World Arthritis Day

Every year, since 1996, on October 12, the World Arthritis Day is held on the initiative of the WHO. Arthritis is a general name for joint diseases that are inflammatory in nature.

Among the causes of disability, diseases of the rheumatological spectrum occupy one of the first lines. Approximately every 100 people on the planet suffer from arthritis, approximately 6 years after the diagnosis of the disease, 50% of patients become disabled, and their lives are accompanied by pain. Unfortunately, this disease can affect any person – an adult or a child. Most often, arthritis is diagnosed in able-bodied women and men aged 30-50. In the female part of the population, arthritis occurs 5 times more often.

The purpose of this international day is to draw society’s attention to this disease and the problems of patients, to raise awareness. It is possible to prevent the development of arthritis. To do this, it is important to take care of your health: follow a balanced diet, engage in physical activity, and protect your joints from excessive stress.

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