The duration of Islamic year is shorter than Gregorian by 11-12 days. It is based on a Lunar calendar, not Solar. As a result, the date of Muslim New Year in the Gregorian system is “floating”. So in this year for every Muslim it is important to know when is Islamic New Year in 2024?

The history of the Holiday

Timing of the Hijrah begins on July 16, 622 a year in the Gregorian reckoning since the moving of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Yasrib. The relocation occurred gradually and the last who had moved was the prophet Muhammad. He left Mecca on the day corresponding to July 16 and arrived in Medina on August 19 of the same year. Resettlement has saved a lot of faithful people from the yoke of the Gentiles and established a secure life. In the future from that moment there started the spread of Islam not only in the Arabian Peninsula, but also around all over the world. During the life of the Prophet beginning of the month of Muharram not mentioned, but the fact of the relocation has not yet considered the starting point of the calendar. That decision was taken later, during the reign of Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab and his command in the 639th year.

Islamic New Year

Hijrah night

The celebration of the beginning Lunar New Year in a special ways is not accepted by Muslims – this day reminds people to commit more good and righteous deeds. On this day in mosques people read a sermon dedicated to Prophet Muhammadโ€™s moving from Mecca to Medina. The day before prayers has to spend evening praying and ask God for the grace for the next year. It is believed that a great reward from God was given to those who fasted the day before.

Muslims believe that if they pray fervently during this period for the forgiveness of sins and good deeds, they will be blessed by God and the rest of the year will be prosperous. If Muslims want to know when is Islamic New Year in 2024, calendar of Muslim holidays will help them to find an answer.

The first 10 days of the New Year in the Muslim worldย  are considered blessed for all the good undertakings. At this time people usually have wedding and start building houses and making plans for the future. During Muharram every Muslim should try to carry out in the service of God, who has forbidden at this time conflicts, blood feuds and war. Muharram is the month of repentance and worship. In one of the dictums of Muhammad said: “Muharram is the best for fasting after the month of Ramadan.” In another dictum goes: “Whoever fasted for one day in the month of Muharram, is rewarded as the 30 fasts.”

According to another dictum, a great reward is waiting for a Muslim who has observed fasting on Thursday, Friday and Sunday of the month of Muharram. Fasting during the holy month of Muharram, as well as fasting during the holy month of Ramadan includes apastia in the daytime, in the spiritual purification, in devotion to prayer, repentance and worship.

Muslims are recommended not to miss the opportunity to receive from God the forgiveness of sins and reward for good deeds. When the holiday comes clergy wishes all Muslims good and well-being, goodness and abundant favors of Allah.

What is the date of Islamic New Year in 2024?

The Hegira months donโ€™t depend on the seasons and seasonal work, so the New Year can start at different times of the year – in summer and autumn, and winter. So each year every Muslim should know what day Islamic New Year is in 2024.ย  The Muslim New Year is celebrated on the 1st day of the Muslim month of Muharram. In 2024 it is August 19.

Traditions and facts

Lambย  is the main meal that should be on the New Yearโ€™s table, because Muslims usually make lamb soup.ย  But the symbol of the New Year is also a condiment mukhiya – millet, herbs and eggs. The eggs are usually dyed green. Earlier this month Muslims prepare rice, vegetables, lamb, herbs, spices. People also make snacks of lamb and fish. They are decorated with olives and pomegranate grains. It is undesirable to eat garlic. It is believed that from the people who use garlic for food luck turns.

Islamic New Year

During meals Muslims follow next rules:

  • Before having a meal and after that people pray and thank God for the food;
  • it is necessary to wash hands before eating;
  • paterfamilias first starts eating and the last;
  • food cannot be taken with 2 fingers;
  • bread isnโ€™t cut;
  • before drinking tea it is necessary to pray too.

If you eat from the same plate with a few people, everyone has to take food from the nearest to his hand, not from the middle of the dish. However, if we talk about vase with sweets, nuts or fruits, guests and hosts can choose any of them. People have to keep drinking vessels in the right hand. Water or a refreshing drink is recommended to drink in small sips. It is forbidden to drink from the bottle or jug. Itโ€™s not recommended to blow on a very hot tea or coffee. According to the rules you should wait until it cools down.

Despite many Muslims know when is Islamic New Year 2024, this holiday is considered to be the New Year only in Islam and it is not included in the number of official holidays in Christian countries.

As it has already been said, there are no special traditions this day. The whole month Muslims are fasting As-Saum. According to the canons of Islam it is forbidden to have meal and water, a variety of entertainment, incense, bathing, smoking, and sexual intimacy. At night, all the restrictions are removed, but many priests are advised not to allow yourself too much.


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