The full English name was coined to distinguish this game from other varieties. In the 1880s, the abbreviated “soccer” appeared, which nowadays has become widespread in a number of English-speaking countries. One of the most popular sports games in the modern world is soccer. Many people around the world are watching football games, rooting for them, playing it. But it’s worth taking a closer look at this sport and everything connected with. So, when is National Soccer Day in 2022?

The celebration is held yearly on 28th of July. The main target is to honor and respect such a game in our modern life. Millions of people are playing the game and celebrating this day. The history is interesting and let’s kick some details.


The birth of football was long and diverse. Many still consider England the birthplace of football, but this is not entirely true. The mention of a game resembling soccer is found in several nations. The most ancient source is the annals of the Han dynasty, in ancient China. They are more than 2000 years old. A similar game was played about 1400 years ago in Japan. “The players are divided into two teams, the ball is placed on the line in the center of the court. For these lines, it is necessary to bring the ball, and make this feat handy, only pushing the players of the rival team.” According to the contemporary of Ancient Rome, this description of gaspartum – a game remotely resembling football.

Soccer Player

Undoubtedly, “football” was not similar to modern soccer, so it’s hard to say who was the ancestor – many people played similar games. Football in the form we used to see it, appeared in England. There, it was born as entertainment for the mob. Divided into two teams with an unlimited number of players, they tried to throw the “ball” into the “gate” to each other. We put the ball and the gate in quotation marks because they were not like modern ones: somewhere the ball was a swollen pig bladder, somewhere severed head. In turn, the gate was either a dash or a specific place. We need some more information to understand what day World Soccer Day in 2022 is.

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Soccer was popular, but the complete absence of rules frightened people who were not involved in the game. After all, it was dangerous for both players and fans. Therefore, in 1314 Edward II forbids football. In 1349 Edward III also prohibits football, further bans are followed by Richard II, Henry IV, James III. As you probably understand, the ban on football did not mean stopping the game.

So, according to the testimony of contemporaries, in 1565 on the streets England soccer was openly played.


What does National Soccer Day mean? There are 17 rules of the game, which are the official. Each contains a list of guidelines and reservations. The rules are applied at all levels of soccer, but some of them change for certain categories – women, juniors, people with disabilities. Rules are published in FIFA – is the abbreviation of the International Football Federation.

The composition of the team is 11 players, spare players are not taken into account. One of the players is the goalkeeper, who is the only player allowed to play with hands, but on the condition, he will do it exclusively within the penalty area at his gate.

Thus, the international community pays tribute to this sport, not just a game for many millions, but a lifestyle. Moreover, when is International Soccer Day 2022 is dedicated to all those coaches, players, sponsors, staff, psychologists, and everybody connected with this sport. Many matches of different level are played on this day to let people celebrate and enjoy this sport.

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Soccer is played by 120 million people around the world, and it’s not about guys chasing a ball in a box in the yard or about pot-bellied uncles having fun on the weekend, but about the most real professionals. People who get paid for it, for them World Soccer Day is not just another date, but a professional holiday. According to the UN resolution, all those for whom the life has turned into a green lawn, and the main goal to get into the seven-meter gates celebrate their holiday on this day.


What is the date of National Soccer Day 2022? Come back to the beginning of the article to reload your knowledge.A celebration of the holiday is available for anyone who considers themselves involved in this sport. Soccer requires certain skills, good physical preparation, and compliance with established rules. No wonder, but most modern young people have such qualities and will not give up playing with their comrades, especially on such a day!

As a rule, there are many friendly matches of various levels on N.S.D. Starting from games between the legendary national teams against clubs, ending with matches between university or courtyard teams. After all, on the N.S.D. the main thing for everyone is soccer!

Also, there many traditions of gaming. Let’s check some.

Soccer ball

In addition to championships, where everyone plays with each of two times, there are also national cups – the most open football tournaments, where a club from the lowest division can meet with an elite representative of football in their country.

Of course, lately there has been a lot of talk top clubs often do not take the cups seriously, but it was these tournaments that gave us most of the football Cinderella. For players of non-elite teams, there is no better chance to make a fuss over the whole country than to flash in the cup, and fans are always happy with unpredictability.

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International Soccer Day Facts

  • The defeat of the national football team of Honduras by the national team of El Salvador in the playoff matches of the qualifying stage of the FIFA World Cup was the direct reason for the six-day war between these countries in 1969.
  • John Burridge was the oldest football player of the English Premier League. In 1955, he played in Manchester City and he was 43 years old. During his long career, he was a member of 26 different clubs.
  • In 1999, the Italian football club Fiorentina sold in its branded stores banks with air. The collection included the “Spirit of the Tribunes,” “The Essence of Victory,” and “The atmosphere of the dressing room”.
  • At the World Cup 2006 in the match, Croatia-Australia Graham Poll set a type of record by showing Croat Josip Simunic 3 yellow cards, forgetting to remove the player from the field after the second. The 42-year-old Englishman explained his blunder by accidentally “attributed” in his notebook a yellow card to the 3rd team of Australia, Craig Moore, and not the third number of the Croatian national team Simunic.
  • 80% of all soccer balls in the world are produced in Pakistan, three-quarters of them in the city of Sialkot. A significant number of these balls are made with the involvement of child labor, although in recent years this problem has been solved.

To sum up, don’t forget to celebrate the holidays and always check up when is Soccer Day in 2022, by the calendar.


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