There is no person who hasn’t ever listened to radio. Almost everyone has its own favorite broadcasting station. This kind of media reaches every mind mainly due to music and communication. Djs make a certain impact into common mood and belief. A role of broadcasting stations is so impressive that people decided to initiate an interesting holiday. When is National Radio Day in 2020?


The occasion isn’t a spontaneous observance. It was created according to social needs and the will of all professionals who worked in this sphere. It was an official request made by the Radio Academy. The occasion was proposed in 2010. The request was directed to the UNESCO. The initiators asked the Executive Board to pronounce a World Radio Day. A year later the agency accepted the agenda. The idea was considered in September in 2011.

The conception was accepted only after some researches. Many specialists of this organization consulted lots of broadcasters, different associations and stakeholders. They also discussed the idea with different funds and educational establishments and foundations. Due to their consultations and positive results the holiday became possible.

National Radio Day

The date was chosen during the General Conference. The concrete schedule was set according to establishment of the UN Radio. That occasion happened in 1946. The organization also provided the obligation to observe such occasion for every member of the UNO. Other organizations of different levels also were proposed to follow the observance. The plan of celebration is chosen by organizers and participants.

A specialized seminar was organized in London in 2012. It helped to get information how to provide stations in developing countries. The first observance was followed in 2012 on February 13th, in Italian city Pisa. It was supported by the Faculty of Engineering and Telecommunication and Italradio. This city was the territory in Italy where the first intercontinental station was created. It took place in the beginning of the 1990s. Spanish medium broadcasting organizations held the observance on the 21st of February the same year. The event took place in Barcelona and was supported by the government of Catalonia.

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Broadcasting organizations initiated conferences, panel discussions and weeks in different countries. All occasions started on February, 13. “What day World Radio Day in 2020?” This observance is held on February 13th.


What does National Radio Day mean? This event is a good reason to join the medium group. The audience traditionally listens to channels without paying attention to professionals who work there. The majority of listeners do not think too much about Djs’ hard work at night and day. It doesn’t matter for them how it is difficult to be an analyst or to joy people.

The occasion is also a good possibility to get information about vacations on local broadcasting stations. We listen to radio but haven’t got any idea what education we need to have to become a Dj. Local medium organizations give certain information about vacancies and demands to applicants. Some stations also propose some contests where people can try their creative and communicative skills. It’s a high time to take part in such events.

The World Radio Day can be a good occasion to show the value of this kind of telecommunication. Its audience feels the freedom of thought. The rights for the individual privacy are always supported by medium organizations. The tradition is so interesting that there’re usually 300 events and even more in almost 90 countries. When is International Radio Day 2020? This observance is on February, 13th.

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The meaning of the term “radio” can be found in lots of vocabularies. It’s a derivation of the Latin word “radius”. The term was implemented in 1881. It was a part of the word “radiophone”. It was at first used by A.G.Bell. He supported the suggestion of R.Mercadier. The man was a scientist from France.

In 1890 that term was implemented by E.Branly. That man created a coherer receiver. The scientists from Europe widely used the term “radio”. Its first official implementation happened in 1904. This term was introduced two years later on the Radiotelegraphic Convention in Berlin. In 1907 L.Forest used it to explain the importance of setting restrictions in a sphere of telecommunication. Nowadays the term defines a set which receives waves from stations. This term expresses the transmitting of waves through space.

The name of the observance can be defined in every country. Radio isn’t an ordinary service for everybody. Nevertheless, lots of people prefer radio rather than TV for a valuable amount of music. If we hear about the day, we should listen to a favorite station. What is the date of National Radio Day 2020? Everyone can follow it on February, 13.


The simplest way to observe the tradition is listening to music on your favorite channel. Listeners can easily tune any channel they like. Sometimes the audience prefers listening to a concrete Dj. There’s a chance to choose a channel according to their musical preferences. There’re many channels which give their own point of view on political events. If you have already chosen the variant, you should be online on the day. Don’t forget about taking part in any discussion on a proposed topic. You are to thank the people who work on the channel.

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старые радиостанции

The holiday is a great chance to be near the whole world. The occasion is a chance to understand the importance of the service. People must understand that they have an opportunity to get timely news and matters.

There are several pages in the social nets, such as Twitter and Facebook. The creators of these accounts post interesting news and tell about forthcoming events. You can also post your own attitude to the day and show pictures of the occasion to your friends. People can also visit the official website of the event. It shares the events which are planned during the observance. When is Radio Day in 2020, calendar of events? The occasion is on February 13th.

International Radio Day Facts

  • Every year organizers announce the topic of the event. The previous one was “Radio is you”.
  • The inventor of this kind of mass media was G.Marconi. That event took place in 1895.
  • The initial name was wireless telegraph.
  • Its inventor used Morse code.
  •  There’re almost 50 thousand stations in the world.
  • 3/4th of houses have access to this service.
  • Это считается самой интимной средой.
  • Первые передачи были сделаны в начале 1900-х годов.
  • Успешное послание было отправлено в 1903 году Эдуарду VII.
  • Цена лицензии стоила 10 шиллингов в 1922 году. Каждый, кто хотел послушать канал, должен был купить эту лицензию.
  • Нобелевская цена была предоставлена ​​Г.Маркони.
  • Эйфелева башня была местом, откуда были переведены первые публичные передачи.
  • Говорят, что в мире много пиратских радиостанций.


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