When is National Bratwurst Day in 2024? Can you answer this question immediately? Unfortunately, the most part of contemporary men and women has never heard about this holiday existence in the modern calendar even under the condition they live in Germany or Austria where this dish is considered to be a traditional one. Today we are going to clarify the situation and introduce this special day to all our followers.


Talking about the matter what day Bratwurst Day in 2024 is, we would like to tell you about the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is considered to be the most requested one among our followers of our internet resource.

However, unfortunately this time we havenโ€™t managed to find out something really amazing, devoted to this direction. We also know nothing about the reasons to celebrate this holiday on August 16th annually. The names of the establishers are unknown as well.

Following the historiansโ€™ point of view, initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision. Some people organized it to sell their production and earn as much money as it was possible. However, people around bounced this idea and the ordinary sale turned out to become a real holiday, which in the course of time became an international one.

The desire to stand out from the crowd, to create something different from others is characteristic not only of individual German manufacturers, but also of entire regions. Nowadays, for this special occasion the latest developments are used, the best specialists are involved, and expensive marketing research is carried out. However, some do differently: they take a good old product, give it a new touch, and show the world their unique product.


What does Bratwurst Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, we donโ€™t know for sure whether this holiday means something special for you or not. In the modern world it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate an event or to forget completely about its existence in the calendar.

The famous German sausages are considered to be a perfect example of the local approach to keep the old local traditions ad to follow them excitedly.

All in all, bratwurst is a dish, which is based on the basic Bratwurst-Grundbrรคt (German Bratwurst-Grundbrรคt), and everything else is the product of the imagination of an individual technologist or entire generations of hereditary butchers.

The term “basic bratwurst minced meat” should be understood as the standard minced meat recipe for the production of most sausages of this type. Its main components are pork with a lot of veins, skinned pork from the costal-abdominal part of the carcass and bacon. The raw meat is seasoned with table salt, pepper, mace, ginger, cardamom and dried lemon pulp. All components are crushed on a cutter with the addition of ice and an auxiliary cutter. The bratwurst minced meat is then stuffed directly into the casing or added as a separate component to various sausage recipes.


Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Bratwurst Day 2024?โ€ in details we came to the conclusion that this special occasion is much wider than it seem initially. It contains a lot of amazing pieces of information.

All in all we canโ€™t but mention that white sausages, which are quite popular in Germany, are made from finely ground Bratwurst minced meat. Pork casings with a diameter of 26-28 mm are used as a shell for them. The weight of each sausage ranges from 80-120 g.

Among the white sausages, one of the most famous is the Rhine bratwurst, in the production of which chicken eggs can be used. The manufacturer of meats from the town of Kรผrten, BW Bergische Wurstwaren GmbH, has declared the following composition of the Rhine Bratwurst on its website: pork 90%, lard, water, salt, spices, dextrose, sodium glutamate, sodium diphosphate, sodium acetate, guar gum, citric acid, edible shell.

Bratwust made from medium minced meat also belongs to the sausage group. It is made from pork with the addition of basic bratwurst minced meat, which already contains the main spices. The stuffing of a rather coarse structure (up to 5 mm) is stuffed into pork with a diameter of 26-28 mm. The weight of the sausages reaches 100 g. Different types of medium-consistency minced Bratwurst differ from each other in their organoleptic characteristics. Among the most famous sausages are Polish bratwurst, additionally seasoned with garlic and marjoram, as well as Munich bratwurst in lamb with a diameter of 22-24 mm and a weight of 40-50g sausages.


When is Bratwurst Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you and it is not a problem to memorize it. The special occasion has a fixed date and it is kept in specialized circles on August 16th annually. It means that you can join it as soon as you want to do it. You are free to do it any time and any year.

As you perhaps there are no any reasons to wait for the celebrations organized by the local authorities on the state level. However, it is not a reason for being worried or upset because of it. You can create something special by yourselves. What about a party? – You see, the date of this holiday celebration is very convenient for spending the whole day at the open air. Cook as many sausages as you can, invite your friends, relatives or even colleagues from work and have a great meal together.

By the way, August 16th may be used as a perfect reason for going to the nearest meat restaurant and to enjoy the dish there. You will be amazed to see a huge assortment of these tasty little things.

National Bratwurst Day Facts

The question โ€œWhat is the date of Bratwurst Day in 2024?โ€ is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. It contains a lot of amazing details. For example, not everybody knows that a special place in the “sausage” hierarchy is occupied by products, the geographical origin of which (as well as their name) are protected by law.

One of these is the Nuremberg bratwurst. This pork sausage also belongs to the group of these sausages. It is made from pork and basic minced meat, but marjoram is added to the common spices. The mince mass has a rough structure (5 mm), and lamb casings with a caliber of 22-24 mm and a weight of 40 g each are used.

Spanish red Bratwurst seems to be very interesting, it is also called paprika or Stuttgart. This is a boiled pork sausage generously seasoned with salt and a combination of different varieties of red paprika – pink (pale red, medium grind with a strong aroma and medium pungency) and noble sweet (popular variety of dark red color, has a delicate aroma, slightly spicy , medium grinding). The minced mass of paprika sausages has a thin consistency (up to 2 mm), it is filled with lamb casings 22-24 mm in diameter. Silesian bratwurst is very similar to paprika, but its recipe gives originality to the note of caraway and fresh crushed onions (2 g / kg).

However, the details about the Waadtlรคnder Bratwurst, popular in Germany, were discovered in Swiss sources. The fact is that the Vaatland Alps, which gave the name to the sausage, are located in the Swiss canton of Vaat or Vaud (in French transcription). This is where our grilled sausage comes from. This is a boiled pork sausage seasoned with table salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom and marjoram. White wine of medium astringency complements the bouquet. Finely ground meat mass (about 3 mm) is stuffed into pork casings with a diameter of 26-28 mm, which are then laid in the form of a spiral. The ends of the sausage remain open.


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