There are a lot of laws of nature, which we can observe during our live. And we all should and try to obey these rules because without it all we simply will not be able to survive. These nature’s laws do not exist just because. They help us in life, help us to feel better and live easier, though we can not always understand it right and try to break these laws. But now in the article further we would like to speak about one of the holidays, dedicated to one of nature’s laws. We can say that somehow it really helps people to feel better and ease their lives, though many of us can believe it doesn’t make any sense. It is called British Summer Time or simply BST. We will know, what is it dedicated to and when is British Summer Time Ends in 2024.


So, to know and understand everything about this holiday, we must decide first, that it is a time when the time zone is changed. But first of all, it is interesting, how this idea came to somebody’s head at all and who did it. That is why we will deep into history and will try to find out all possible details about this nature phenomenon. Though all these facts discussed may seem usual and somebody may think that there is nothing special in it all, the holiday really has the huge background and a number of interesting facts to be mentioned. That is why let’s move to them further.

British Summertime (BST) Ends

The decision to change time from summer to winter has been made not so long time ago, though many people may have been mistaken to think that such a rule has existed long ago before it all. But it happened about 100 years ago in 1916. At that year a special Act has been signed, which got the name Summer Time Act. The idea of making such thing has been offered by a simple builder. Though his proposal was accepted and at first made true to life, he hasn’t lived till that moment, because he died a year before it. So, he couldn’t see, what day British Summertime (BST) Ends in 2024 is.


What does British Summertime (BST) Ends mean, we will decide in the further paragraph. We have already made a short definition in the previous one, but it may be not enough and some concrete things should be added. So, BST means that one a year people move the arrows of their watches and clocks an hour forward. It all is concerned to Greenwich Time, which we all have ever heard. In such a way people tried to, so to say, prolong the day. When the time changes in such a way at the end of summer, the day seems to be longer visually.

Many people work and worked earlier from very early hours, so when the day becomes shorter, they wake up – and it is dark outside. Then they go home from work, and they see the same picture. But when the time is changed as it has been described before, people have one hour more to see the daylight. It all is connected wit the time when at the end of the summer the daylight becomes shorter by a few minutes every day until the very winter. And the totally different situation becomes after winter and the days become longer. That is why people all know and wait, when is British Summertime (BST) Ends 2024.


So, as you could have understood from the previous several paragraphs, the holiday, which we are speaking about, is dedicated to the change of time zone to make the daylight seem longer when it shortens. By the way, people do the same procedure, move the time an hour back, after winter, when the day becomes longer, on the contrary. As it began only in 1916, it means that much earlier people had the problem of time and daylight, but couldn’t find any way out. They managed to do it only a long time ago and the idea had a success.

But according to the world history, there were periods, when the country stopped advance or putting back the time for some period. There were special reasons for doing in such a way. Also, it is important to remember that different countries have different times zones because of totally different geographical positions, that is why people should take into consideration possible differences in counting the time. Nevertheless, some countries still do not change the time and do not see reasons or necessity in doing like this.


As concerns to the traditions of the holiday, not only British people made such changes of time as a rule. At different times practically all the countries, living in the same or similar time zones made the same thing to make people feel better when the time changes. Also, it is important to mention that this process if we can name it in such a way, takes some time but is not made at once. It has a particular beginning and particular ending. Though it is made annually, every year concrete dates are changed, that is why this information is announced especially for everybody to know it for sure and to be ready to change their time at home, on everybody’s watches, and on mobile devices.

British Summertime (BST) Ends

So, this process begins every year, if we speak about summer, in May, and if we speak about winter, it ends in October. In both cases, it happens on the last Sunday of these months. The time to begin it all is also very important – it starts at 1 o’clock at night, as we remember from what has been just said, in spring. The ending of this all goes to autumn and ends also at the same time, but as it is changed during the period, in autumn at is counted as 2 o’clock at night. As it is a kind of habit for people to change the time, they always firmly know, what is the date of British Summertime (BST) Ends 2024.

British Summertime (BST) Ends Facts

Though it may seem for some people that there is nothing interesting, concerning this holiday, it is not true. There are a lot of facts, which tell us about different times and different living conditions of people. For example, the country stopped changing the time during the World War, which happened for the second time. At that period people changed the time back in spring and did nothing at the end of the autumn. Before and after the war they changed the time as a usual as we know this rule today. There were times when people advanced their clocks not one, but two hours and the holiday was called as Double Summertime.

Also, there is an interesting fact, concerning the decision of making such a holiday at all. In the very beginning, when it all has only been discussed, various associations and the Government has debates on the topic. They all related this decision to the usual life of people. To be more concrete, they were choosing between changing the time twice or once a year and for one or two hours, because the lighter the day is, the less accident, murders and such like things may happen according to their opinions. As we see, which decision they made, nowadays we know, when is British Summertime (BST) Ends in 2024, from the calendar.


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