When is National Earth Day in 2019? – Well, unfortunately, only a few people are ready to give a correct reply to this question. Most modern ladies and gentlemen have never heard about it and this is really a sad thing because the special occasion touches the ecological matters, which are very important for everybody around. In order to report about this holiday necessity we re going to introduce it to our readers today.


Talking about the matter what day Earth Day in 2019 is, we’d like to tell our readers about the past in general, which seems to be rather amazing.

John Sterling Morton from Nebraska (USA) is thought to be the founder of this holiday. It happened in 1872 during the meeting of the State Department of Agriculture, where the man played the role of the Territorial Secretary. The man proposed to establish an annual period of 24 hours dedicated to the greening of the surrounding territory. After long discussions, the proposal was approved and John received wide support from state residents. In 1882, the day was declared by the Nebraska government as official state holiday and in accordance with this decision it had to be held on April 22 annually.

Earth Day

However, it was not everything, of course. On the same moment but in 1970 in New York (USA), when Senator Gaylord Nelson gathered a group of students, leading by a Harvard student called Dennis Hayes and established particular student movements, which became popular all around the planet. Its participants suggested that ordinary Americans pay attention to the global environmental problems of the current time and try to save the green planet together. A year later, a state environmental agency was created in the United States. Today it has been quite active and has had close contacts with state structures of most countries of the world.

In 1971, because of the great success of the very first day, Senator Nelson decided to proclaim the whole week devoted to this matter. It was the 3rd week in April. By the way, we can t but inform that Nelson was later awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the recognition of his work.

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An international holiday was announced in 1990. At the initiative of American Stanford University, the 1990s were proclaimed the “Decade of the Environment”. This action received support in more than 120 countries around the world, and more than 40 countries have joined forces to carry out a campaign to conserve biological diversity.

In 2009, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Mother Earth, deciding to celebrate it on April 22.


What does Earth Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this holiday or to refuse doing this. However, we recommend you to join the great army of holiday makers, as in such a way you will be able to make your own contribution to the environment protection. Why not? – It is going to be a great job.

In fact, Earth Day is considered to be an essential event. It is so important that it has its own flag with the image of one of the first photographs of our planet from space. In accordance with the establishers’ points of view, this might be a sign of awareness that only joint efforts can solve global environmental and social problems on Earth.


Actually, taken into account all the facts mentioned above. it is no coincidence that this holiday is actively supported by astronauts. After all, they were the first to tell the world how beautiful and defenseless our planet is, and how it needs the care of all of us.

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Investigating the direction “What is the date of Earth Day in 2019?” we found a great amount of various facts, so we really need to share them with our followers.

Every year, on April 22, people get the opportunity to spend this holiday in an unusual way. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter where you are living now, you can join it anywhere as the Earth Day is held all around. This holiday has become a universal symbolic holiday of love and care for our common home and is kept throughout the world, as it’s been already informed above.  As a rule, people do it in order to demonstrate their exceptional support for the global environmental protection. By the way, the important event was first organized by the Earth Day Network. The establishers followed a serious idea. – They wanted people in different parts of the planet not be indifferent to environmental problems and to carry out activities aimed at making the world more clean and responsible.

There are two essential periods of the event: in March (closer to the spring equinox) and April 22. In addition, at present, initiative groups are planning and conducting a series of activities on Earth Day closer to the time of the summer solstice in order to make the most of the warm weather and free time of people.


When is Earth Day in 2019, calendar will surely inform you. It isn’t a trouble in fact. You’re free to join any second you like to do. As a rule, this special event is held on the state level. The local authorities are really glad to propose the residents a great number of events, including official meetings, parades and other ceremonies.

beautiful Earth

On this holiday, every inhabitant of the planet may make a small contribution to the cause of environmental protection: for instance, to clear the surrounding area from the wastes, to plant at least one tree or to refuse to use the car for at least a period of 24 hours. As a rule, children involve into the celebration with a great pleasure. Tell them about the traditions, explain the meaning and they will be really amazed.

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If it is impossible for any reason, devote April 22nd to discovering something new. Watch the documentaries, read specialized articles or organize a discussion with your colleagues, friends or just family members. Up to the present moment there have been a great amount of professional literature and professional movies.

Every participant, no matter, whether it is an adult person or a child, should understand the importance of the event, so your first aim is to explain it for them.

National Earth Day Facts

Talking about the matter “What is the date of Earth Day in 2019?” we’d like to share some amazing discoveries. For example, not everybody thought that there is a unique Earth Planet Logo. Of course, this flag is not believed to be an official symbol of something. Why? – You see, it is impossible to establish one, as up to the present moment there have already been no any official a planetary government or state. As a rule, the flag is associated with holiday as well as other environmental in general. Numerous peacekeeping and civilian international events are usually organized world-wide.

The contemporary symbol is the green Greek letter, which is called Theta. It is usually painted on a white background. And this isn’t everything, in fact. On our native planet there are a plenty of groups of people, who have come even far, as they prefer to celebrate the whole week, devoted to this occasion. Annually during this period they organize many events and activities, which are aimed at solving the different (both, small or serious) environmental problems facing the world.

In fact, this occasion is currently coordinated worldwide and is kept in more than 193 countries around the world every year.


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