World War Orphans Day

The International Day dedicated to the plight of children orphaned as a result of military operations is fixed on January 6. It is held annually on this day at the initiative of the French human rights organization SOS Enfants en Detresses. This day is designed to draw the attention of the general public to the difficult fate and problems of children orphaned due to active military conflicts.

Statistics show that more than 150 million children worldwide lose one or both parents to military action. On January 6, various public organizations organize commemorative events, provide orphans with the help and medical support they need so much.

One of the most important tasks of this event is also help in the adoption of those orphans who lost their families and were sent to shelters and orphanages. Every year, new charitable funds appear for the protection of orphans, including those due to hostilities on the planet.

World War Orphans Day


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