When is National Hippo Day in 2020? Can you answer this question immediately? โ€“ We are almost sure that you are going to reply negatively as only a few people know about this day existence. At the same time the creature is considered to be in the list of the most interesting and unusual animals of the planet.

Being a child, we watched the cartoon story of a hippo who was afraid of vaccination, cried and ran, did we? Well, if you think these heavy African giants are absolutely harmless sedentary creatures, you are really mistaken. In fact, hippos are the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa. Are you surprised? โ€“ Letโ€™s talk about them in details.


It would be quite silly to investigate the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Hippo Day 2020?โ€ without taking into account the historical background of this event.

In fact we havenโ€™t managed to discover any information available about the people, who represented this holiday for the first time. And we should admit that we donโ€™t know why this event is celebrated on February 15th every year.

However, we can tell you for sure why this occasion is considered to be rather important nowadays. The matter is that these amazing creatures are considered to be extinct. The human is their main enemy. And now we are going to explain why.

Hippo kiss

  1. First of all, people are farming the land where hippopotamuses have lived since ancient times, thus forcing animals to leave their habitats.
  2. Secondly, animals themselves often come at night to graze on fields with cultivated plants and garden vegetation. They are destroying most of the harvest, therefore, often protecting their land, people kill them.
  3. Thirdly, for many people, hippos are a source of skin, meat and bone. As a rule, these animals are considered to be much more valuable than elephants. Tusks are more durable and they donโ€™t become yellow. The length of an adult male one is more than 60 cm. They are used for creation souvenirs and expensive jewelry.

From thick skinned hippopotamus, locals make crafts, which are purchased by tourists with pleasure and in great amounts. The most popular ones are circles for the processing of diamonds, protective shields for warriors and whips.

Africans kill young hippopotamus and for the sake of meat (it is very hard for the elderly).

The hippopotamuses amount has recently begun to decline. Fortunately, these animals can not be called disappearing, but people need to stop in time and stop destroying hippos to save their populations.


What does National Hippo Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we donโ€™t know how to answer this question instead of you. The matter is that it is only up to you to decide whether to be involved.

In our turn we want to mention that in translation from Latin the name of this animal means “river horse”. It looks like a huge and rather fat horse, doesnโ€™t is?

All in all there are two kinds of these animals: pigmy and ordinary ones. The weight of the last sample can reach four tons, a height of one and a half meters, and a length of up to 4.5 meters. These animals are absolutely devoid of all grace. Their little body-shaped body on short, thick legs in the back is “decorated” with a tiny tail, and in front there is a massive head with a huge mouth, large nostrils, small eyes and ears.

The legs of the hippopotamus are so short that the animal often suffers from the touching the ground with a belly.

By the way, do you know why the hippo has so small tail? Oh, it sounds rather amazing actually! With its help he animal tags the territory. When these creatures are weeing, they are waving their tail wildly. So urine and excrements are flying over long distances.

The mouth of the hippo is impressive, as about one and a half meters part of the muzzle can be opened at the angle of almost 180 degrees. The strength of the bite of its jaws is 230 kg, and an angry animal easily bites an adult crocodile.


Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Hippo Day 2020?โ€ we would like to demonstrate you many amazing facts, which concern this exotic creature.

They like to spend time both in fresh water and on land. Being in the water, they occasionally raise their huge head to the surface, breathe in then immerse themselves in the bottom. At the same time their nostrils are closed. Hipotes may not hold their breathe up to five minutes.

Also we canโ€™t but mention that these animals are able to hear in water as well as on land. Being the excellent swimmers, they are also able to talk under water. The webs arranged between their fingers and the subcutaneous fat keep them very well on the water.

Usually hippopotamuses go to land to find food. As a rule, this happens at night. These giants can walk up to 10 km in search of something tasty. To be full, an adult creature needs more than 50 kg.

Onshore hippos lose a lot of water. Their four-cm skin is very rough, but very sensitive to sun rays. It is completely deprived of the hair covering, which would at least protect the animals from the sun’s rays. Under their influence, the skin becomes pink. It seems that the shameful giants became embarrassing for some reason, and they blushed. In fact, under the influence of the sun, hippo begins to release a substance that protects their skin from burning.

The sweat of these creatures is of red shade. It is used for frightening the insects and annoying birds.

As a rule the hippopotamus lives in dirty water and fights there, getting bloody injuries, so nature has invented for them perfect protection: their skin secretes enzymes that can heal the wounds rapidly.

A portion of sweat gets into the milk of females and stains it in a gently pink color.

Hippo family


When is Hippo Day in 2020, calendar will definitely remind you. The date of February 15th is not difficult to be remembered. And it is fixed, so you can join any moment you like.

However, do you know how to spend this event in an interesting or even amazing way? โ€“ Of course, it is up to you to decide, but we would like to propose you to devote February 15th to this huge animal discovery.

You can go to the zoo. There you can watch these creatures, read a great amount of various pieces of information and even to feed the animals.

Some people prefer to spend this day in front of TV, as nowadays there are a lot of documentaries, devoted to them.

International Hippo Day Facts

Investigating the matter, what day World Hippo Day in 2020 is, we want to introduce as many interesting pieces of information as it is possible.

For example, have you ever thought what they eat? For a long time it was believed that these animals are herbivorous and do not eat algae. Lately scientists have proved that hippopotamuses, of course, eat grass, but also love meat. They will diversify their diet with meat from crocodiles, antelopes and other African animals.

Becoming older the animal finds it increasingly difficult to eat vegetarian food, so they can die from starvation. On average, the life span of these animals is 45-50 years.

It would be rather interesting to mention how these massive creatures manage to catch their fast “food”? It is quite easily in fact. – If necessary, hippo can be very fast, as it has a good reaction, and develops the speed of 50 km/h in running.

Everything mentioned above shows how dangerous hippos are to humans. They are capable not only to catch a person, but to harm him/her as well.


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