Day of spring toys “Slinky”

August 30 is celebrated annually in the USA slinky toy day – a spring that knows how to walk up stairs.

The history of the invention of Slinka

The invention of the spring toy was accidental. In 1943, University of Pennsylvania graduate engineer Richard Thomson James, while serving in the US Navy during World War II, researched coil springs to improve the safety of sailors on ships. Somehow, by accident, he touched the spring and it fell off the table, but did not stop immediately, but took a few more “steps” on the floor. The future family man thought about the fact that children might like the toy. And so it happened. When Richard returned to his wife, Betty James, they took out a $500 loan and produced the first batch of “stepping springs,” which Betty named the Slinky.

Interesting facts about Pruzhynka

  • The first copies of the Slinky appeared on sale in 1945 at the Gimbel department store in Philadelphia, and in just one and a half hours, 400 units were sold out. Today, Slinky sales are measured in the hundreds of millions.
  • The first versions of toys were made from Swedish black steel, and later – from American silver. Although metal was later replaced by plastic, metal springs are still made as retro souvenirs in Pennsylvania.
  • In 2000, the toy was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.
  • For the 40th anniversary in 1985, a limited edition Slinky model was released in brass, and 10 years later for the 50th anniversary – in 14-karat gold.

Day of spring toys
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