Independence Day of the United Arab Emirates

Independence Day or Al-Id Al Watani is celebrated by the United Arab Emirates on December 2. Until 1971, this union was called “Treaty Oman” – 9 sheikhdoms stretching from the Strait of Hormuz to the west parallel to the Persian Gulf under the British mandate. For many centuries, local sheikhs argued over this region on land, and from the sea it was threatened by pirates who wanted to control the waters and use the shore for shelter.

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In order not to stop their trade relations with India and not to suffer losses, British troops began to fight pirates at sea. This required irregular treaties with the emirs. In 1820, these ties acquired an official status – protection from pirates in exchange for cooperation. These relations lasted until 1971, until they exhausted themselves financially and politically. Britain refused to cooperate with Qatar and Bahrain. Of the 9 emirates that wanted to unite into a federation, only 7 remained. Of these 7 sheikhdoms, six agreed to unite. On December 2, 1971, they declared their sovereignty from Great Britain and called themselves the United Arab Emirates. A little more than a year later, the Sultanate of Ras al-Khaimah joined the union. The first head of the association is Sheikh Abu Dhabi Zayed bin Sultan.

Independence Day of the United Arab Emirates


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