Day of standardization and metrology workers of Ukraine

Since 2002, October 10 has been celebrated as the Day of Standardization and Metrology Workers in Ukraine. This holiday was introduced by the President of Ukraine in order to celebrate the significant contribution of standardization and metrology specialists to the economic development of the country.

It was not by chance that October was chosen for the celebration. In this month, in 1901, on the initiative of the chemist Mendeleev, a chamber was opened in the city of Kharkiv, where trade weights and measures were calibrated and branded.

Also, in October 1946, the first national conference on standardization was held in London, at which the decision was made to create an International Organization.

The purpose of the holiday is to draw attention to the issues of metrology and standardization in the country. After all, the development of this industry directly contributes to increasing the competitiveness of domestic goods on the markets of the countries of the world.


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