The value of books in humanโ€™s life cannot be overestimated. They appear very early in our existence and continue to follow us up to the end. By short stories and little fairy-tales children get to know better the good and the evil, they begin to discover a complicated world through written pages. Published items open the Universe for us, they teach and reproach, make laugh or cry and always are near us. Nevertheless, an ordinary people often forget their importance and miss the pleasure of reading paper volumes. True book lovers are very rare nowadays because a modern society proposes many alternatives to the paper editions such as online available or e-books just for time and money saving. Do it really so? Do not we risk being at loss of books forever?

That is why it is very important to attract peopleโ€™ attention to the published editions. Though it is interesting to underline the fans of reading have their professional day and it is worth to know when is National Book Lovers Day in 2022, a holiday for each publication apart and for the whole its family in the world.

National Book Lovers Day

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Book Lovers Day mean for Americans and why do we shall commemorate this day? Well, according to the recent scientific researches, people buy printing compositions less and consequently they read less. Remember the day when one can observe children or teenagers sitting in the park and just relaxing while reading a paper thing. Today it is a gimmick. The XXI-century generation prefers rather surfing on the Internet that spending the time with the favorite book. One may not judge them because maybe the children are reading some information on the global web or are learning something in the help of it. For the good, all the methods are good but they miss the unusual opportunity to live the world on the pages of the book, plunge into its deep waters and bath in the magnetic style of the author, respire the freshness of the manner of writing and enrich your vocabulary and grammar skills.

The holiday tends to accent on the role of impressions in our lives and of our need of them. It is the day-off when every bibliophile or another people who are reliable with editions what are editors or writers can be proud of his or her vocation and tell to another what day is National Book Lovers Day in 2022.

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It also aims to preserve the published edition, otherwise they will fall into oblivion.

The definition of the holiday

As far as one knows, the word ยซbookยป means ยซsheets of paper joined togetherยป. There comes the shape of the item itself. The holiday has more profound meaning that just protect the thing in a good state for future generations. It remembers that the printed items are much more long-lived that the online ones. Its pages contain the pain and happiness, lives and death, all the spiritual and intellectual heritage.

The history of the day

Returning through ages, the book deserves to live among us and live forever. One perfectly understands that nowadays there are many possible ways to distract oneself and buying and reading tomes is kinda out-of-date. Despite, the invention of its paper form was one of the mankindโ€™ greatest inventions. It pushed a strong development of literature and of the educational system in total and gave a perfect chance to become more educated and more intelligent.

Many years ago, people felt the need to conserve some of their stories, fairy-tales, and words for a long time. At first, they used to make small wooden or clay tablets in which they were writing some text. In Ancient Egypt, the innovative technology lets them produce rolls. This kind of idea transportation was a durable medium to immortalize the feelings and thought of many tribes.

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People started to print volumes of editions at the beginning of the V century in Ancient Greece and Rome. As these two countries had an important role in the whole ancient world, the huge demand for hardbacks pushed their governors to increase and promote the development of publishing business. Schools, universities, private libraries begin to be filled with books of different sizes and types. To possess a printed edition meant an honorable title.

Europe discovered the art of publishing in the XII century. The Catholic Church and the aristocracy were those who demanded it in educational establishments and private collections. Since then billions and billions of publications appeared and did not finish doing it for ages. With the fast human evolution, their format has greatly changed but the main idea of the printing versions is the same thought the time. That is to pass the peopleโ€™ emotions, strong feelings and the soul of its creator.

In the present time, the E-resources are very popular especially among the young because of their accessibility and free connection with any of them in the world. Moreover, it is widely spread and gains much and much popularity. ย Notwithstanding the above, there is an International book Lovers Organization which tends to inform the population of the world when is International Book Lovers Day in 2022 and every year.

Speaking about the date of the day-off, it is honored annually and falls on August the 9th. Every year a summer august day invoke its fans to forget the real world and find themselves somewhere on the other land, time and space.

National Book Lovers Day

What are National Book Lovers Day facts and traditions?

No two minds think alike. Publish editions capture the worldโ€™ layers every minute on the Earth. One prefer science-fiction, another โ€“ short stories. Tastes differ and printings differ one from another too. One book is still the bestseller of all read and bought. Did you guess what? It is The Bible, The Book of books, which is unique in its manner of writing and no one can deny its significant role in our life.

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The American calendar remembers when is the National Book Lovers Day and asks us to celebrate it with those who cannot live a day without a good booklet. The possibilities of the feast party are numerous. Let us name some of the most useful:

  • The best way of giving respect to a paperback is to read it. Choose your beloved one, make a big cup of tea or a coffee, leave alone all troubles and business and just read. Enjoy every letter, word, and coma. Become a part of the composition.
  • Gather your best friends and relatives and provide a literary soiree sharing some interesting editions while drinking coffee.
  • Many people are not aware of the day. Give them some information on what is the date of Book Lovers Day in 2022. Who knows maybe your example inspire someone?
  • It is the perfect chance to take care of the old publication and to do some order on your bookshelf. Clean and dust it, arrange them in alphabetical order or in colors. Refresh the room.
  • If you do not even need the best edition for you, donate it to a local library or to poor people. It is a good possibility to maintain the sentence Loving is sharing.
  • If you have children, make a familial reunion and decide to refuse watching cartoons or to play a game. Spend the time reading good stories and trying to retell them. A great occasion to relax from everyday routine.
  • Do not forget to please yourself and buy a new book. It is worth to do and notably make a signature on it: ยซBought on NBLDay 2022ยป.

Enjoy the National Book Lovers Day and become a real fan of reading books!


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