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🐷 When is National Yellow Pig Day 2022

Have you ever believed in non-randomness of the figures you choose? It’s like you toss up numbers and always get certain number or combination. Then there is a holiday for you with a strange name. So, what and when the National Yellow Pig Day in 2022 is?

National Yellow Pig Day, which is held always on 17th of July, is a holiday for all mathematicians of the world when they celebrate the significance of the number 17. Why is it so?

In math, “17” is a prime number that has special properties. It is located between 16 and 18 and is a sum of first four natural numbers two, three, five, and seven.


Well, before getting directly to what day National Yellow Pig Day in 2022 is, you should know the history of the topic.

National Yellow Pig Day

It’s said this holiday was found in the middle of XX century when two friends from Princeton University discovered the specific features of number seventeen. But it still remains unclear why the holiday is called this way and what is the connection between the pig and the number.

Legend tells us about a collection of yellow pigs of David Kelly, who was one of the guys. Thus, the holiday’s talisman, the yellow animal, has 17 limbs everywhere on its body.

Seventeen is not always a specific figure. Italy refers this number to an unlucky one. Presumably, the fear of this number comes from Ancient Rome. VIXI (“I lived”) was often written on the graves of the Romans, as part of the epitaph. This could be interpreted as Roman numerals (VI = 6, XI = 11, VIXI = 6 + 11 = 17) or an anagram of the number XVII.

Moreover, the correct 17-corner can be constructed using only a compass and a ruler, which was proved by Gauss in 1796. Gauss was so inspired by his discovery that at the end of his life he bequeathed the correct seventeen-corner to be hewn on his grave.

The meaning of number 17 means the extremely active intervention of higher forces in human life. If the influence of the number 7 on different events sometimes remains unnoticed, then the heavy stride of the number 17 is impossible to miss!

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17 is still relevant to compare with a surgeon in the world of numerology. This number quickly breaks into your life, when you urgently need to change something for your own spiritual good. As they say, “for the soul.” But then it suddenly turns out that most people do not need spiritual blessings, even if they talk about them every time.

The fact is that true spiritual blessings sometimes come to us with pain, and almost never correspond to our ideas about them… That is why 17 for many of us turns out to be bad and scary (!), “unlucky”. In any case, people, fixated on material prosperity, have every reason to fear precisely the number 17, and not the number 6 or 666, as is commonly believed.

Furthermore, the fear of the number 17 is called heptadecaphobia.

On the other hand, it is told to be one of the best numbers: it harmoniously intertwines the desire for new achievements and a symbol of fortune. The person who is gifted with it should remember the gifts of fate and regularly thank it for every crumb received. The appearance of seventeen in your life is a sure sign of the right direction and a good occasion for celebration. The very fate gives signs, the main thing is to be able to distinguish them among ordinary everyday life. You have an important mission, and no one else will be able to cope with it better than you! Achieve the set goals can only be if your thoughts are pure. This figure brings luck to people who practice spiritual pursuits and are fond of religion. Fate is benevolent, and you can receive everything that is due. Do not forget to share the fruits with the nearest environment. Generosity will be rewarded, and stinginess will lead to the loss of everything acquired.


Knowing what does National Yellow Pig Day mean will help you find out the sense of the holiday. So, when National Yellow Pig Day will be held in 2022, the main principle is to give a respect to the number 17 and this day is believed many things to be done exactly 17 times. It can both useful and pleasant things.

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For example, you can give a present to your family and friends exactly seventeen times or do 17 push ups, that depends on you. Make every moment useful for yourself.

National Yellow Pig Day


What is the date of National Yellow Pig Day 2022? The calendar has supervised us and now we can turn to another issue. For full understanding, let’s imagine that you have a mathematician friend and an opportunity to have a good time with a pleasure. You can ask him for the properties of many numbers and play a game called “Probability theory”, where you have to say the probability of a certain number appearance. For example, many experienced participants want to share with you what a day National Yellow Pig Day in 2016 was when people got lots of pleasure with knowledge. So, friends gathered on 17th of July, waiting for 17:17:17 on their watches to make a wish seventeen times before playing a game mentioned above.

People told you this story in order to explain how does it happen, but the plot of your magic day depends on interests and hobbies of yours. So, they strongly recommend not missing such an opportunity to get lots of crazy emotions, feelings, and wishes.


To tell the truth, each holiday has its own tradition of celebrating. Yellow Pig Day is not an exception.

Firstly, on this day, it is customary to gift Yellow Pig candies or yellow pig plush toys to the mathematicians. So, in case you have mathematician friends you can make a good amount of kindness to them in order to let them feel the significance of themselves.

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Yellow Pig Day

Secondly, it is highly recommended doing 17 acts of kindness during the day. They can be those:

  • Hold the door when you exit.
  • Take care of a small charity.
  • Donate your blood.
  • Try yourself in a volunteering in a nursing home.
  • Send an unexpected gift to a friend.
  • Give a way to somebody in public transport.
  • Teach something that you are qualified for.
  • Bring a treat to your friends’ pet.
  • Offer tourists to take pictures of them.

Thirdly, you can sing Yellow Pig carols.

So, whatever you want to do, this day is a good chance to feel yourself freely and completely connected with higher power.

Yellow Pig Day Facts

Generally speaking, some interesting facts about National Yellow Pig Day were noted, but their significance is not so high to be mentioned. People participated in previous ones would tell you some anyway.

Firstly, it is recommended celebrating this event with mathematician friends who can tell you many interesting facts about the numbers and its origin.

Secondly, do not take seriously the significance of numbers, because it is told the people who believe in good, will receive good, otherwise, it can turn bad.

This holiday isn’t rather a new one, but lots of people will assure you that participation in this activity on 17th of July, which is the date of National Yellow Pig Day 2022, will bring unforgettable moments and memories to your life and you will turn to the tendency of celebrating this holiday every year.

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