American holidays aren’t always easy to explain. There are many usual occasions which are similar to other nations’ festive days. One of such days is National Cow Appreciation Day. It was made at the end of the 1990s. People prefer to eat chicken food on the day. Restaurants which propose chicken meals have special propositions for visitors and clients. The Chik-Fil-A company began its own tradition on this occasion. When is National Appreciation Day in 2022? What are main traditions of its celebration?


The day is considered to become an appreciation day in the beginning of the 21st century. From the middle 1990s American cattle farms experience different problems. Thus, other companies, which provided chicken meals, wanted to push up their sales. They proposed a merry story to people. According to it, cows decided to raise a revolt. It is said that the most intelligent cow drew a slogan “Eat more chicken”. It was written on a billboard.

This funny story is a promotional move of Chik-Fil-A Company. The roots of this Association can be found in 1946. A restaurant was opened that year in Hapeville, GA by S. T. Cathy. It was named as Dwarf Grill. Nowadays it’s known as Dwarf House.

National Cow Appreciation Day

Fifteen years later S. T. Cathy made a new kind of equipment. That machine could cook chicken in a different way. It was a new pressure-fryer. It was able to make sandwich with chicken for the same time as a hamburger. The next step of a businessman became a registration of a new corporation – Chick-Fil-A, Inc.

The new company made also a slogan to promote the new place. They promoted not chicken itself, but a new dish, a chicken sandwich. That menu item was the most important in the local territories. Nowadays people eat these sandwiches every day. Special offers are given on National Appreciation Day. People can eat chicken sandwiches if they agree to follow several conditions. The best way to get the information of the conditions is to find it in the internet “What day Cow Appreciation Day in 2022?”.

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The popularity of the restaurant expanded greatly in 1960-1980s. The owners of the chain didn’t only open restaurants. They made several freestanding franchises. The first place was started in April in Atlanta. Years passed, Chick-Fil-A chain expanded and gained other states’ locations. The owners made everything they could to open the biggest restaurant in the country, which stands free. They started it at the territory of Manhattan. There are almost 2000 locations in the USA. The chain is the sponsor of various college sport competitions.


What does Cow Appreciation Day mean? It’s a difficulty to find a special sense of this day. Some people can say that it’s obligatory to accept these traditions. People often reject eating a hamburger to save lives of cows, to show people’s acceptance of cows’ role in food technology.

Lots of Americans accepted the idea of saving cows’ life on Cow Appreciation Day. They believe that their refusal of hamburgers helps farmers to increase the livestock. Nevertheless, the idea is a good method to raise children’s awareness of animals’ lives. They are eager to go to farms and watch cows. It’s also a chance to put on costumes, though it‘s not the Halloween evening.

The real meaning is to help the US fast-food chain to attract visitors to their restaurants. The day is a real business plan for the corporation’s owners.

For a particular family Cow Appreciation Day may mean a day of unity, because they can spend the whole evening together having great fun. It is a chance to stay weird and funny but not stupid. Everybody in the street can understand you, if you’re in a costume of a cow on Cow Appreciation Day. It means that you are a merry person. When is International Cow Appreciation Day 2022? It‘s always set on the 7th of July.

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It is not very difficult to find a strict definition in the name of the holiday. Cow Appreciation Day is the day when people can express their appreciation to this animal. It’s not considered to be an extinct species. But it gives the human race valuable nutrients. People can reject using beef meat on Cow Appreciation Day. People can use different kinds of meat and other food.

The real questions rise up when people read the slogan “Eat Mor Chikin”. It is the slogan for a promotion, for advertisement. Its creators made the story that a cow wrote the slogan. Only an animal could write such an inscription. Cows are usually pictured with such signs on their bodies.

Another interesting title concerns the fast-food company itself. It’s “Chick-fil-A”. Some people try to unscramble a title in different ways. The expected result is “It’s something about chicken!”. The real definition can be given only by its creators. It is only a play of two words: “chicken” and “fillet”. What is more, the second part of the expression was taken from the pronunciation model.


People have to follow some obligatory conditions if they want to take a real part in Cow Appreciation Day’s observing. It means that they can get the information about the locations of observing and the rules they have to follow. The information is available on various websites.

National Cow Appreciation Day

The main rule is not to eat hamburgers at all and attend Chick-Fil-A locations. Visitors can visit any place they like and have a chicken sandwich with different sauces. The Chick-Fil-A proposes their guests to dress a costume of a cow. It may be a real costume with horns and a tail. But the majority of people prefer to wear spotted dresses, costumes or T-shirts, interesting, funny hats. What is the date of National Cow Appreciation Day 2022? It’s held on July, 7th.

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If you can’t find any costume, Chick-Fil-A proposes a wide range of different pieces of cloth. Cafés give a free entry to people in a costume of a cow. Children are usually given a free sandwich with chicken or even a kid’s meal. The tradition of giving a free meal to the festival’s participants is so successful that various corporations join it proposing free drinks or other goods.

Cow Appreciation Day Facts

There aren’t so many people that like cows. The majority stays indifferent. Nevertheless, Cow Appreciation Day is a great chance to study several interesting facts about these creatures:

  1. It is considered that these animals can make friends. They can feel dislike and grudge.
  2. Cows are females. People say bulls and steers for males.
  3. Cows like to lie. They spend more than 10 hours every day in such a way.
  4. These animals sleep only 4 hours per day.
  5. You can’t sneak up on an animal, because it can see the territory for 300 degrees.
  6. Cows can smell any odor to 6 miles away. This ability helps them to avoid danger.
  7. Despite the common belief that bulls hate red color, it’s not true. They can’t differentiate colours at all.
  8. Don’t leave cows alone. They feel bad, because they are very social.
  9. Cows are pregnant for 9 month as a woman. They are very devoted to their calves.
  10. A cow can’t go downstairs, because their knees have a special structure.

People can spend time merrily if they take part in the occasion. Find the information about ways of celebrating and Chick-Fil-A locations in the internet “When is Cow Appreciation Day in 2022, calendar of holidays”.


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