Mainly all the countries have different holidays concerning professions. Doctors, teachers, pilots and others have one day in a year which is devoted to them. Administrative workers are not exclusion. These professionals play an important role in each firm and company and gain being congratulated. In the USA there is even a week during which the representatives of the administrative professions accept gifts and the best wishes. When is Administrative Professionals Day in 2018? What are the history and the main ways of celebrating the occasion?

The starting point of the celebrations

In spite of a great importance of the administrative work the representatives of “paper” branch weren’t taking into account. In the 40s of the 20th century there was a great need in people who could do the administrative kind of work. The professional contribution of secretaries was so great that Americans started developing their professional skills, attracting interested persons, involving people into different learning activities.

Administrative Professionals Day

In 1942 a new group started functioning. It was the National Secretaries Association. Its main purpose considered to be promoting a significant role of administrative workers in companies’ functioning. The scarcity of pros greatly lessened during the next decades.

The initial celebrations were kept in June on Wednesday. People recognized National Secretaries Day. The festive week was proposed to celebrate by C.W.Sawyer in 1952. The National Association gave a sponsorship. Other financial help was supplied by different corporations.

When is Administrative Professionals Day 2018? Has it changed its date? 1955 is considered to be a period of changes. Curators settled the recognition week on April. No changes concerned Wednesday. In 1981 the festival’s title transformed into Professional Secretaries Week.

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Years later a list of obligations expanded greatly. A pro changed into a serious worker, so the monitors transformed the occasion to Administrative Professionals Week.

The Association was named as Professionals Secretaries International. In 17 years it got a new title, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP). It’s recognized worldwide. The main aim remained unchanged. AAP tried to develop good employees. Then the festival became Administrative Professionals Week. At the day it wasn’t possible to encompass administrative employees’ duties in the companies.

If somebody wants to congratulate a person with an occasion, give a festive card, he should ask the internet “What day Administrative Professionals Day in 2018?”

Special facts

The day isn’t public, though traditions are widely kept worldwide. A person celebrates a day, if he’s a secretary, an administrative worker, receptionist or assistant. There’re different curious facts concerning the day:

  • The Administrative Professionals Day’s inventors were Americans: H.Klemfuss, C.K.Woodbridge, M.Barrett.
  • The first celebrations took place on June, 4th.
  • Skills and loyalty of the administrative pros are appreciated on the date.
  • In the USA almost 9 million persons occupy a post of an administrative worker.
  • The initial idea spread to find more people to become a secretary, to promote it during the shortage of employees.
  • Anthony J.D’Angelo admitted that a secretary is the only real gatekeeper.
  • The keeping of Wednesday includes friendly meetings after working hours, different events. Some companies prepare small gifts and souvenirs to workers.
  • The secretary is not just a person who types the papers and makes coffee. It is obligatory to pass a specialized test. Nowadays the certificate may be got in 250 centers; though fifty years earlier there were only 15 locations.
  • It takes place at the final full week in April, so people are going to celebrate it on April, 25. It’s the answer on a question “What is the date of Administrative Professionals Day 2018?”
  • Other name is Secretary / Admin Day.
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Different countries set other dates to appreciate administrative professionals. People in Africa have celebrations during September. Australians have parties on this occasion in May. For the last several years social networks also mark the event.

Administrative Professionals Day 2017

How to please an administrative worker

The question of souvenirs is usually raised in companies which especially appreciate and respect their workers. The price of a present depends on the level of cooperating cohesion and financial stability of a firm. Usually employees get flower sets, cards, big corporate parties.

There are some interesting ideas of congratulating administrative workers:

  • A potted plant. It can be a tulip or an orchid. They don’t cost a lot and can be a pleasant surprise for a woman.
  • A box of chocolate is one of the most common gifts for female workers.
  • A hand-made card bought in a souvenir shop can be a very unusual gift. This variant is rather inexpensive.
  • A scented candle can be a pleasant surprise which won’t spoil in several days, though there is a possibility of allergy problems.
  • If you want to congratulate a close friend, you may prepare different make-up sets or something for a body care. A spa gift basket is also suitable but a friend must be very close.
  • A desktop punching ball is a very extraordinate and useful gift for a person who works in high stressed situation.
  • 99 Restaurants Card. This kind of a present is proposed by different internet shops. It is a good mark of concern.

The best way to catch the possibility to congratulate an administrative worker is to ask a competent person “When is Administrative Professionals Day in 2018, calendar worldwide”.


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