The United States is a huge country with a long history and thousands of developments. It has a lot of traditions, which are sincerely treated by all citizens. Every person, who lives in the USA loves his country, loves its traditions, holiday and everything, what is happening there. Every part of the country is connected with the other and all this operates altogether. A huge part of the countryโ€™s life is taken by its army โ€“ soldiers, who protect their native place on earth, in air or in the sea. In this article, we will speak about one particular army part โ€“ navy. The USA celebrates Navy Day once a year. In this article we will find out, what does this holiday mean itself and what it is celebrated for and will know, when is Navy Day in 2017.

Navy Day

Sense of the holiday

Actually, it is hard to discuss Navy Day in the context of the USA only. That is why we will begin with general facts. Navy Day is a very popular and well-known holiday, which is widely celebrated all over the world. Many countries, which have a navy, try to admit these people and celebrate such a holiday, because this soldier plays a big role in the life of the country, make great efforts to become better and let other people sleep safe and calm every day of their lives. That is why usually most people know, what day Navy Day in 2020 is.

Letโ€™s name some of the countries, which celebrate this holiday: Chile, Ukraine, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and other countries, which are about 20 all in all. But letโ€™s get closer to the navy of the USA.

Itโ€™s establishment happened in 1775. Since that time every year, the country remembers this date and celebrates this day. It is a kind of birthday of the US navy. It was formed in autumn, in October. Since navyโ€™s establishment, the date hasnโ€™t been changed and was left the same from the very beginning.

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Celebrations of Navy Day

Actually, the celebrations concern mostly people, who are somehow connected to the navy. They are people, who worked there earlier and now, veterans and such like people. All they gather at a ball (as it is usually called), where there are dinner, music, different kinds of entertainments, dancing and so on.

The history of the navy of the USA counts more than 200 years. During this time the army not only worked for the well-being of the country but also helped other countries for example, it helped British army while the war and provided it with ammunition and weapons.

Nowadays American Navy plays a great role in the life of the country and takes a huge part of the American Army all in all. As to the latest statistics, now about 300 million people work in the US navy and about 100 million people are in reserve. Such a huge amount of people work for the good life of their native country, are always ready to protect their own country or help other people to protect their lives. So, it is very important to know, what is the date of Navy Day 2020 This year it will be celebrated on October 27th, as a usual. This day is treated as the birthday of American Navy.


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