What a controversial holiday we have today! Weโ€™ll set it straight from the very beginning โ€“ we do not call upon you to celebrate the date. Weโ€™ll just explain what the matter of this stupidly called observance is and how it made it into the calendar.

When is National Kick a Ginger Day in 2024? Well, letโ€™s see.


There is just 2% of the population that boasts the ginger color of their hair. And theyโ€™vealways drawn the attention of the others, traditionally colored people. Where did they come from and where would they lead us to? Itโ€™s hard to be the ginger, actually. Even in the 21st century, when it seems that the lionโ€™s share of the dull prejudices has gone, thereโ€™s still a fuss with the redheads.

In fact, Kick a Ginger date is not the holiday in the full meaning of this word. Itโ€™s more like a proclamation of some youths, not the brightest ones, who were the big fans of the show called the South Park. What does the cartoon have to do with that, youโ€™re asking?

Get ready for Kick a Ginger Day

In 2005, there was an episode filmed with the title of โ€œGinger Kidsโ€ and it was these twenty-five minutes that started that entire thing about the red-colored hairโ€™s owners. The plot is that the main hero โ€“ a popular character โ€“ performs a debatable report about the redheads claiming that they are the vampires and they donโ€™t have the soul. After the performance, the majority of the students are filled with the contempt for the gingers. To teach the narrator a valuable lesson, his friends dye his hair in the red color turning him into one of the despicable individuals at the school who canโ€™t even have a lunch in the dining hall. Then, he gathers all the poor fellows and organizes the movement for the gingersโ€™ rights which quickly evolved into the movement for killing those who are not the redheads. The friends see the mistake they have made and tell him the truth about his color of the hair at the very last moment in front of the crowd.

The point is that the cartoon was trying to show how easily the society gets seized with the prejudices and blinded with the groundless hatred towards their neighbor. Yet the idea was too abstruse for some youths that only saw the slogan โ€œkick a gingerโ€ shown on the TV screen. In November 2008, the kid from Canada started a public event on Facebook with the call to hold the national observance with the aforementioned name. It was supported by more than five thousands of people! Could you imagine that when the date has come, there were the real assaults on the redhead students? The founder of the page claimed that it was just a joke. Nevertheless, it led to the terrible consequences.

Weird as it is, the websites popularizing the holiday still exist. Of course, they tell that itโ€™s a humorous date and absolutely inoffensive, but sometimes it seems that our society is really somewhere on the same level with the South Parkโ€™s community. On top of that, the keywords like when is International Kick a Ginger Day 2024 is quite a popular one. We hope, itโ€™s just an idle curiosity.


What does National Kick a Ginger Day mean? Definitely not what it spells.

In fact, the flair of the mysticism has always hovered over the redhead people. The ancient Greeks thought that after the death the gingers were reborn inโ€ฆ the vampires. The Egyptians believed that the red-colored hair meant the bad luck and preferred to make them a sacrifice for the Amon in the hope of avoiding the misfortunes. The Spanish Inquisition considered the gingers the thieves of the hellish fire or the witches and the magicians.

The Roman people were more civilized. They thought that the red color of the hair meant the huge luck and even bought the ginger slaves as the talismans. In Polynesia, they were the special people, too, of the noble origin and with the favor from the god.

In the 80โ€™s, the Californian man founded the International Union of the Redheads. This organization even has their own magazine telling about the life of the most prominent gingers and their contributions to the development of the world. Among the famous redheads, there is Nero the Emperor, Galilei, Columbus, Vivaldi, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gauge, George Washington and many others great persons.

Alas, but the gingerphobia is still around. In Great Britain, there was the march of the redheads staged because of the discrimination towards this part of the society. Obviously, some people are better not to know at all what day World Kick a Ginger Day in 2024 falls on, because of their stupidity!


The red hair is acquired as a result of the inheritance of the genes from both of the parents. It is proved that the age of the gene, responsible for the special color, pale skin, and the freckles, is about 50-100 thousand years. Older than the Homo Sapiens gene!

The biggest number of the gingers lives in America โ€“ around twelve million of the individuals. The curly redheads are more frequent on Scotland and Ireland.

The red hair contains such a huge amount of the pigment that itโ€™s almost impossible to dye it. The hair itself is also much thicker than the blonde or the brunette one. Moreover, they go gray in a special way, too. The hair turns the lighter colors and only after that becomes fully gray. The statistics tell that the young women have a soft spot for dying their hair in the red color! Seems likethis mystical tintiscreatedfor both alluring and scaring away the people. More to the point, the medicine officially admits that there is the sort of phobia called the gingerphobia.

Chuck Norris

It is also believed that the redhead men and women are distinguished by the hot and passionate temper and even a tad of the dissoluteness. It is difficult to prove scientifically but the experts say that the skin of the gingers is much more sensitive, with the bruises and scratches healing longer than those of the light and dark hair people. On top of that, these individuals need more anesthetic during the surgeries, especially during the dentist session. Because of the lower pain threshold, as you may have guessed. The scientists also noticed that the ginger nurses pulled the patients through the recovery much quicker. This canโ€™t be explained at all but the tendency does exist.

What is the date of National Kick a Ginger Day 2024? Weโ€™ll tell you but you have to promise not to misinterpret it in either way! The date is November 20.

The light skin of the gingers is always under the serious influence of the ultraviolet rays, thatโ€™s why they have to pay more attention to the sun protection cream with the high SPF. Usually, the skin of the ordinary human emits two types of the melanin that protects from the dangerous effect. Meanwhile, the organism of the redhead produces only one of those types making them susceptible to the unhealthy influence.


The best what you can do about that date is not to spread the word about it. Instead of popularizing the violence, youโ€™d better pay attention to your ginger friend/colleague/relative and hug them as strong as you can, together with thanking them for the positive emotions they bring into your life.

International Kick a Ginger Day Facts

  • Opposite to the date, there was National Kiss a Ginger holiday created. This one we support to the fullest!

Mark in the calendar, when is Kick a Ginger Day in 2024, and turn this date into the positive one.


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