World Pet Day

What day is it?

November 30 is a real holiday for those who adore cats, dogs, parrots and other pets. The event has an international character and is called World Pet Day. It is not for nothing that animals are called the smaller brothers of man, because they need care and attention. This especially applies to pets that are completely dependent on their owner.

How the idea to celebrate came about World Pet Day?

The initiative to introduce a holiday for apartment pets came from representatives of the movement for the protection of nature. The idea was presented during the International Congress held in Italy in 1931. At that time, representatives of various organizations dealing with environmental protection and nature and ecology issues gathered at the congress.

The purpose of the introduction of the holiday, dedicated to defenseless pets of man, was to evoke in the heart of every inhabitant of the planet a feeling of care, kindness and compassion towards the animal. People should remember that they are responsible for every pet they tame. The main idea and slogan of the holiday became the words from the world-famous work of A. Saint-Exupéry “The Little Prince” – “We are responsible for those who have been tamed.”

Domestic animals include not only pets that people keep in their apartments, but also domestic animals and animals in zoos, etc. From time immemorial, man has made great efforts to domesticate various species of birds and mammals. This process continues even today. It should be noted that some species cannot be domesticated, despite the best efforts of specialists.

Interesting facts about animals

The animal world is extremely interesting and diverse, some facts about the behavior and capabilities of animals can be unexpected and fascinating. We will consider these below.

  • There is a very rare breed of dogs “Katalburun”. Its feature is a bifurcated nose, which scientists believe is the result of breeding deficiencies at the stage of creating the breed. They express the opinion that the breeders allowed inbreeding in pairs, which caused such a genetic anomaly.
  • Cats spend a quarter of their free time licking their fur. But in addition to maintaining cleanliness, at the same time they lick the substance that covers the fur and contains vitamin D. Therefore, cats suffer from rickets less often than dogs and other animals.
  • Representatives of the Hao Mani breed are called “cats with diamond eyes”. They have one green eye and the other blue. This breed is not only very rare and expensive, but also requires special care.
  • It has been proven that dogs can recognize cancerous tumors in their owners by smell. And cats unmistakably identify the place in the human body where the pathological process is developing, and cling to it.
  • 95% of pet owners talk to their pets.
  • A funny fact is that most owners try to put a finger in their pet’s mouth when he yawns.
  • A cow has a much stronger sense of smell than a dog. An ordinary domestic animal can smell various smells at a distance of up to 10 km.
  • A person can be identified by fingerprints, and a dog by its nose print.
  • Cat training is nothing more than a way to communicate with people. This sound is not used to communicate with other cats.
  • In some countries, legislation protects animal rights at a high level. Yes, in the UK you can be fined if you are found to have improperly fed your pet, which has led to obesity. And in China, you can get the death penalty for killing a panda.
  • Rats feel great in pairs and miss being alone.
  • Dogs love chocolate, but it is strictly contraindicated for them, and its use in large quantities can be fatal for the animal.
  • One of the first were domesticated horses. Today, wild horses still exist in nature, for example, Przewalski’s horses perfectly acclimatized in the Ukrainian reserve Askania-Nova and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. And in the American prairies live wild descendants of the horses of the Spanish colonizers of America – mustangs.
  • With its sharp nose, the common rat can sniff out one millionth of the poison in the bait.
  • You will wonder why guinea pigs were domesticated. These cute rodents first appeared in the homes of the Incas in South America. But they were bred for the purpose of obtaining meat, which is still considered a delicacy in some countries of Latin America.
  • The rabbit has the ability to observe what is happening behind it due to the unique structure and placement of its eyes.
  • Turtles live the longest both in nature and at home. The age of the oldest specimens reaches several hundred years.
  • When puppies compete with each other, the male puppy is always inferior to the female, even in the case of a physical advantage.
  • Scientists have proven that crows are the smartest birds on the planet. They can even make fun of each other.

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How to celebrate World Pet Day?

Every year on November 30, there are interesting events dedicated to pets. Organizers create contests, flash mobs, concerts to raise funds for animal care. It can be the construction of a shelter for homeless dogs and cats, the purchase of fodder and other goals that will make life easier for poor animals.

It is not a rare phenomenon in the world on this day to hold pickets, where supporters of apartment pets protest against animal cruelty.

Exhibitions of purebred cats, dogs and other animals are not only a pleasant pastime for both the owner and his pet, but also an opportunity to show the importance and special abilities of each animal.

Whatever actions are held, they all aim to attract the attention of as many people as possible to the problems of animals. Among the participants of the events are people of different ages, including children.

Specially for children, the “Bell Bell” campaign was created, which is held in zoos. Girls and boys visit the zoo, where they ring bells for one minute. The purpose of this event is to draw society’s attention to the problem of animals living in cages. Although these animals are wild and do not belong to pets, they have no free will and are completely dependent on humans.

Why do we love this day?

The holiday draws the attention of society, including children and teenagers, to the problems of pets and animals left without shelter. Humans must learn to treat both those they domesticate and wildlife in general with care.

The task of humanity is to bear responsibility for every living being and remember that they are our smaller brothers, not objects for play and entertainment. You can raise a pet to be a polite creature, for this you just need to love it. Usually, all animals quickly reciprocate the love and care of their owner.

When will we celebrate World Pet Day?

Year Date Weekday
2020 November 30 Monday
2021 November 30 Tuesday
2022 November 30 Wednesday
2023 November 30 Thursday
2024 November 30 Saturday

World Pet Day


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