Itโ€™s hard to imagine a summer without slippers and cocktail, do you agree? In this case, there is a holiday which allows you to be in trend and to keep up with the times. So, what and when the International Flip-Flop Day in 2022 is?

International Flip-Flop Day, which is held on 19th of June, is a holiday when people can put off their warm shoes and free their feet in order to give them a rest. It is celebrated in summer to feel comfortable and easy.


Well, before speaking directly about what day Flip-Flop Day in 2022 is, letโ€™s turn to the history of our topic.

The ancestors of domestic slippers deserve special attention because they are – neither much nor little, the first person’s shoes. There were first dresses for feet long before the division into a home and not home, until the appearance of the first pajamas and dressing gowns, back in ancient times, when a person evolved from Homo erectus into a more progressive model, a Homo sapiens. Archaeologists have discovered petroglyphs on which the cave woman is depicted schematically, but equipped with… slippers.

National Flip-Flop Day

The very first slippers were most likely made from shreds of fur, using a primitive needle made of fish bone with a thread from the veins of an animal or grass. An important nuance in regard to samples of antique shoes – for a long time it was not divided into right and left slippers, the pair was absolutely identical.

Some ancient slippers, which appeared a little later, are very expensive and can be considered not only a historical value but also a real work of art. This is an amazing shoe worn in the palaces of the Sultans. These slippers had no backs but differed in curved socks, as well as a rich decor of diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones, embroidered with gold threads.

In those days, in Europe wealthy people had slippers that looked much more modest โ€” they only expanded with gold and silver, precious stones for slippers were used much less often. But they stuffed the shoes with swansdown โ€” warm, soft, cozy. They say that pom-poms for making slippers were also invented in Europe.

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It is well known that the inhabitants of ancient Egypt wore shoes similar to sneakers everywhere long before Christmas. Slippers were also used by the ancient Romans as shoes on their way out. The Arabs were the first to wear sneakers as home shoes. Initially, slippers were worn by concubines in harems. It was believed that such soft shoes donโ€™t harm a tender female leg, preserving its natural beauty, and preventing the concubine from escaping: it is not very convenient to run in slippers, and even in the desolate deserts of the East! Gradually the slippers came into universal use: first Arab women, and then men began to wear them, coming from the street to the house.

In the late 19th century, slippers were no longer a luxury item and turned into a utilitarian subject, left without any decorations. In many East Europe countries, the label of the remnant of bourgeois culture was fixed for domestic footwear. They were no longer treated with respect to their home slippers, they were worn out to holes, the backs were tumbled down, they were piled up in a corner in the hallway. But even nowadays, home slippers, coupled with a sofa and TV (as an option, the Internet) continue personifying home comfort, tranquility, and stability.

The clean slippers offered to the guests characterize the owners of the house from the very best side. It is no coincidence that in large hotels and airlines, there are home slippers with the company logo to serve the most respectable customers. Of course, these shoes are not designed for a long toe, because every customer is given a new set of slippers, decorated with corporate symbols.

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Knowing What International Flip-Flop Day means will help you to understand the sense of the holiday. So, when International Flip-Flop Day in 2022 will be held, the main principle is to give freedom to your feet and enjoy this day, drinking your favorite cocktail and having a good time with your friends, relatives and so on.

By the way, turning back to the cocktails, Flip-flop day was founded by Tropical Smoothie Restaurant. People who visit a Cafe on Flip-Flop Day are rewarded with a free cocktail. It also uses Flip-Flop Day to raise money for charity and help hospitals with oncological children. So, do not remain indifferent, help people and remember about yourself.


What is the date of Flip-Flop Day 2022? The calendar has clarified this point and now we can pass to another part of the topic. For full understanding, letโ€™s imagine that you have a full day off and an opportunity to have a good time with a pleasure. You could specially prepare for this holiday by going to the nearest mall and choosing the best-designed slippers you liked. For example, many experienced participants want to share with you what a day International Flip-Flop Day in 2016 was when some things went crazy. Tom, the author’s cousin who celebrates this holiday annually, was awakened by some kind of delicious smell. That was blueberry-strawberry smoothie which his friends had already tried. They came to his house to pick him up and continue the festival trip. By 10 am they were all sitting at Tropical Smoothie Cafรฉ, enjoying their drinks. But for the rain that began exactly at the time guys started going out, everything would be nice so that they needed to change their shoes in a purpose for a continuation of the holiday.

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National Flip-Flop Day

We told you this story in order to explain how does it happen, but the plot of your preparation depends on interests and hobbies of yours. So, it is strongly recommended not missing such an opportunity to get lots of crazy emotions, feelings, and memories.


To tell the truth, each American Holiday has its own tradition of celebrating. Flip-Flops Day is not an old festival with a big history, so all the traditions and habits depend on interests of yours. Having worn your favorite slippers, you may participate in any kind of activity whether playing your favorite card game or going to the cinema, baking or cooking your best products. So, whatever you want to do, this day is a good chance to feel yourself freely and completely connected with nature.

Flip-Flop Day Facts

Generally speaking, some interesting facts about International Flip-Flop Day 2016 were noted, but their significance is not so high to be mentioned. People participated in previous ones would tell you some anyway.

Firstly, it is highly recommended celebrating this event with friends due to the fact that there is a tradition: the more friends you gather โ€“ the more free smoothies you have the opportunity to get this day.

Secondly, watch it not to wear slaps for too long โ€“ the lack of full commodity and open form can lead to a feet injury.

This holiday is rather a new one, but lots of people will assure you that participation in this activity on 19th of June, which is the date of International Flip-Flop Day 2022, will bring unforgettable moments and memories to your life and you will turn to the tendency of celebrating this holiday every year.


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