International Cleavage Day

International Cleavage Day is an unofficial social media joke holiday celebrated by people all over the planet on March 31st. More than a decade ago, the event was a big success on the Internet in Johannesburg. Users were happy to arrange photo challenges, while others evaluated the pictures and determined the winner in various categories. The main prize was the virtual award “Clevet of the Year”.

Historically, it happened that neckline has always been the most attractive part of a woman’s body. The earliest and most revealing cleavage at that time was known in the goddess of snakes from Crete. The sculptor showed seduction and cunning through the image of a powerful goddess. Monuments and sculptures of Greek artists also do not hesitate to show open cuts in women’s dresses and tunics.

Since the Middle Ages, women used neckline as a hiding place for love messages. Since the designers of the time did not have pockets in women’s clothes, the neckline on the chest perfectly stored notes dear to the heart, and sometimes other small things: a handkerchief, sweets, gloves, perfumes and cosmetics.

International Cleavage Day
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