Little girls are funny and lovely creatures. They want attention to themselves and their problems. So the civilized international world decided to install the special day for this aim. So when is Girls’ Day in 2022?

Before we answer this question, weโ€™ll tell you why this day has special meaning for girls from different countries of the world.

Who and why introduced this event?

The United Nations launched International girl child Day to raise the awareness of patient care to female children. Their key problems are labor, sex slavery, the violation in their families and early marriages which blossom in some African and Asian countries. Some tribal and religion leaders prohibit girlsโ€™ education as they must to feed the families or give them basic knowledge.

Girls' Day

These factors leave them without comfortable vital conditions and happy childhood. Most of them are made to work since girls learn to speak and walk. However, current governments understand the importance of changes, so they care about transformation of the situation to the better.

The western world considers the early marriage and sexual relations with females under 18 as pedophilia. Local authorities spend millions of dollars to help the victims of such malefactors to forget the horror of violation. Opposite, some Eastern regimes propagandize the early marriage. The age census attempts to 12 years. As a result, the percentage of dead and ill children in these countries is extremely high. Teenage girls also have problems with health because the medical sphere is imperfect.

Another problem is a violation. The girls are made to obey their parents. Each attempt to show their opinion is strictly punished. Muslim and some other religions prescribe that the girl is prohibited from choosing her love. She can see her husband only at first night after the wedding.

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Girls' Day

The International Girls Day is one of the youngest holidays in the calendar. It appeared only at 2012, the next year after successful efforts of youth advocacy and feminists throughout the world to attract the attention to problems of little and teenage girls on every continent. So when is Girlโ€™s Day 2022? Weโ€™ll answer soon.

How the world celebrates it

The remedial organizations usually provide demonstrations and special events to raise awareness for girlsโ€™ problems. They include the healthcare diagnostics, giving the ability for them to get a qualitative education and improve their vital environment.

The governments of most countries coincide the new laws with this holiday. These laws enforce the criminal responsibility for everybody who violates or slaves young girls. Feminists publish the colorful booklets which tell them about rights and duties and ways how to protect them.

Some events are held secretly as some leaders and terroristic organizations still deny human rights and estimate as furniture. The example of Malala, a girl from Pakistan who decided to protest against the local order, shows the volume of work to change the situation cardinally.

This day has its own particular each year. The authority representatives dispute about the way to improve the life of cute creatures. Which challenges are destructive? How should the world society respond their needs? These questions disturb each person who struggles for gender equality.

The marketing specialists use such approach as a way to increase sales of different goods, predominantly for girls and their parents. Its date is floating. Some online platforms provide daily service throughout the year. If you want to know what is the date of girlโ€™s day and brands on sale that day, visit the site of the retail point en route.

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We can, at last, give an answer to the question: when is Girlโ€™s day in 2022? Calendar shows us the date October, 11th like other years. United Nations proclaimed this day to honor and remember the girls who want to live and work as they like. And nobody will change it till the humanity exists.


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