Lefties are forced to adapt and are accustomed to the modern world. That is the explanation, why they are better and faster than right-handers to find a way out or what they need. These humans adapt to any conditions, as left-handed people have to do this from childhood and then do not cause any special problems. However, can you reply the question โ€œWhen is National Left Handed Day in 2022?โ€

Unfortunately, now we predict the answer from your side that is why we’ve made a decision to devote the theme the whole article


Of course, this’s of common knowledge that the discovering to the matter, concerning what day World Left Handed Day in 2022 is, we’d meet our reading with the historical past of this special occasion.

The official movement 0f left-handers is comparatively quite young. It was started in 1980. This was the period of huge meetings, organized in the US in defense of one police officer called Franklin Winborne. In accordance with statute, Winbourne had to wear his holster on the right. But, being a left-hander from his childhood, the man found it to be comfortable to it from the left side that is why he clang it.

I am Left Handed

Then a campaign broke out in support of another left-hander Robert Green, who was working at the post office, sorting the envelopes with his left hand, but the boss demanded the young man to do everything with the right. Frankly speaking, we aren’t able to explain, why the executive asked to do it, as it didn’t matter in fact, but Robert appealed to the court and won it.

The chief representatives of the headquarters, belonging to the well-known International Association of Left-Handers, are nowadays arranged in the town of Topica (USA, Kansas). The Association prepared the special Bill concerning all left-handers of the country. The honored head of the association Dean Campbell puts the question squarely: “Why should the people like we live in a world where they are obviously placed in unequal conditions with the rest?”

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World Left-handers Day was established in 1992 and was first celebrated on August 13 at the initiative of the British left-handers club.


What does National Left Handed Day mean? Oh, to tell you the truth, we aren’t able to give you a proper reply to the matter like this. Why? – You see, the matter is that the situation seems to be rather puzzled. As you can understand it would be quite silly to dedicate the people to celebrate a holiday if they donโ€™t want to do it. And actually we are not sure whether you or somebody from your surrounding is among these humans beings. That’s why it’s up to you to decide whether to spend August 13 in a quite different way or to forget about it easily and completely.

The situation is that nowadays there’re a lot of theories and assumptions about the causes and reasons of left-handedness appearance. But, unfortunately, an exact answer has not been found yet. Contemporary scientists and reputable physicians believe that these people are born because of the violations of the brain intrauterine development. Actively there are many studies devoted to the genetic nature of left-sided men and women all around the planet.

The likelihood of a child this feature developing is 2-3% if the parents are both right handed, 14-18% if only one of the parents belongs to this category, and 30-40% if both dad and mum are left-handed.

The custom of the handshake as a greeting originated in Ancient Rome and meant good intentions. Thus, a man showed that he did not have a weapon in his hand, for example, a sword or a stylet. In the example with the handshake, the left-hander could stretch out his right hand, and in the left he could calmly squeeze the weapon: so he neutralized the opponent and left his deadly wounds with his left hand. Naturally, the left-handers were willingly hired as killers, and the common people feared them and did not like them – they generally believed that they brought misfortune.

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Trying to give our readers the proper answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Left Handed Day 2022?โ€, we would like to mention some very important details.

This special occasion was organized in order to draw the attention:

  • society to the problem of relearning left-handed kids (teachers or parents) to write with the right hand, which leads only to psychological trauma;
  • manufacturers of household goods, designers to the need to take into account the convenience of left-handers.

For a long time, the main reason for retraining lefties was the anxiety for their social adaptation in a world where the right-handed prevail and where all the technical means are designed for right-handed ones.

Many parents retrained their children, because they feared that further of these humansย  would prevent the acquisition of a profession. School teachers, strictly followed the installation – all write only the right hand.

Fortunately, those times passed and now scientists have proved that there is no sense in retraining the left-hander, left-handedness is not just the predominant possession of the left hand, but also the reflection of a certain interhemispheric asymmetry of the brain.

Left Handed Day


When is Left Handed Day in 2022, calendar will without any troubles remind you. And there are no substantial reasons for being seriously worried as to this matter. But are you ready to perform it properly? Do you know some special traditions, rules or customs concerning this occasion?ย  No? โ€“ Donโ€™t be upset, as we are going to give you some recommendations.

On official level on August 13, public organizations of left-handed humans hold various competitions, where participants are not allowed to use their right one. It sounds really amazingly, doesnโ€™t it?

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All in all you may create your own holiday, if you like. And it really doesnโ€™t matter, which hand you use more often a left or a right one. This day you may always do on the contrary. Why not to try something new for a difference?

International Left Handed Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Left handed Day 2022?โ€ we want to show our readers some other interesting pieces of information.

Right-handedness and left-handedness are formed mainly by four years, and before this age the preference of the hand can be unstable.

If in four years the child prefers to act with his/her left hand and even more so if there are left-handed people among the relatives, it is impossible to retrain the child. In teaching, left-handed guys and ladies are more oriented toward sensory sensations (visual, tactile, etc.), rather than speech.

For a better understanding of the material, they need to rely on a drawing, an object, a visual aid. But there are people, who use equally both the right and the left one. Peculiarities of the psyche in such children may be the same as for left-handers, but they easily get used to writing with the right hand.

Sometimes right-handed humans are a hidden lefty, which it isn’tย  difficult to verify with the help of special tests. For example, if the left thumb is placed on top of the lock when the fingers are interlocked. When the hands are intertwined on the chest, the left forearm is on top.

Due to the widespread cessation of left-hander retraining, in the past few decades the share of left-handed people in the world has increased three to four times.


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