1. Water from the tap
    According to the UN Water Resources Committee, the water in Finland is exceptionally clean. You can safely drink it directly from the tap without heat treatment, thanks to the multi-stage filtration system and communications that are always in good condition.
  2. Fines and taxes
    Finland is known for its fines and progressive taxation system. A citizen with a large annual income will pay a larger fine for the same violation. The tax rate also directly depends on income – the more you earn, the higher your tax. The maximum recorded tax is 52.5%.
  3. The residence of Santa Claus
    Santa Claus really lives in Lapland – the northern part of the country. Joulupukki (as the Finns call Santa) translates as “Christmas goat”. He has his own office, a valid postal address, and a Finnish passport. Santa’s residence is open all year round and receives letters from children from all over the world. Here is the official website of Santa Claus – https://santaclausvillage.info
  4. Equality
    The Finnish parliament was the first in the world to grant women equal opportunities for expression of will and public administration. It was in the Republic of Finland that a woman who held the position twice became president. This is Tarja Kaarina Halonen.
  5. Prisons or hotels?
    Prisoners in Finland are not even called that. They wear ordinary clothes, move freely, and communicate amicably with the supervisors. Prisoners often live in well-kept one-story houses without barbed wire. As Finnish statistics show, this method of imprisonment has a much better effect on the re-education of criminals.
  6. Country of yachtsmen?
    Blue cross on a white background borrowed from the flags of Finnish yacht clubs that appeared during the times of the Russian Empire. Currently, the Finns associate the colors of their flag with the country’s many lakes and its snowy fairy-tale winters.
  7. ZOHNniki
    The Finns are a very athletic nation. They spend a lot of time in nature. Sports walking with sticks is very popular among Finns. It effectively strengthens the whole body and is ideal for walking. In Finland, in addition to typical sports, the funniest competitions are held. For example, it is interesting to compete in the mobile phone throwing championship.
  8. TV is our everything!
    The broadcast of “Ball in the Castle”, which takes place on Independence Day, has the highest ratings. All prominent local and foreign figures gather at the solemn event, which takes place in the presidential residence. Every third citizen of Finland observes this annual event.
  9. Free education
    Education in this country is free, even in universities, and the system of obtaining knowledge is considered the most efficient in the world. Both citizens of Finland and foreigners can get a quality education, provided that the teaching will be in Finnish or Swedish.
  10. Internet as a human right!
    The Finns were the first to officially receive uninterrupted access to the Internet as an inalienable civil human right. Providers are obliged by the country’s government to provide high-speed Internet to the population, because it is an important component of the educational and work process.
The residence of Santa Claus

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Interesting facts about Finland


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