What kind of a woman doesnโ€™t like jewelry? If youโ€™re a real woman, you certainly like any kind of jewels. The variety of examples is very numerous. Besides, nowadays there are many inexpensive variants. This group of garnitures is full of precious and expensive. It also includes semi-precious. Gems can be natural or made by people. Thatโ€™s why women have a great choice to be beautiful and to make their wishes true. If donโ€™t have much money to buy decorations during the year, do it on the concrete day. When is National Jewel Day in 2020?


People have been using precious stones since the ancient times. They used these decorating things for religious purposes and decoration of their appearance. In the most cases the precious ornament is used to denote a personโ€™s status in the society. It is thought that wealthy people must wear only precious decorations. Thatโ€™s why monarchs and noblemen wore different variants.

The occasion isnโ€™t a national observance. People usually use it as a chance to buy or get some jewelry. The real origin of the event isnโ€™t known exactly. It has been celebrated for several years, though the certain amount of years canโ€™t be denoted.


The first variant appeared due to a Neanderthal living before the appearance of Homo Sapiens. It was founded in the Spanish territories. It is older than 100 thousand years ago. It is a bead made from a sea shell. It was founded in a cave. The 40 thousand-years old ring made from marble and bracelet made of stone were found in the Russian territories.

Ancient people also made decorations from berries, stone, bone. They used sinew and string. They also used bones as buttons. The Egyptian culture had a great impact on the decoration production. People of Ancient Egypt preferred to use gold. They liked its characteristics such as workability, rarity and luxury. Wealthy people used to wear jewelry during their lives and took them into their graves.

Gold was very popular in many countries. It was used to create necklaces and earrings, bracelets and rings. The Old Greeks began creating gold decoration in the 17th century BC. Later people of Greece used gold to make prizes for the Olympic Games. They started creating bracelets in a form of a snake.

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The Greek people used to wear jewelry during special events and occasions. They also presented them to dear people. The precious decorations were very popular among men, though the mainly they were worn by women. They were the symbol of wealthy life. They were also thought to be religious symbols.

In the 19th century many companies were organized in different countries. It was the time when Cartier brand was organized in France, Bulgari in Italy and Tiffany & Co. in the USA. These companies are popular nowadays too. One of the most glamorous collections was created by P.C.Faberge whose precious eggs are known throughout the world.

The Indian tradition of jewelry is more than 8 thousand years. The territories of the country are rich in different kinds of natural stones, gems and gold. Royal people wore numerous precious necklaces, bracelets and rings. If you want to watch different collections on the observance, you should know what day Jewel Day is.



What does Jewel Day mean? The occasion has a great value for companies that produce jewelry. It is time when they can represent their new collections. Many corporations make shows for presenting the new idea to the people. Usually shows are organized as small events when the entry is possible only by invitations. If you have an opportunity to visit such event, you are better to accept the invitation.

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The occasion is a great time to watch different programs about jewels and start liking it. Sometimes women donโ€™t get used to the precious things which accompany wealthy people. They donโ€™t let themselves buy various decorations and precious stones. The occasion can be taken into account by such people. They can visit special shops and try on various beautiful garnitures which are too expensive to be bought.

The event is a chance to get a precious thing without any special festive occasion. A husband or a boyfriend can make a special present to make his darling woman happy. It is also a chance to make a surprise to a husband or a boyfriend.

Various jewelry stores make propositions to their clients. It is the time when everybody can choose an appropriate variant and buy a great garniture for a good price. This occasion can be used for an advertisement. Many designers show new collections on the day. When is International Jewel Day 2020? Itโ€™s annually held on the 13th of March.


The history of the observance isnโ€™t well-known. Nevertheless the meaning of the event is well-understood. The word is international. Almost every person in the world can understand the core of the holiday. Everybody has the idea of the way of observance. There are many things that can be named as jewel.

The definition of the term is given in the majority of dictionaries. The most common meaning is a precious stone. The word can also define any precious metal decorated with natural or semi-natural stones. People can wear the thing with a dress as an accessory.

The term appeared in the 13th century in the Middle English. People started using the word in the modern meaning then. What is the date of Jewel Day? Itโ€™s celebrated on the 13th of March.

Jewel stones


There are many ways to celebrate the occasion. The main thing is that the day is to be commemorated. If you have an appropriate sum of money, you should choose any variant that you like. Jewelry stores propose hundreds of variant for every customer. The prices are greatly varied. Every person can find the variant which is great. The main problem is to find a good precious stone or metal for a good price.

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The event is great time to get information about your stone. Every zodiac sign has got its stone which strengthens the characteristics of this sign. It is high time to find this stone and make it an amulet. You can also choose an amulet for every member of the family. It can be a great present for every person. The surprise can be even better if a presented stone is natural.

The day is great to get a lesson of making jewelry yourself. It is a chance to become a handmade master. You can visit special courses or even get a master class. If you have already studied the art of handmade jewelry, you can present it to your friend.

The day can be dedicated to the cleaning of the jewelry. Itโ€™s good time to cleanse necklaces and earrings. Rings also need to be cleaned.

If you are a curious person, get information about the history of jewels. You can read about traditions and customs of many nations and tribes. You can also read about the magic of gemstones. Many people like to visit different event which concern the date. When is Jewel Day in 2020, calendar of events? The occasion is held on the 13th of March.

National Jewel Day Facts

  • The oldest example is more than 100 thousand years old. It was made from shells.
  • The origin of the word is Latin.
  • Some variants are believed to help to avoid evil.
  • India was the first country to mine diamonds.
  • The first engagement ring was used in 1477. It was used for the royal wedding.
  • Amber is a very old mineral. It can be more than 100 million years old.


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