This country is really unique, as its territory occupies the whole continent, being at the same time on the sixth place in the World, among the states, according to the area size. We know about it since childhood, however, can you answer the very amazing theme โ€œWhen is National Australia Day in 2020?โ€ just not? Or, perhaps, do you want to get some prompts from our side?

Frankly speaking, we’re predicting your negative reply. So we’ve made a decision to discuss the theme in details.


Talking about the subject โ€œWhen is International Australia Day 2020?โ€ we should tell our readers about the history of this terrific place.

Australia is the smallest continental part of the Earth. Because of its removal from the remained territory of the other world, it was at last discovered by Europeans much later than all other continents.

In 1606, its shores were reached by the Dutch expedition of Willem Janszoon. Thus, already in the 17th century, the mainland was known to the Netherlands, but they did not attempt to master it.

Celebrating Australia Day

In 1770, the English seaman James Cook discovered the eastern coast of the continent. The famous sailor proclaimed these lands as the British possessions. It happened on January 26th, 1788. And beginning from that very moment this day has been celebrated as a real holiday of this corner of the planet.

Initially these territories were called New South Wales and soon began to be actively developed. By that time, England had lost control of the colonies in North America, which pushed it to the construction of new cities on the coast of Australia. The continent became a reference point for criminals who have made up a significant part of the colonists. However, the reference was sent only for petty crimes, since in those days the heavier ones were punished with death.


What does Australia Day mean? Frankly speaking, this is a very interesting and at the same time rather difficult question to be answered. Well, we are not able to do it instead of you. – It is only up to you to find out whether to find this continent to be terrific or to forget about its charm and mysteries.

Some people are sure that this corner of the world is unique. For example, we are almost sure you have never heard that due to the fact that only a part of the Australian states and territories goes to the summer time, in this period, almost every region lives in a different from the neighboring times. Therefore, in several places, which are the points of crossing the boundaries of the three regions, one can meet the New Year three times in one night simply by taking several steps in one direction or another.


Talking about the set above matter, which concerns, what day Australia Day in 2020 is, we should tell you about some peculiar feature belonging only to this corner of the planet.

In more than twenty countries of the world, the law provides for mandatory participation in elections for all those who have the right to vote. Although in some of these countries there is no penalty for not complying with this law, in others, for example, in Australia, you will have to pay a fine for not being elected.

But this is not everything, of course. It’s a country, where people prefer to have an honest and respectful life even in the minute directions. For example, some years ago in the preparation of associations of British colonies in the local Union for a long time people couldnโ€™t decide which city would become the capital. In fact the largest existing cities in huge Sydney and amazing Melbourne claimed this title and did not want to give in to each other at all. Therefore, it was decided to build a completely new city, Canberra, as a capital city, at a considerable distance from both Sydney and Melbourne. It sounds really terrific, doesnโ€™t it?

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When is Australia Day in 2020, calendar will without any hesitations remind you even in that case, when you are not living in this part of the planet.ย  So there are no reasons for being worried about. In our turn, we would like to mention that more than two hundred years have already passed since the very first settlement of the European colonists appeared on the coast of Sydney Bay.

On January 26th Australians celebrate the centuries of the nation with a good and rather respectful tradition. Would you like to know which one?ย  – With laying down parks. It sounds terrific, doesn’t it? On the initial anniversary of the first century (it happened in 1888), the vast park Centennial was erected in Sydney in the eastern regions.

And we want to tell you the following. By the way, here in the natural park on January 1, 1901, there was an official celebration of the creation of the Australian federation. When the bicentennial of the first British colony was celebrated in 1988 in the area of the current Olympic Stadium, near the Parramatta area, where 200 years ago the governors of the National Youth Council lived, the Bicentennial Park was created.

Over the past 200 years, Australia has gone through a grand way – from the lost British colony where prisoners lived – to a modern state with a developed economy and, more importantly, a democratic country, called the best place to live.

Australia Day Parade

Many people are interested in the way of celebration this holiday without arriving to the distant continent. Are you going to be involved? โ€“ Oh, this is not a problem, of course. Just devote this day to discovering something special. โ€“ Watch documentaries, read books or periodicals, organize a specialized party with further discussion. But if you have the opportunity to travel there, do it without any hesitations and you wonโ€™t regret.

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National Australia Day Facts

Discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of Australia Day 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but give our readers a great amount of various pieces of information concerning this matter.

By the way, have you ever thought that the most interesting thing is that in Australia it’s absolutely normal and friendly for immigrants? Most indigenous people are migrants, their children or grandchildren. Perhaps, therefore, on the continent there’re practically no ethnic conflicts, all inhabitants are rather smiling and very sociable. There are no teenagers who’re bullied in the streets. In small towns, people live in private homes and know each other.

The main feature is local money. The local dollar equates to the American 1: 1. In addition, money is made from a plastic film, in which a transparent window is made. Australia can be called a pioneer in this area. Along with this, there are coins in use. The smallest is 5 cents, and the biggest one is 50 cents. They are created in the form of a 12-gauge. It is often brought by tourists as a souvenir.

The above facts about Australia attract many travelers, so the flow of visitors does not reduce either in the winter or in the summer. People from all over the world strive for this amazing corner.

Knowing that tourists are very cautious about Australian flora and fauna, locals love to scare them with drooping bears. It’s supposed that in the forests on the tops of the trees there are huge predatory koalas that jump on the heads of the traveling travelers. In order not to become a victim, tourists are advised to wear a fork in their hair, urinate on themselves and speak English only with an Australian accent.


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