In the contemporary world there are a lot of various holidays. We can know about them or not, however, they have already existed. Today we are going to tell you something especially interesting, you had hardly heard about. For example, are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is World Snake Day in 2022?โ€ Unfortunately, the typical reply is no. But this event deserves much attention and that is why we are going to describe it in details, talking about all possible nuances and peculiar features.


As a rule, when is World Snake Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to tell you. It is not a problem. But if you are going to understand all the importance of this occasion, we recommend you to pay special attention to the historic background of this event. Frankly speaking, the idea to organize this notable day appeared not occasionally.

Nowadays this date is celebrated in all possible ways. All in all there are two of them physical and virtual. July 16 usually unites all the snake-lovers from all over the world and they get a perfect opportunity to discuss the matters concerning these marvelous natureโ€™s living beings.

World Snake Day

It is known that the very first so called Snake Farm was initially organized in 1967 in the USA in the state of Texas. But it was the popular rock group under the title โ€œRamonesโ€ that made this place famous all over the world. Beginning from the moment their song appeared, the huge crowds of tourists wanted to visit the area and to know about these creatures as much as possible. Of course, all the excursions there are road ones, as walking on the grass in such a place is considered to be really dangerous.

Every year the July 16 is a big day for the farm owners as the visitor amount doubles or even trebles. For general public the specialists, many of which were among the initiators of this notable day establishment, organize the interesting programs and routes devoted to snakes.


What does National Snake Day mean? If you are looking for the answer to this question you should think about several matters at once. Of course, first of all we shouldnโ€™t forget about really important contribution of the date mentioned above to the conservation of this type of animals. All in all contemporary snakes inhabit almost every corner of the Earth, except Antarctica. They are very different and sometimes it is even difficult to believe that 33 feet long monster python and tiny but so fast vine snake belong to the same class.

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By the way not everybody knows that only ยผ of these creatures is really venomous. They are very dangerous indeed and all in all it is recommended to avoid any contact with them. During their meetings the specialists use to tell that snake usually prefer not to touch people and the can bite only in that case, when you bother or disturb them.

In India you can find more people, who are ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is World Snake Day 2022?โ€ without any hesitations.ย  This corner of the planet is considered to be a homeland for four the most venomous snakes of the Earth. But at the same time among the local there is the greatest amount of snake-charmers and the culture is full of various legends, myths and superstitious devoted to these creatures.

All in all we canโ€™t but mention that this memorable date was established in order to help the people to understand the charming beauty and elegance of these animals as well to teach how to live near them in peace and quiet.


It is the matter of a fact that many modern people hate snakes, having rather negative associations as to these living beings. In the modern English language there is even a special adjective โ€œsnakyโ€, which is used when we are going to talk about something unpleasant or ugly.ย  In their turn the scientists, who study these Earth inhabitants donโ€™t agree with the information given above. They consider these creatures to be really beautiful and elegant. Some of these animals are endangered and that is the main reason why we should remember what day World Snake Day in 2022 is.ย  It is necessary for drawing attention to the problems of this living beings habitat and getting rid of all the existing prejudice.

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By the way from the philosophical point of view, animals as well as plants canโ€™t be ugly in general, as all of them take their own places in the global ecosystem of our planet.


As it was mentioned above a great amount of contemporary men and women donโ€™t like any kinds of snakes. In some cases it is an uncertainty, not animals themselves, that fears them. Finding the behavior of these creatures unpredictable, as people donโ€™t know what these creatures are going to do in this or that situation.

Unfortunately, all in all there are no any special traditions as to this notable date celebration. But, frankly speaking, it is not a serious problem, because you can invent your own ways.

For example, you can devote this day to learning as much information about these animals as possible. It is recommended to visit a museum or a specialized exhibition If it is impossible for any reason, just watch a documentary or read a book about snakes. As a result you will get the answer to the most common questions about the appearance, place of their living and the level of the danger they have for the humans.

It is recommended to visit local zoos or special snake farms if there are any in your region.

World Snake Day

If you are lucky to live, for instance in New York, you should mind that World Snake Day is celebrated here under the auspices of the specialized and really famous all over the planet organization called Wildlife Conservation Society. On 16 July in this city the authorities invite all fans of “reptiles” to visit any of 4 city zoos in order to admire these sophisticated creatures. In the zoos of the Bronx, Queens, Prospect Park and Central Park you can get to know more than 50 different species of these animals. We canโ€™t but mention that especially picturesque are the cobras, which are considered to be the world’s largest poisonous creatures that can grow up to 5.4 m in length.

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Besides it, if there is no possibility to go away, you can also draw or paint some of these animals together with your children and try to share the information about them.

World Snake Day Facts

Thinking about the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of World Snake Day 2022?โ€ please, donโ€™t forget about the role of these creatures in the development of the human society.

The snake venom has been used for various medicinal purposes. Nowadays it is difficult to believe but some years ago, when the medicine wasnโ€™t so developed, it was an only indispensable medicine for erysipelas.

These creatures are still used even in the modern medicine. Their poison is used for the ointment that a person should rub on any painful place.

There are many legends that are trying to teach us how to fight against snakes. Some of them are really ridiculous. For example, some ancient people were sure of a snake bit, it is necessary to put some sulfur to the wound. Never try to do it, please. When the snake attacks, you should ask for medical help as soon as possible. Sometimes it is an only way not to die.

Snakes are still unique animals. Why are we so sure about it? โ€“ There are some explanations to this statement. For example, the surprising thing is that these animals can move in the darkness. They are always very beautiful and elegant. For some reason, perhaps, because of the appearance, it is mistakenly believed that the snakes are wet. It is not true. They are dry.


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