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🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ When is National Kids Day 2022

Of course, all parents want their child to be happy and successful. Such kids are the optimists and grow into people with a positive attitude to the surrounding world. That is of common knowledge in fact, however, are you ready to answer the question, which seems to be very simple only at the first sight and sounds like “When is National Kids Day in 2022?” without any hesitations?

Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that you will answer negatively, and this is the reason, why we have decided to investigate this matter in as many details as it is possible.


Certainly, we have understood that the wide and proper answer for the matter “When is International Kids Day 2022?” however, this time there are no so many facts as to this subject.

This holiday is nowadays appreciated all around the world.

But at the same time the date of its celebration can be quite different. Initially, it was established in 1856.

This perfect idea owned to Dr. Ch. Leonard, who was well-known and rather appreciated in his location of the church pastor. The institution was placed in Chelsea.

All in all Dr. Leonard devoted all his time to his service and small children that were living nearby. At the same time we can’t but mention that the man named it in another way. At the very beginning, people knew it as “Rose Day”, later – “Flower Sunday” and only after that – “Kids Day”.

Kids Day


What does National Kids Day mean? Well, frankly speaking, we are not able to answer you this question in a proper way. Why? What is the reason of our refusal? – You see, we are almost sure that the reply is rather personal and individual at the same time.

As you can understand in the modern society there are many people who have neither children nor grandchildren. It is not a surprise that they are not going to spend this data in a different way. So, we are not able to dedicate you what holiday to celebrate and which one can be quite forgotten.

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When raising a boy or a girl, first of all you should understand that it is you who can help the child to realize individual characteristics and abilities, to grow up to be confident in himself/herself and the future.

  • Think, what are your own ideas about the role of women and men about their character traits and behavior.
  • Carefully observe how you behave towards girls and boys, daughters and sons.
  • Analyze which toys you buy your child, and what toys your daughter or your son asks.
  • Think about what kind of clothes you offer your / his daughter / son, whether it is convenient for satisfying their cognitive interest.


The topic, concerning the matter what day World Kids Day in 2022 is, is not so difficult in fact. But the people, who are going to celebrate it, can be usually characterized as very respectful and thoughtful parents or grandparents. They pay much time and attention to the bringing up and education of their youngers.

By the way, do you know the most criteria of the happy kid? – No? – We will help you then. – In general, a happy child is a small person who:

  • knows that he/she is loved (regardless of the offense committed);
  • feels the security;
  • participates in “adult affairs”;
  • feels his/her own uniqueness;
  • encouraged by parents in overcoming unfamiliar situations.

We can’t but mention that happy children have the opportunity to experience the whole gamut of emotions and feelings: anger, joy, curiosity, surprise, disappointment, etc.And this simultaneous means that parents can and should teach their kids to understand and accept all these emotions.

Remember that it is impossible to bring up optimistic children without:

  • love and respect for your own child;
  • patience;
  • faith in the good and bright future;
  • his/her own desire to become a person who managed to fill the life with meaning and happiness;
  • accounting for the individual characteristics, including gender.
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When is Kids Day in 2022, calendar is certainly ready to remind you. As it has been already told above, this special occasion will happen in June, on June 10th exactly.

This is the very moment when various entertainment events for children are usually organized all around the planet. The most typical and popular among them there are competitions with gifts and awards, concerts, different various exhibitions and cognitive events.

Charitable actions around the world are aimed at improving the lives of children. With their help means are being raised to help abandoned children around the world, to help them to get at least a little of what they were deprived of at birth or in the years of their still short life. You see absolutely every kid has a legal right to a successful, healthy and happy childhood and this right is equal for all small citizens.

Certainly, children hope for us, they completely trust and need us. These small creatures can not live without us. In order not to disappoint their childhood hopes and expectations, we should help them to feel happier and loved.

If you have children or even grandchildren, the best way to hold this day properly is to spend it with them. Summer is a beautiful season for being outside. You can organize a picnic, go to the park, visit a zoo or just feed the ducks in the nearest pond or river. If the weather is bad, it is possible to watch an interesting film, to read a book, to make a tasty cake and to invite some friends to the party. The choices are really endless.

Kids as superheroes

International Kids Day Facts

So, you have already got the answer to the set above “What is the date of National Kids Day 2022?” but would you like to know something ore as to the theme, devoted to small creatures of the contemporary society?  For the most curious readers we have prepared our tips ad amuses.

Recently specialists have conducted very interesting studies. The children were asked to draw ladder and to mark themselves on it. After that the kids were inquired which step their mother would put them, in accordance with their points of view.

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It turns out that the higher on the ladder, the mother would put her baby, than he/she is happier in her eyes, the more children would like to be friends with him/her, but the child does not seek to communicate with a large number of mates. The terrific conclusion isthat a happy child is popular, but not eager to communicate with many people around.

And vice versa. – The less happy he/she is seen by the mother (as the kid thinks), the more the child wants to communicate with peers (there is a need for communication, as compensation for a lack of maternal love), but the less the number of children choose him/her as a partner in communication. That is unhappy children are unpopular.

The facts revealed require closer examination of two issues:

  • What are happiness and a happy child?
  • What can parents do to raise, on the one hand, a happy, and on the other hand, a communicative, benevolent child.

Happiness is when the dream comes true, when you get what you most want in the world, when you achieve what you long for and strive for. Happiness is limited and fleeting, because in life there are always new dreams, new desires and new goals.

Unfortunately, most often parents and children have somewhat different ideas about happiness. Parents sometimes believe that if a child is fed and well-dressed, then he/she is happy. However, in fact, it is not so easy to determine properly whether a child is happy or not.

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