Well, you come to the office and you know that today nothing will happen, as it did not occur yesterday? Is your every new day similar to the previous one and it does not matter, what it is today: Monday, Wednesday or Friday? It looks like a really sad situation, and we are almost sure that you don’t know the answer to the question “When is National Fun At Work Day in 2018?” and, perhaps, have never heard about this occasion existence. Are we right? If your reply is “yes”, we want to invite you to join about discussion devoted to this direction.


Of course, we understand quite well that the set question “What is the date of National Fun At Work Day 2018?” needs a lot of clarifications. As a rule, such direction as a historical background is considered to be rather appreciated.

But, unfortunately, in this situation we haven’t managed to find out any information about the establishers of this amazing event as well as the reasons to celebrate it on January 26th.

However, the experienced historians have discovered that in ancient Egypt there were already the first attempts to introduce administrative work. But only in the nineteenth century appeared the first office workers, the so-called clerks, and a fixed schedule of job.

Fun At Work Day

Thanks to Charles Lem (1775-1834), one of the greatest English publicists, we have a lot of information about the everyday life of offices in the early nineteenth century. For 25 years he worked as a clerk in the Accounting Department of the East India Company and wrote about it in his articles and private correspondence. In order to get a job, he had to make a deposit of GBP 500 – a common practice among employers of that time to ensure the proper conduct of the staff. In addition, during the first two years, employees received only 30 pounds.


What does National Fun At Work Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide how to answer this question properly. Why? – You see, the matter is that we even don’t know whether you are working somewhere except your favorite sofa at home. In the contemporary world there are a lot of freelancers for whom the working place and an apartment are the same things.

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Most often, at working place we communicate with people mainly on professional topics and after working for several years, we may not even know that the sales manager in his/her spare time deals with painting, and the accountant – an unsurpassed expert in Oriental culture.

An interesting practice is a short lecture by the employees themselves on completely different topics: from hand-bye and ending with nuclear physics. Such mini-lectures are a great way to gain new knowledge and, moreover, to learn better each other. You can always start to do it beginning from January 26th.

All in all for a productive process and maintaining a constant interest in the work, you need a dynamic environment that is very difficult to create in a regular office, but such non-casual inserts on business days allow not only to diversify office life, but also to create a special atmosphere and corporative spirit of the company.


Talking about the question what day World Fun At Work Day in 2018 is we would like to give our readers some recommendations how to change the working process for better, as nothing kills creativity and inspiration more than a routine, but at the same time nothing saves it better than a drop of creativity made in everyday life.

In some companies people prefer to have the so called fluffy employee, who is able to relief stress in any situation. Perhaps, January 26th is a perfect opportunity to find a new employee, whose duties will include creating comfort, reducing stress, increasing the amount of smile and the number of smiles members of the team. Before getting a living office mascot, be sure to find out if any of the employees are allergic to the pets. If such are found out, it is not a problem, after all the aquarium inhabitants can perfectly replace fluffy.

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The other things you can do from your side in order not to get bored on the working place:

  • Record daily tasks on paper. Make a list of what you should do before the end of the working day, and as you complete the tasks, cross them out of the list. The time’ll pass faster, and you’ll have a general overview of your daily activities.
  • Ask for additional tasks. Be honest with your head, and ask for some more duties that will require more responsibility from your side.
  • If your company is working in a team, you can change tasks with other colleagues. Your office mates will appreciate your help at any time … You can be sure of this.
  • If you feel that another person needs help, offer your help as a volunteer. Just be very careful not to use your kindness from your colleagues and not transfer your duties to you as if on behalf of the bosses.


When is Fun At Work Day in 2018, calendar will surely remind you, so there are no serious reasons for being worried about. By the way, the date of January 26th is fixed, so the next year the only thing you will have to do is to recollect about it once again.

Of course, there are no any official events devoted to this special occasion, but this is not a problem, of course. Especially in the situation, when you have a perfect level of imagination. What about establishing something new among your colleagues?

What about a flesh mob? – Such fun not only makes the team more cohesive, but also greatly improves mood. Come to all the office in blue clothes? Speak all day only in English or turn a regular working day into a costumed play and create an atmosphere of a holiday on a level ground? And why not?

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Ball pool desk

Another perfect idea is to have this day a cozy breakfast together. You see, many world-famous companies are practicing these breakfasts, which all members of the team, without exception, communicate in an informal atmosphere. This not only allows you to start the day with tastes and positive emotions, but also to discuss the vivid vision of the process, new ideas and views.

Try to change the situation. – The new environment has a beneficial effect on the work process, because sometimes interesting ideas are born directly from the air. Why sit in a fierce office, if you can work, for example, in the park? Or come to co-working on a developing lecture and stay there to work all day long?

International Fun At Work Day Facts

Talking about the subject “When is International Fun At Work Day 2018?’ we would like to recommend our readers how to celebrate this date. Perhaps, in some cases it is the best way to return to work in a good mood.

As you know, there are no similar people. Everyone comes to the team with his/her character, habits, and views on life. And it’s definitely good that we are all individual and unique. However, sometimes it is not easy, when in one collective people are gathering completely different in temperament. Sometimes there are disagreementsbetween them. In this case, it is very important to be able to rally the team so that everyone works in a coherent way, as if one team.

If you want to have a friendly company it is necessary to do everything possible to achieve the best results. The head should perform a great task to succeed.

But at the same time you should realize that the work on teambuilding should be carried out constantly, rather than from time to time, otherwise it will not be possible to have various people in the team. But you can always start to do this on January 26th.


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