World Youth Day

What day is it?

As they say – youth is given only once! All important and brightest moments of life are mostly experienced by every person in his youth. What are the student years worth? Youth encourages society to be more progressive, modern, but not to forget about fun. The key to a successful state is, of course, youth. People who every minute come up with new ideas to improve the quality of life in all spheres of society, people who are ready to fight to the end for their idea. Everyone in the world knows this, so youth projects are always treated with interest and respect, young people are encouraged to participate in public life.

On November 10, 1945, the World Organization of Democratic Youth was founded in London. It was in honor of this event that World Youth Day was introduced in the world and is celebrated annually on November 10.

How did the idea to celebrate World Youth Day come about?

Initially, the World Organization of Democratic Youth was created to participate in the fight against Nazism.

After the world youth conference, in which representatives of 63 countries took part, decided to make an official holiday that would symbolize peace on the planet, protection of youth rights, independence of nations, fight against Nazism and protection of the health of the young population.

The first official international youth and student festival was held in Prague in 1947. Since then, similar conferences have been held annually.


The vast majority of young people live in developing countries – about 85%. According to UN estimates, approximately 200 million young people live in poverty, 130 million are illiterate.

A third of the entire young population suffers from unemployment.

Interesting Facts

  • Representatives of today’s youth highly value continuous self-development. Education after graduation becomes a common phenomenon.
  • Young people can make their lives comfortable by adapting to new realities in a very short time. This was proven by the experience of self-isolation, when most adults fell into depression and financial crisis.
  • Today’s youth is characterized by a loss of interest in alcohol. It has been proven that young people under the age of 20 increasingly value relationships with their parents, know how to manage money wisely, approach global issues thoughtfully, and show less interest in alcoholic beverages.
  • Contrary to the opinion that young people prefer to communicate on the Internet more than with real people, representatives of the younger generation very rarely express frank opinions about their state of mind online and prefer to communicate with friends.
  • Clip thinking is a sign of modern youth. She began to process a large flow of information better and faster than representatives of previous generations. Young people are able to switch their attention from one fact to another in 8 seconds. Having found the answer to a question in a few seconds, young people move on, instead of delving into the topic.

Frequent Questions and answers on World Youth Day

How many young people in the world?

According to the latest statistical studies of the UN, there are 1.2 billion young people in the world, which is 16% of the entire population of the planet.

What is a youth council?

The Youth Council is an association of young people at self-governing bodies that are ready to make positive changes in the life of society. Such councils make it possible to encourage young people to solve issues of a local nature.

Are there Youth Centers in Ukraine?

So. There are six youth centers in Ukraine in different regions. They are mostly financed by public and international organizations, communal and municipal institutions.

What problems do young people consider to be the most urgent?

The majority of young people are most concerned about financial dependence on anyone, problems with work and employment. Young people are no less worried about the lack of free time.

How to celebrate World Youth Day?

Various events are held all over the world on this day. Conferences, seminars, trainings, flash mobs are held in order to highlight and solve the problems of young people. It is definitely a great opportunity to take your friend and attend one of these events. Usually, world-class motivational speakers or young scientists are invited to such events, presenting new projects and encouraging young people to join.

Talented young people who have reached great heights in their field are also awarded and celebrated in different parts of the world.

World-class youth associations present new ideas and projects that can benefit society.

Why is this day important?

Not only the present, but also the future depends on the youth. They are responsible for what tomorrow will be like. Today’s youth need encouragement and recognition among their peers and the older generation. That is why it is so important to pay attention to their ideas, help solve problems and answer questions.

The world community understands this and year after year moves towards rapprochement with young people. If promising young people feel supported by the state, they will have no desire to leave the country. They will see the sense of staying and modernizing their own country.

This holiday is not only an occasion to present and show off new achievements, but also to have a great rest and relaxation. Young people also love this day because they have a huge choice of entertainment programs. Many establishments organize themed parties. In stores, there are discounts specifically for young people. Gifts are waiting for them everywhere. That is why it is very difficult not to love this holiday.

Postcards for World Youth Day

A peaceful society!  Fulfillment of dreams!|  Greeting card - Cards for Youth Day

Youth is the future of the country!|  Greeting card - Cards for Youth Day

Youth is a state of mind!  Happy youth day!  |  Greeting card - Cards for Youth Day

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When will we celebrate World Youth Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 November 10 Wednesday
2022 November 10 Thursday
2023 November 10 Friday
2024 November 10 Sunday
2025 November 10 Monday

World Youth Day


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