In ancient times, long before the advent of crossword puzzles in the form we used to see them now, there were various alphabetic riddles in which the method of crossing words was applied. For example, in 1936, during the excavations of Pompeii, one of the columns found a semblance of a modern one – the Roman “magic square”. It was believed such squares bring good luck. So, let’s find out when is National Memorial Crossword Puzzle in 2022?

Thus, the particular day is held yearly on 21st of December. Firstly, it was organized for children’s development by solving the puzzles and amplifying their knowledge of the Armed Forces. Over time, it has achieved a global level for anyone who wants such entertainment.


In the nineteenth century, the size of the British Empire was determined the by the size of its warship. Now, the US Navy is the leader controlling the world ocean.

US ground forces use advanced communications, control, and intelligence, they have a high degree of mobility. The massive use of UAVs, as well as information support for the satellite group, gives the US land forces the highest situational awareness on the battlefield. In modern conflicts, this is of decisive importance. A large number of Apache attack helicopters in the US Army, as well as laser target designators in the equipment of the majority of soldiers, can effectively conduct combat operations even in dense urban areas.

On this day, we solve army-themed crosswords, so let’s find out more about the history of this game.

Memorial Day Word Search Puzzle

As for the modern crossword puzzle, then the United States and Great Britain are contesting the championship. Thus, the inhabitants of the foggy Albion believe, the first conundrums were printed already in the middle of the XIX century in the London newspaper “Times”. In Washington, however, it is believed that this game was first published in 1913 and was invented by its journalist Arthur Winn, who emigrated to America from England. Europe crossed epidemic overtook in the 1920s. Since then, many newspapers and magazines regularly publish them.

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Types of puzzles

American. Next to the grid, there are words need to be written into it. Sometimes, a hint is given, like letters that are already inscribed.

Let’s check out other types to understand what a day Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle is in 2022.

Scan-word is one of the most popular types of such games. Definitions are given in squares right inside the grid, and word-answers are entered in the directions indicated by the arrows. There should be no empty cells in the grid of the ideal scan-word.

Japanese one. In this form, you need to guess the encrypted picture on the code numbers-hints.


What does Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle mean? The first American one had a rhomboid shape and did not have the usual empty cells – the words were read both sides. The questions differed from modern ones – readers were asked to name the river in Russia, guess the name of the animal, and pick up the antonyms for the words.

The success of the new game was amazing. From this point on, it starts to conquer the world. Already in 1923 in the US, with a circulation of 750,000 copies, the first collection of word conundrums was published, which was sold out in a few days. Moreover, the same amount will be sold out When is International Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle in 2022.

One year later, on November 2, 1924, the first “European” one was published in the London newspaper Sunday Express. It is considered that his author was Edward Potus Maser. In France, this game appeared on November 23, 1924, in the Paris newspaper Illustrated Sunday.

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To get more information about the definition of a holiday we resort to the following historical fact. The South African legend of the crossword creation has a touch of criminal romance and is associated with the name of Victor Orville, who overheard his wife by carelessness. While serving his term in the prison of the Cape Town city, the prisoner noticed the square floor of the cell and began to inscribe a letter in each square. His passion became so strong the prison administration was forced to invite doctors to check the state of Victor Orville. However, the doctors did not find anything inadequate in him, and Victor found channels to send his riddles to the editor of a newspaper, calling his invention “There and here on the squares”. The editor did not appreciate the idea but when he saw the excitement of his colleagues, who spent the evening meditating over the charade, he decided to publish a game of this kind. By the time Victor Orville was released, his account had accumulated a decent fee.


It is clear now What is the date of Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle 2022, so let’s come to traditions. It should be noted this day refers directly to children as they are the main part of our life. Many sites and festivals were created to commemorate and develop our children’s abilities and knowledge. So, the main tradition is to take your babies to festival or nearest shop and buy some stuff for them.

Remember those who served

By the way, the first Japanese crossword appeared in 1987. Since the hieroglyphs cannot be crossed like words, they are black-and-white or color drawings that need to be made according to the proposed rules.

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National Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle Facts

  • The first place among compilers of those games is occupied by Roger Boucart from the Belgian city of Bruges. He celebrated his 65th birthday by submitting to the Guinness Book of World Records the largest crossword in the world – 31 meters long and 53 centimeters wide containing 50,400 words. Questions took 2734 pages. The author has been making his creation up almost four years.
  • In May 1966, a London newspaper The Times received a letter from a woman from the island of Fiji, reported she had just managed to solve Crossword No. 673 of the newspaper issue of April 4, 1932. Thus, the maximum time taken to solve a crossword is 34 years.
  • The US Army is a powerful and organized strike force, designed for both defensive tasks and for capturing and retaining enemy territory. The number of the US Army in 2022 is more than 732 thousand troops. Aviation, armored vehicles, artillery, UAV, MLRS, tactical missiles, SAM systems, anti-missile systems are available.
  • May 5, 1868 the feast was proclaimed by General John Logan, commander of the Old Army of the Republic. It was marked on May 30, 1868 by laying flowers on the grave of the Allied and Confederate soldiers at the Arlington National Cemetery.
  • The historical echo of those events is the US state prapor: now, it depicts 50 stars, plus seven red bands and six white ones, which symbolizes the first 13 states that signed the declaration.
  • The Federal Day of Remembrance was recognized only in 1971 with the adoption of the relevant law – the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

To sum up, our life is a huge conundrum and we should not forget when is Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle in 2022, by a virtue of a calendar.


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