Adoption Day

Adoption Day is celebrated every year on September 30 in Ukraine. A holiday was declared on November 27, 2008, to emphasize the importance of raising children in families, to support and develop adoption. In addition to honoring adoptive parents, this day is a reminder of those children who still do not have parental care.

Children deprived of parental care need mercy. It is not surprising that this day is celebrated simultaneously with the holiday of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia. Family is the optimal environment to raise a healthy and happy personality, successful in the future. The adoption procedure is designed to ensure the interests of the child. Living in families, children feel cared for and learn good deeds. The well-being of small members of society depends on the daily display of love and painstaking work of adopters.

  • 90% of children in shelters and orphanages officially have parents, so they cannot be adopted.
  • Approximately 100,000 children are in residential institutions in Ukraine and are waiting for families.

Adoption Day


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