When is National Save The Elephant Day in 2020? โ€“ To tell you the truth, as a rule, this question can be answered only by the representatives of the specialized circles. But most part of the contemporary people has never heard about the existence of this day in the calendar. In our turn, we are sure that this point deserves to be known all around the planet that is why today we want to elaborate it in details.


In general such matter as what day Save The Elephant Day in 2020 is needs some amazing explanations and additional clarifications. Being the curious people, our readers always want to know everything about the holiday they are going to celebrate. In fact, the questions concerning the historical background are in great demand among the followers.

Unfortunately today we canโ€™t please them, as we havenโ€™t managed to find out any facts available about the establisher of the event, as well as about the reasons to hold it in April 16th every year.


For a long time these huge creatures have been revered by many nations. And even nowadays in many traditions they are thought to be a well-known symbol of the power in general, special wisdom and exceptional tranquility. In addition, we shouldn’t forget about these mammals as a symbolization of exceptional kindness and good well-being. For instance, in Buddhist states, they are taken as an embodiment of longevity as well as prudence. All in all, these giants have played a significant role in the human life.

It is known quite well that in the ancient times the creatures participated actively in various war campaigns and heavy battles. They also helped in the building sphere and in goods transporting. In accordance with numerous documents they were indispensable assistants to the peasants. And even up to the present moment, the welfare of many states where recreation is believed to be among the most significant sectors of the local economy and directly “depends” on the elephants that attract numerous visitors to the region. For instance, in Asia, the animals participate in all festivals, making them unique by playing polo, speed racing, painting, and making fun for holiday makers.


What does Save The Elephant Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult to reply this question in short. It is only up to a person to decide whether to spend this day in a special way or to take it as every usual one. However, we find it to be an important one.

The matter is that nowadays man is believed to be the essential enemy of this animal. After all, the main reasons for the decline in the number of these creatures are the hunting for the sake of tusks and meat, killing because of the probable damages to crops, deforestation and environmental degradation in general. Today, for example, African representatives are on the verge of extinction.

Despite the fact that in many countries the killing of a creature is punishable by the death penalty, and the special areas have been created for their protection, the problem still remains.

Indian representatives are not hunted for tusks, which only males have, but also for very short ones. But here the situation is not easier. Since India is considered the most densely populated place in the world, elephants are simply squeezed out of their natural habitat, often dooming to death from lack of food and water.


To clarify the situation and to explain the importance of the holiday such question as โ€œWhen is International Save The Elephant Day 2020?โ€ needs some additional pieces of information.

Up to the present moment even zoos are not the universal solution. After all, not every place is thought to be comfortable for these animals, which need particular care and good attitude as well. But, above all, in captivity, they practically do not breed, and their lifespan is significantly reduced (the average life expectancy in the wild is 60-70 years).

Currently, only two species have survived: the Indian elephant, which reaches 2.5 meters in height and weights 3-5 tons, and the larger representative is the African elephant, with a weight of 5-7 tons, its height can reach up to 4 meters. Today in Africa there are about 500-600 thousand elephants, in Asia – about 30 thousand individuals, and these figures are constantly decreasing. Indian elephants are listed in the Red Book, belonged to the International Union for Conservation of Nature with a special mark “in danger”, African – as “in a state close to the threatened.” In 1989, in accordance with the UN decision the international selling of tusks was completely banned, that is why the ivory can’t be used even for the production of jewelry and crafts.


When is Save The Elephant Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The easiest thing you have to do not to forget about it is to remember the date of April 16th. It wonโ€™t be difficult in fact as the holiday is considered to be fixed, which simultaneously means that it is celebrated this day annually. Do you know how to celebrate it properly? – Well, as a rule, it is not a problem for people with a perfect level of imagination. All in all, its main purpose is is to disseminate information about the necessity to protect and to preserve the population of elephants. Some public organizations try to draw the public attention to the matters of the illegal extermination of these animals and the inappropriate keeping of them in captivity.


And, despite the fact that World Elephant Day hasn’t obtained its official status yet, many environmental organizations in different countries traditionally take part in organizing meetings dedicated to this date. On this day, educational events, flash mobs, exhibitions and conferences are held, people are told about elephants, about their life as well as about the directions concerning the preserving these magnificent animals.

National Save The Elephant Day Facts

Investigation of the direction โ€œWhat is the date of Save The Elephant Day in 2020?โ€ we discovered a great amount of amazing facts about those men and women, who want to make this planet better. And today we want to share them with you.

When the weather becomes cold, not only humans, but also animals suffer from a decrease in temperature. Taking exceptional care of their pets, the staff of the Indian rehabilitation centers started an amazing action. They knitted colorful, bright and warm sweaters for the giants. Animals are happy and so attractive in fashionable clothes!

This warm-hearty story took place in Mathura, at the Wildlife SOS Conservation and Care Center, where they deal with the problems of wild animals. Because of the sharp cooling, it was urgently necessary to warm: first, the animals were carefully wrapped in rugs, and then they wanted to knit sweaters for them. The entire local village started to do it: people gladly joined the unusual project, many are ready to spend days on end with needles in their hands to help the elephants.

The making of each sweater and poncho is monotonous and long work. The creation of one product sometimes continues for a month. The center is undergoing treatment for 23 elephants, while only three of them have received new kinds of clothes, but up to the present moment volunteers do not lose hope that they will be able to dress everyone.

Katrick Satynarayan, one of the founders of the center, says that these giants, like people, often suffer from such problems as hypothermia, pneumonia and arthritis. Up to the present moment anyone can join the charity event on knitting sweaters.


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