Grandparents’ Day

What day is it?

Who can warm a grandmother with his warmth, who can support a grandfather in a difficult situation? We are all familiar with the aroma of grandmother’s goodies and grandfather’s funny life stories. We grow up, but for them we always remain little brawlers. They always welcome us so joyfully and are waiting for a new meeting. Unfortunately, in the whirlwind of daily affairs, there is not always enough time to visit the closest relatives. That is why the holiday appeared Grandparents’ Day. This is the day when you can put aside all your chores and visit your grandparents with gifts. In Ukraine, it is celebrated on October 28.

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How did the idea of ​​celebrating Grandparents’ Day come about?

It is interesting that hundreds of years ago, the Slavs had a holiday called “Autumn Grandfathers” and it fell on the end of October. The main idea of ​​this holiday was to honor the memory of deceased ancestors. Our ancestors believed that the year is divided into two parts: light (from March to October) and dark (from November to February). It was “Autumn grandfathers” that became the beginning of a new, dark year. Slavs believed that the spirits of dead relatives could help them. On this day, the bathhouse was flooded and the whole family washed there, after which a full bucket of clean water and a new broom were left on the doorstep. More plates and cutlery were laid on the table. At dinner, each deceased relative was remembered by name. Following one of the rites, it was necessary to pour the remains of warm food on the floor or the grave of the deceased, so that the spirits could absorb the steam from the dishes prepared in their honor. On this day, it was forbidden to heat ovens, wash and take dishes from the table. It was necessary to behave quietly, not to make noise. Most people lit candles on the windowsills, sometimes they gathered and lit fires on the hills to light the way for the spirits and they could spend time with their loved ones. However, Christianity began to supplant any pagan holidays and rituals. For many years, this date was not celebrated in any way.

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In 2009, the Dutch Flower Bureau proposed to set at least one day a year for grandchildren to give fresh flowers to their grandparents. They noted that this would symbolize an inseparable connection between generations – as between roots and sprouts. The question arose – which date should be set? Historians who specialized in the study of paganism and the culture of the Slavs came to help. Without any doubt, they advised to use the end of October. Thus, the ancient traditions of the ancestors found an echo in modern times.

In Ukraine, the date of the holiday is fixed and is celebrated every year on October 28.

Frequent Questions and answers about Grandparents’ Day

What is the main purpose of Grandparents’ Day?

The main goal is to show the older generation that they remain an important part of their grandchildren’s lives. Grandchildren learn to respect and value their relatives.

What is the difference between the day of the elderly and the day of grandparents?

Not all old people have grandchildren from different life circumstances. Therefore, it is considered incorrect to congratulate all elderly people on Grandparents’ Day. There is a separate day for them – October 1.

Who is the youngest and oldest grandmother in the world?

Rifka Stanesco is the youngest grandmother at the age of 23. The oldest is Jeanne Louise Kalmann at the age of 122.

How to celebrate Grandparents’ Day?

We all know that grandparents do not want something unusual and “mountains of gold”. It will be very symbolic to give a live flower in a pot (roots with a sprout). To give warmth literally and figuratively. You can buy a blanket or, for example, a winter hat and gloves. Our grandparents love handmade gifts, so it can be a homemade cookie or cake. A homemade family tree can be an interesting gift. If you learn and tell the verse of their day, they will also be delighted!

To celebrate, you can go for a walk in your favorite park and share moments of life. Then go for a coffee in a cozy cafe. Your attention, warmth and love inspire relatives and they know what they live for.

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Postcards for Grandparents’ Day

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Dear grandfather  Greeting card - Cards for Grandparents' Day

Greetings  Greeting card - Cards for Grandparents' Day

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Why is this event important?

Undoubtedly, today is an incredibly fast pace of life. It seems that he does not have a single free moment. However, we must remember our ancestors and our origin. First of all, our grandparents have significant life experience that can help and simplify some moments of life. In order to create a full-fledged personality, it is necessary to be familiar with the history of your family, where your surname comes from, who your great-grandfathers were. All this shapes and defines us in modern times. And who, if not grandparents, can tell about great-grandfathers and family values ​​and secrets. Spending more time with them together fills us with their love, and they feel so important and loved. That is why it is so important to teach children from an early age to respect their older relatives. The ideal start will be the celebration of Grandparents’ Day.

When will we celebrate Grandparents’ Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 October 28 Thursday
2022 October 28 Friday
2023 October 28 Saturday
2024 October 28 Monday
2025 October 28 Tuesday


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