The question of beliefs has been very important for the mankind. Nations’ existence sometimes depends on the religious mood in many countries and the whole world. Some religions are considered to be very warlike. Nevertheless, the whole religious conception of the world tends to peace and cooperation. Charitable organizations and communities in churches involve people into doing kind deeds. One reason to follow the traditions of charity is observing a special date which was initiated in the USA some centuries ago. When is National Religious Freedom Day in 2020?


The holiday is rather an official governmental occasion which is observed by people of the USA. The initiator of the occasion was T.Jefferson, the American President who also is known as the author of the famous Declaration of Independence. He started his career of the US President in 1800. He also founded the Democratic Party. The man wanted that his nation would know him for the Declaration. But also is considered as the initiator of the statute devoted to the topic. That document had to be promoted during the General Assembly.

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The statute carried two principles of freedom. The state was to be separated from church. Every person also had to have freedom of conscience. It wasn’t an ordinary document for those times. Every country and state had a set and commonly accepted religious course. The representatives of every official religion always were privileged. They had financial advantages and other points from the government. This situation limited a new government very much. It made people who represent legislative power to take the interests of a church into account.

The Statute was accepted in 1786 on January, 16th. It took place when the USA formed itself. It became the day of the First Amendment according to which every citizen of the country could have the freedom in the choice of beliefs. Besides, the government itself wasn’t dependent on the religious course of the state.

It isn’t exactly known when the day was celebrated for the first time. The official observance started from 1993. It was the year when the President proclaimed the day the official holiday. Every year on the day the First Freedom Award banquet is organized in Richmond Virginia. “What day World Religious Freedom Day in 2020?” The event is still observed on the 16th of January.


What does National Religious Freedom Day mean for the American society? The first point is that the day has a great importance for every citizen. The freedom of the choice of confession gives every person a possibility to accept a keystone of his own life and belief. There isn’t a necessity to attend the certain church and believe in certain religion. The individual faith can be based on personal feelings and beliefs.

There’re lots of religious directions throughout the USA. Every confession has got its own worshippers. If doesn’t carry harmful mood and actions, it has got the support of the American government and Constitution. Besides, it helps to judge the actions of a concrete person but not the community in whole.

The responsibility of the confessions for many events in the international history is obvious. They inspired people to do their best to improve their living and the situation in the world. But, on the other hand, their leaders involved many nations into wars and other disasters. Many governments had to pay attention on their benefits and interests. The freedom of the US government made it possible to make decisions as to the future of the country.

There’s a definite situation when the representatives of one religion convert people from other faith to their confession. The refuse sometimes leads to very sad result. Every person is defended from the harmful impact due to the Statute and the US Constitution. When is International Religious Freedom Day 2020?The observation is carried on the 16th of January.


The meaning of the observance isn’t very concrete for other nations, though the Americans certainly know what the occasion means. The name of the holiday can be defined in some ways. The Statute also explains two main directions of the meaning.

The first mention of the word “religion” took place in the 12th century. The language of the word’s origin is Latin. The word transferred through several languages. Nowadays the term has got several definitions. The main meaning concerns a set of beliefs about the mankind and the world. It is also defined as a description of the monk’s or nun’s life. The word also defines a set of rituals devoted to a concrete faith.

The word “freedom” was noticed in the 10th century. It transferred into English from the Old-English language. Modern dictionaries give several meanings of the word. It is defined as a quality of being free. It can be used in the sense of absence different feelings and states. It means that a person can choose actions according to his own feelings or wills. Another meaning concerns a political right of every person.

What is the date of National Religious Freedom Day 2020? The day is observed on the 16th of January.

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The Americans are usually very devoted to their country. This nation is very independent. People feel freedom. They accept the holiday with a great concern and regard. The religious freedom is very important issue for many Americans.

One of the best ways to observe the occasion is to make some researches about the history of the holiday. This way of celebrating the day can be used by educational establishments. The youth has to understand the possibility of the choice of the religious directions.

A good way to celebrate the occasion is to read a book “The name of the Rose”. If you aren’t a fan of books, you should would the movie. It is a story about the Inquisition and the people’s life during those times. The people’s will wasn’t taken into account. They were punished for the least offense. Very often people weren’t even guilty.

The Christians and worshippers of other religions were prosperous and hounded from place to placeduring different times. Children from various schools can research the history of their own religion and present their own report. The result of such work can be the discussion about the impact of outer factors on the development of every religion. If you want to participate in the celebration in your own state, find the information in the internet “When is Religious Freedom Day in 2020, calendar of events?” the observation is set on the 16th of January.

 International Religious Freedom Day Facts

  • Wicca is a very old religion, though people didn’t know about it till the 20th
  • The enlightenment is considered as Nirvana in Buddhism. It isn’t reached through deaths.
  • The Catholic people always have a reason to pray to a saint. They have a concrete saint for everything.
  • The Islam requires that a person converts in this religion freely.
  • Alcohol, tea and coffee are restricted by the Mormon community.
  • The Amish community doesn’t use telephones and electricity.


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