What a wacky holiday we are going to discuss todayโ€ฆ

When is National No Panty Day in 2018 and what is it about? Read on and get the answer!


There is no any other piece of our clothing that could evoke so many historic speculations as for the undergarment, or, more specifically, the panties. The invisible under the clothes, theyโ€™ve left so little of the information about its originand so many of the space for the imagination! The images of them are not seen on the pictures of the famous artists and the descriptions are not written in the heavy philosophical opuses. Well, obviously, it is a too personal item to talk about it in public.

Although we do know that the antique civilizations werenโ€™t aware of the panties. There just wasnโ€™t the term for the underwear at all. People wore the tunics and shirts on the naked bodies which were the โ€œunderโ€ and โ€œouterโ€ wear at the same time. Of course, when weโ€™re trying to imagine how the ancient people felt without that important piece of the clothing, we should remember the fact that their physical self-sentiment was so distinctive from our own. Today, it seems like there is nothing more natural than placing some sort of the barrier between the naked body and the clothes. Much more simple than coming up with the Pythagoras theorem or building the water supply system, isnโ€™t it? But itโ€™s not about the inventiveness. Itโ€™s about the culture and traditions that it preserves.

No Panty Day

People say that the very first panties appeared in the 12th century but up until the 14th century, the long shirts (wearing without the undergarments) were still in honor both among the grassroots and the wealthy folks. In the end of the 18th century, the panties become a bit more popular in England, although some scientists claim that the modern-like underwear was invented only at the end of the 19th century. A lot of mystery around that fellow, as weโ€™ve already mentioned!

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Interestingly, the church was against wearing the panties. All the efforts to create the underwear were strictly nipped in the bud and there were even two edicts published that forbad the making of that devilish thing. Yet at the beginning of the 20th century, the upper crust women began to wear the panties while the usual women did without its presence for long. First, there was the panty made of the flax, cotton or wool which was tightened in the frills. This sort was called the knickers. Some of them were fastened on the button in front.

With time, the panties were decorated with the embroidery, lace, ribbons, bows, frills, and ruches. Together with the changes in the style of life, they were made more comfortable, fitted for the everyday wearing. In the 60โ€™s, the skirts got shorter and shorter. So, the panties were minimized in the sizes, too.

When is International No Panty Day 2022? As for its origin, there are two versions. One tells that it was posted in the Wikiโ€™s Holidays Calendar by a joker; another one claims that is was created inanswer to National No Pants Day. Be it a joke or the sort of the justiceโ€™s restoration, one thing is certain โ€“ we are ought to observe it!


What does National No Panty Day mean? It means taking off your undergarment and feel the wind blowing through your skirt. Or shorts, whatever.

Nowadays, the panties are no longer the too personal item of the wardrobe which canโ€™t be discussed in public. The famous designers annually create the fashionable trends in the world of the bottom part of the underwear and do everything they can to make them more visible. The thing is the absolutely natural topic for discussion and gossips: the badly matched model could be a reason for making the comment, mockery or even the old-fashioned habits charge. Especially, when it sits badly under the tightest trousers or jeans.

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Here the question is put point-blank: either youโ€™re ready that your choice of the panties would be obvious to everyone around or youโ€™re not ready but it still noticeable together with the downsides of your body. In any case, follow the example of the genius Bridget Jones! You remember the clear demonstration of the heroine of Renee Zellweger of how a woman can make her silhouette look skinnier in a cocktail dress โ€“ by wearing the huge compression panties. No matter the fact that the thing almost destroyed the night with the love of her life, lots of the celebrities accepted the ides as the excellent one while the paparazzi informed the world on the celebritiesโ€™ choice.

Another part of the TV audience tends to shock the public with the statements on what exactly panties they like to wear and when exactly they do without the latter. The psychologists, going on with the theme of the public discussion of the panty, claim that the choice of this thing, or the absence, could say a lot about its owner. Thus, the lover of the spacious boxers appreciates the comfort, they are tender, soft and caring. Meanwhile, the one who prefers going bottomless is a frivolous person and more inclined to be single.

Regardless of what day World No Panty Day in 2022 falls on, donโ€™t underestimate the power of the underwear.

Also, the panties are the reason for the dozens of the weird actions, Thus, the underwear company from Australia, decided to get into the Guinness Book and made the biggest panties ever, fifteen meters in width, eleven meters in length and one hundred and eighty kilos heavy! The famous designers often produce the creations that could be called the most expensive ones: in 2005, one of them sewed the underwear with the price tag of seventeen thousand dollars. On top of that, the Swiss company went further and designed the panty with the silver lines that neutralizes the damaging rays.

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There are several types of the panties that could be called as the most much-loved by the females all over the world.

The boxers โ€“ they look like the super short shorts while the elastic band is placed on the waist or on the thighs. They can be spacious or extremely tight and made of the various materials โ€“ the cotton, atlas, lace, silk, etc.

The slips are the most widespread and popular ones. They fully cover the silhouette from behind and have the cut in the middle of the thighs. The band is on the waist. They are the most perfect for the everyday wearing.

What is the date of National No Panty Day 2022? It annually happens on June 22!

The string panties consist of the triangle in front and the strings in behind that demonstrate all that needs to be seen. Similar to the string, there is the tanga undergarment that has the high cut of the thighs. The front and the back parts are connected with the narrow pieces of the fabric on the sides or with the elastic bands.


If you like the idea of the holiday, then who can keep you from the intriguing act of taking off our undergarment? Of course, no one, as it is the official reason for doing that. By the way, you can also inform the whole world on your little defiance of the moral norms by posting the hashtag #NoPantyDay and see how many supporters you have!

International No Panty Day Facts

  • Strange as it is, this observance also coincides with National Onion Rings Day and Stupid Guy Thing holiday.

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is No Panty Day in 2022, and donโ€™t be afraid to spend this day going bottomless and free from any prejudices!


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