Teacher’s Day 2022 in Ukraine

What kind of holiday is this?

Exquisite bouquets of flowers, sincere congratulations, warm words from their pupils – this is how Ukraine celebrates Teacher’s Day. Officially, this professional holiday is called: “Day of education workers” or “Educator’s Day“. This is a holiday of teachers of all professions, ranks and levels, who are engaged in education and training of people, organization of children’s activities and children’s structures, management in the education system. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of October. But it is unofficially celebrated on the first Friday so that students can congratulate their teachers, educators. In Ukraine, the holiday is widely recognized – it is celebrated not only by teachers, but also by pupils, students and their parents.

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How did the idea of ​​celebrating Teacher’s Day come about?

In independent Ukraine, the Educator’s Day was officially celebrated in 1994, after the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the Day of Education Workers” was issued on September 11. Even long before this day, workers in the pedagogical field received honors and recognition both in the world and in Ukraine itself.

October 5 is the official date of International Teacher’s Day. It was on this day in the distant year 1966 that a Special Intergovernmental Conference was held in Paris, at which issues regarding the status of teachers were discussed. An important document was adopted at the conference, which included a list of resolutions on raising the status of teachers in the interests of quality education. World Teacher’s Day was celebrated for the first time on October 5, 1994. More than 100 countries around the world joined this celebration. World Teacher’s Day is included in the system of international days of the United Nations (UN).

On the territory of the former USSR, which included Ukraine, Teacher’s Day was established in September 1965, but it began to be celebrated after October 1, 1980, after the approval of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On Holidays and Commemorative Dates”. The holiday was celebrated on the first Sunday of October. On this day, schoolchildren of the Soviet Union, in particular of Ukraine, came to school in formal attire: boys in white shirts, girls in white aprons and big white bows. These days are remembered with interesting solemn events and greetings of kindergarten teachers, school teachers, teachers of various educational institutions.

Teacher’s Day in historical dates

  • 1965
    Teacher’s Day was founded in the Ukrainian SSR.
  • 1966
    October 5
    Special intergovernmental conference on the status of teachers.
  • 1994
    October 5
    The first official celebration of the World Teacher’s Day in more than 100 countries of the world. World Teacher’s Day is included in the UN system of international days.
  • 1994
    September 11
    The decree of the President of Ukraine “On the Day of Education Workers” approved the official Teacher’s Day in Ukraine.

Frequent Questions and answers about Teacher’s Day

What date is Teacher’s Day in 2021?

The holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, in 2021 it falls on October 3.

What to give for teacher’s day?

The best gift for Teacher’s Day will be a bouquet of autumn flowers or a postcard made by a child. Often, individual students and whole classes give sweets, books, stationery, and symbolic gifts to show their gratitude to their beloved teacher.

What are the greetings for Teacher’s Day?

We have selected the best wishes for the teacher’s day, which you can use in your postcards, in a card for a bouquet of flowers or simply in a speech of welcome.

Greetings and postcards for Teacher’s Day in Ukraine

“We see each other every day at school. And during the school days, it does not occur to us to thank you for your care. However, today, on this bright holiday, we solemnly promise that we will always listen to your advice, listen carefully to your lesson and try not to upset you with bad grades.”

“Let there be many opportunities in life to implement your ideas. Let the soul live in joy, and the heart beat with love and inspiration.”

“Dear teacher, our friendly class thanks you for the daily hard work on our personalities! We admire you: for perseverance and carelessness, for love and patience, for wise advice and competent teaching!”.

Teacher's Day  Greeting card - A card for a teacher

Teacher's Day in Ukraine  Greeting card - A card for a teacher

Teacher's Day in Ukraine  Greeting card - A card for a teacher

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🎁 What to give for Teacher’s Day?

We offer you a list of original and traditional gifts for Teacher’s Day.

A gift for a teacher - gift ideas Pillow “Real heroes don’t wear cloaks, they are called teachers” as a gift for a teacher
Pillow for Teacher's Day Pillow “Only a great man can teach a small heart”
Stealing Teach is a vocation for Teacher's Day “Teaching is a vocation” mug for Teacher’s Day
Office organizer for teacher's day - gift ideas Supretto is a desktop office organizer made of wood
Men's T-shirt I am a teacher and what is your superpower Men’s T-shirt “I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower?” a gift for Teacher’s Day
Gift ideas for Teacher’s Day

How is Teacher’s Day celebrated in Ukraine?

Schoolchildren create wall newspapers, make postcards, prepare festive concerts, organize “sweet tables”. In this way, students express gratitude to their teachers for their selfless work.

Another good tradition that takes place in almost every Ukrainian school is self-government day. It consists in releasing teachers from work. Instead, high school students take on the role of director and teachers and, under the auspices of teachers, conduct lessons for grades 1-4.

On the official level, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, the most successful workers in the educational sphere are recognized with state awards: “People’s Teacher of Ukraine”, “Honored Teacher of the Country”, “Honored Worker of Education and Science”, etc. Competitions for the title of “best future teacher” are held in pedagogical educational institutions.

Interesting facts about the teaching profession

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  • World polls show that teachers are inferior only to military personnel and doctors in the ranking of professions from which depends on the well-being of society.
  • Researchers say that the teacher is the same difficult profession, like an air traffic controller, pilot or firefighter. Their stress level is about the same.
  • 33% of teachers are released within the first three years from the start of work, 46% — within the first five years.
  • School teacher is mostly a female profession. In Ukraine, 81% of teachers are women. And the share of men in primary school is almost zero. For comparison: 58% of women in high school in France, 52% in Great Britain and Hong Kong, 45% in Germany, 32% in Japan.
  • According to international research, the average age of a teacher is 52 years.

Why is this holiday important for us?

In Ukraine, Teacher’s Day is one of the most popular professional holidays. For teachers, it is a day of greetings, gifts and rest. Schoolchildren love the holiday for its solemnity, fancy dress, interesting contests and exciting events. In many schools, on the occasion of this holiday, lessons are shortened, children suspend their teachers from conducting classes. But this holiday is not foreign to all people – everyone has an opportunity to remember their school years, meet with former classmates, congratulate their favorite teachers and veteran teachers. After all, the profession of a teacher is one of the most important in society, everyone’s future depends on his efforts.

The following dates for the celebration of Teacher’s Day

Year Date Weekday
2020 October 4 Friday
2021 October 3 Friday
2022 October 2 Friday
2023 the 1st of October Friday
2024 October 6 Friday

Teacher's Day in Ukraine


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