World Embroidery Day

An unofficial holiday is celebrated annually on July 30 – World Embroidery Day. The event was started by ‘Broderiakademin, BRAK’ in 2011.


Embroidery is an ancient handmade folk art, which consists in decorating a certain material (tulle, leather, canvas, haze, etc.) with various patterns. The development of embroidery began in the first millennium BC. The embroidery contains information about the faith, rituals, customs, and culture of the people.

Embroidery in Ukraine

Ukrainian embroidery was formed under the influence of Byzantium. During the times of Kievan Rus, embroidery with silver or gold threads was particularly popular, which required serious skills from the craftswoman. In Ukraine, such an element of clothing as a shirt was most often decorated. The most popular colors are: red (love), black (grief), yellow and green (life).

World Embroidery Day
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