When is International Free Shipping Day in 2024? – Are you able to answer this question? As a rule, most people are just shrugging their shoulders when you are asking them about it. They have never heard that the special occasion like it does really exist in the modern calendar. We find this situation to be an unfair one, as ordering through the Internet any person on the planet would we really glad not to pay for his or her shipping. Thus in order to clarify the matter today we are going to introduce it to our followers. Would you like to join the discussion? – We are starting.


Talking about the matter what day Free Shipping Day in 2024 is we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. All in all this direction is considered the most required one among our followers.  

The holiday is considered to be quite modern. Initially it was introduced just 12 years ago, in 2008 to be more exact. At the same time the very first coupon portion of the corresponding internet resource was started in 2017. From the very beginning it was a particular service introduced especially for various kinds of online savings. Following the idea shoppers should be provided with particular coupons and special free shipping codes. The last ones have to be given by retail partners as well as retailers.

The special occasion was launched one day by online entrepreneur called Luke Knowles. The businessman was successfully running the own website, which was focused on free shipping in particular. In the course of his business running Mr. Knowles noticed an interesting tendency. In accordance with his observations online shopping usually dropped beginning from December 10. Why did it happen? – The explanation was quite simple in fact. Many retailers wanted to have enough time for shipping different goods for the winter holidays. In their turn shoppers were worried and longed to receive their packages on time. At the very beginning the shipping fees for holidays were really crazy. Taking into account every detail of this process, Luke Knowles came to the conclusion that the high season required free shipping and guaranteed on-time delivery.

The very event was established by Luke himself as well as one of his numerous employees. All in all 250 merchants wanted to participate. In 2008 Mr. Knowles introduced the first celebration of this special occasion. As a result the event brought $764 million, getting into the top of the most profitable earning events that year!


What does Free Shipping Day mean? – Frankly speaking we can’t even predict whether this special occasion means something for you or not. As you perhaps understand among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those men and women, who prefer not to order something through the internet, so perhaps this special occasion as well as the service itself means nothing for them at all.

Usually this service is introduced by China as well as some other Asian countries. However, the amount of the last ones is really insignificant. All in all, we have to mention that logistics in China is truly one of the most developed in the world today. According to the information, introduced by the China Post, which is the main state mail service in the country, several representatives of this business in the domestic market are thought o be among the hundred largest corporations on the planet.

For several years, the volume of revenue of express delivery companies has been increasing by one and a half time every month. For example, statistics for 2012 indicate 5.8 billion registered mail items, while in 2006 this figure was barely more than a billion. Such a sharp jump allowed China to take second place after the USA in the world in this sphere.


The answer to the question “What is the date of Free Shipping Day in 2024?” is not as obvious as it may seem at the first sight. As it has been already mentioned above initially it was introduced in 2008. However, it has had a long period of its development.

Back in the 80s of the last century, the Chinese government began comprehensive support for exports as one of the main components of the national economy. In 2008, the percentage of VAT refunds was increased: for foodstuffs and products of labor-intensive industries (toys, shoes, bags, furniture, etc.) to 15%, and for high-tech industries (machinery and engineering) to 17%, i.e. actually until a full refund. The state allocated $ 84 billion to the exporter support program, while customs control fees were abolished and administrative procedures for exporters were simplified. All these benefits, of course, make access to the international market and the sending of goods more profitable for the manufacturer.

However, do not forget about the state tool for shipping products overseas. Significant funds were spent on the development of the national postal operator – China Post and EMS China Post. China Post has been part of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) since 1914, which not only greatly facilitates international delivery, but also introduces a number of restrictions (for example, a parcel cannot exceed 20 kg for China Post, and 31 kg for Shipped via EMS China Post). But the miracle of “free shipping” becomes more transparent and realistic when looking at China Post tariffs. So, the basic tariff for sending a parcel, weighing no more than 100 g, to European countries is 18 Yuan and plus 15 Yuan for each additional 100 g of weight. For reference: 1 US dollar at the current exchange rate is approximately 6.1 Yuan. After performing simple mathematical operations, we get that a kilogram package will cost the sender (to understand as a “buyer”) about 150 Yuan ($ 24.6).


When is Free Shipping Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday has a fixed date of its celebration, which simultaneously means that it is held on the same date every year. As usually in 2024 it will happen on December 14th. Remember it and you will get an opportunity to be involved.

As you perhaps understand it would be quite silly to look for some celebrations organized on the state level and devoted to this holiday. However, it is not a reason for being worried or upset. What about inventing something interesting? – Are you a seller? Organize the free shipping on December 14th, 2024 and you will earn good money. Are you a buyer? – Look for free shipping on December 14th and you will save some money. So as you see the holiday like this one can be essential for both categories of the representatives of the contemporary society.

Under the condition you can’t either sell or buy the goods this day, what about discovering something new about this direction? – You should know, nowadays it is possible to find many documentaries as well as specialized articles in magazines and professional internet resources devoted to this direction. It is only up to you to choose the most appropriate way for you.

Free Shipping Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Free Shipping Day in 2024?” we can’t but mention the world famous Taobao, which is considered to be one of the largest Chinese online stores targeting the end user. The site operates on a “consumer to consumer” system and is essentially an analogue of the American eBay. In other words, Taobao simultaneously acts as a trading platform for the seller and buyer, as well as an intermediary between them. Created by Alibaba Group, Taobao was originally a privilege of China’s domestic market. It got access to foreign markets thanks to another subsidiary of Alibaba Group – AliExpress.

However, the assortment on this site is much smaller than on the original Taobao, and prices are higher. The fact is that AliExpress is an international trading platform based on it. Only sellers who are ready to engage in the export of their goods and enter into transactions with foreign buyers come to it.


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