed annually in April that is why we already know when National Pet Parents Day in 2020 is. Yearly, humanityย  buys a pet as a friend, are you apply to them?If not, you probably know some representatives. This day we celebrate the importance and significance of being a pet parent and why our pets are so vital for us.


Increasingly the pet community is hearing the term “Pet Parent” instead of pet ownership, further solidifying the importance of pets in the household. In a sign of respect for such people, โ€œPet Parentsโ€ now have an ability to celebrate this day along with all the other holidays. Actually, this holiday was created not only for animal’s fans but also to create awareness in society about the great number of animals who are in need of human’s care such as animals that are in shelters, veterinary clinics or even live in absolute hunger on the streets. Approximately 8 million animals enter shelters in the U.S. yearly, and around 3 million animals are euthanized.

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In order to conceive what day World Pet Parents Day 2020 isand how crucial is this holiday and what is the origins, we should go deeper into the history of this remarkable day for most people. When National Pet Parents Day 2020 was being created, the aim was to thank all those people who are not indifferent to animals and treat them on an equal footing with people. This celebratory day was established by Veterinary Pet Insurance in 2007. Since our Pets are considered to be not only a source of good mood and encouragement but also the same family member as everyone else (moreover, some animals have passports) consequently this led to the decision of creating such a feast. Concluding from the several of sources we should say that this holiday is mostly celebrated in Western society but it does not mean that the Eastern population has a bad attitude to it, just peculiar and specific.

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In consideration of what does National Pet Parents Day mean, it is appropriate to say that this day is about the people who give worth to their pets as something more than just a creature that only plays a role as a cohabitant? This day is about them who take care of their animals in the same way as looking after the children. It is right even to affirm that animals are the sense of life for such public. Everyone defines the level of value of this holiday himself. It is an opportunity to share with the knowledge that raising a healthy pet requires quite hard work. This process consists not only of feeding or giving them a shelter but also the method of upbringing and training. Furthermore, real pet lovers are aware of understanding the need for constant walking and enough attention.

Moreover, many fairs, festivals, and celebrations are organized yearly on when is International Pet Parents Day 2020 to emphasize the role of our four-legged friends. Thousands of visitors pay great sums to support them and let them breathe deeply. You shouldnโ€™t forget about social media as well by posting content with #PetParentsDay2020 hash tag.


In some countries, on this day, animals are allowed to do what in ordinary days is prohibited. For example, they can freely chew on furniture, shoes, clothes, tear wallpaper, climb the curtains or eat the master meals off the table. But such permissiveness should be limited, because the animal may think that he can be everything and then your life will turn into a small disaster. In honor of such holiday, many people buy their petโ€™s favorite tasty treats or toys with which he can run and play. Also on this day, an animal is given special importance, for example, if possible, dedicate to him the whole day of your attention, go with him to places where he has never been.

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So, P.P.D. is something unusually unique charging with positive energy and emotions. On this day, you can get as many feelings as you want to feel close to nature. Also, P.P.D. means a holiday for all the pet owners over the world. The day is dedicated to both animals and people who are looking after them. So, keep in mind what is the date of National Pet Parents Day 2020 to be trendy and take part in of the most grandiose celebration of the year.


On this day, as a rule, the attention of all people to animals around the world, namely, in America, intensifies. To alleviate the fate of animals thrown out onto the street is not difficult at all โ€“ only a drop of kindness is needed.

In general, events organized in the countries in honor of this holiday always varied and depended on the culture and customs prevailing in the neighborhood. It should be noted regardless of the traditions existing in the state, the festival is a large-scale because it is visited by a huge number of people.

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Somewhere, they organized pickets to protect animals from violence, flash mobs in support of the development of shelters, are large-scale exhibitions of cats and dogs, where they appear in front of the people in all its glory and carry out certain tasks or command, and based on the results, they awarded prizes in the competition. These exhibitions are sponsored, so the first place to some offer a high enough reward.

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International Pet Parents Day Facts

  • For this holiday, there is a special day in calendar. There will be no problem counting when is Pet Parents Day in 2020. As already mentioned above, this day is celebrated yearly on the last Sunday of April. If you are wondering when the holiday is,then it is going to be April 29. And accordingly in the following years it will be on April 28, 2020; April 27, 2019,etc.
  • Cat cafes are very popular. They are ready to accept clients with furry friends. Modern cat rooms and hotels in which you can leave your pet also have high demand. About 50% of pet owners say they frequently purchase gifts for their animals.
  • This holiday is only ten years old, in comparison with all the rest. Nevertheless, it has great popularity.
  • Dogs have learned to drive a car. The New Zealand Society for the Protection of Animal Rights has set up an experiment in which three dogs learned to drive.

So, donโ€™t pass by this extraordinary holiday and checkup other celebrations to be trendy.


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