When is National Dr. Seuss Day in 2020? – Would you, please, reply this question without any words from our side? We’re sure that you have already heard about this famous person, however, do you know something about the time (day, evening, some hours) devoted to him? No? – Oh, please, don’t be upset, as now we are going to investigate this direction in details.


Of course, it’d be rather stupid to talk about the theme, concerning what day Dr. Seuss Day in 2020 is, and not to draw attention to the former moments of this event. Do you agree with us? – We, frankly speaking, think that you do!

Well, a small boy, called Theodore Geisel, was born in a family of well-known brewer from Germany. Nobody expected such a talented child. Frankly speaking, for a long time his hard-working grandfather had been waiting for the day when he could lead the business, belonging to these close relatives. However, it was a great disappointment from the very beginning.

Dr. Seuss day

Would you like to know why? – The matter is that the very moment, when he was going to start the so-called dry law was adopted all around the USA. In such a very simple way that poor man lost his job and all the money. Theodore’s father was hired at a local zoo. In the course of time he became the director of that institution and the head of the whole national park.

So the known writer spent his childhood close to the animals, drawing the dwellers, represented by various creatures, changing them for fun as much as it was possible. The mother’s maiden name, Seuss, was chosen by small kid as a pseudonym. He did it, because that kind heart lady supported her sonny in all his attempts and studies. She even allowed to paint the beasts on the attic wall and praised his beginnings much. The school teacher of drawing, however, didn’t share that opinion. He even told that the student would never be able to “draw properly and normally”. But it was not true, fortunately. Dr. Seuss graduated from Dartmouth College with a bachelor’s degree, went to famous Oxford, which he didn’t finish still.

In his personal diaries, Theodore Geisel described his studying at the university as a meaningless pastime. He hated those lessons really much. Just after a year of studying Geisel left Oxford university and went touring to Europe, and, returning to America, began to work at the post of a political caricaturist and advertising artist.

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However, the studying played a very important role in his life. It was there where Theodore met Helen, his future and beloved wife, who became his co-author and devoted friend.


What does Dr. Seuss Day mean? – Well, we’re sure that it’s possible to answer this direction instead of our followers. Why? – As you perhaps see, we aren’t able to tell anybody else what holidays to keep and which ones to forget. However, according to Dr. Seuss’ scripts and motives, a plenty of cartoons were created, so we can’t but remind you that he played a great role in the contemporary American culture development.

The appreciated cartoon “Cat in the Hat” was made with the assistance of this man either.

Twenties Century Fox filmed a work based on this author’s tale with title “Horton Hears a Who!” which was spoken in many languages. The appeared in 1971 “The Lorax” was filmed in 2012. The amazing cartoon narrates about the consumer society and the environment.


Investigating “When is International Dr. Seuss Day 2020?” we’d like to show our follower as much amazing information as it’s possible. This direction is really interesting, as the holiday, devoted to this person is full of terrific data.

The book about a cat began a series of works, devotes to the youngest, successfully superseded books about “Dick and Jane”, appeared on the book stores shelves in the 30-50’s of the previous century. Dr. Seuss offered the children a game instead of boring or sometimes even irritating instructions and dry descriptions of a proper way of life. Even modern children adored a surreal adventure instead of a stiff and pointless narrative. All the masterpieces are bright and full of fun. They continue to be popular. According to his books they learn to read, his book “Places where you go” is given to almost every child for a school prom night.

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When is Dr. Seuss Day in 2020, calendar will without problems tell you. It isn’t a problem for people, who are planning to be joined or involved. The given occasion is kept on March 2nd. On this day but in distant 1904 the famous person was born.

That’s the explanation why the date is thought to be fixed. Of course, the day is non-official one, so you shouldn’t expect any contests, competitions and wide celebrations on a state level. But, please, don’t worry, as we are going to demonstrate you, how to spend the second spring day in a perfect and unforgettable way.

Children Celebrating Dr. Seuss Day

Devote it to the masterpieces, created once by this talented person. And in this case your choices are really endless. In general 44 children’s books were made from Theodore’s pen. All  full of incredibly alive and unusual characters. The genius had a special style of rhyme and a characteristic three-syllable size. Among the most appreciated ones from his creations, we can’t but mention such masterpieces as amazing “Green Eggs & Ham”, exciting “The Cat in the Hat”, terrific “Horton Hears a Who!” and unforgettable “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

This man’s works were often formed the background for the creations of various authors. Nowadays there are 11 television pictures, 3 feature shots and even a musical for Broadway. It should also be said that many people tend to think of Theodor Seuss as the world’s first rap artist.

So as you can understand you won’t get bored in any case! The day can be terrific both for children and for adults. What about having a party and watching something special all evening long? – It sounds perfectly, doesn’t it?

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National Dr. Seuss Day Facts

The reply to “What is the date of Dr. Seuss Day 2020?” has been just given above. However, now we’re planning to demonstrate our readers some amazing pieces of information.

In the course of time this man became a fashionable and well-paid author, he wrote about the career beginning something really amazing. It turned out to be that in the very start offered this first book to about 30 publishing houses and was refused everywhere. The only agreeable publisher was the agency called Random House.

The story “On the Mulberry Street” has some terrific secrets as well. First of all we can’t but talk that all the pictures for this book were drawn and painted by the author himself. The work was a great success. It gave him much inspiration and was taken by another 40 literature masterpieces. In them it was probable to find out kind cartoons, various radio performances as well as musicals. Have you already heard that in America there is a real big park based on the drawings of this great man? To date, Dr. Seuss is thought to be perhaps the best-selling baby’s and kids’ writer.

The most sold novel nowadays is “Green eggs and ham”, however, “Cat in the Hat” is thought to be a real icon of American culture. The terrific fact is that it contained only 220 words. The fascinating mystery of its appreciation from the parents’ side is quite simple in fact. – It can be memorized even by the people of the very young age.


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