Day of the Ranger

On the last Saturday of August, truck drivers celebrate Day of the Ranger. The holiday is not official and does not have an exact date of establishment. Its drivers celebrate with their colleagues. Employers organize corporate events to reward the best employees.

The profession of truck driver

The profession first developed in the USA, Canada and Australia. Later, truckers appeared all over the world. Truckers spend most of their lives on the road, staying overnight in motels and eating at roadside cafes. It was the specific working conditions that contributed to the birth of a special subculture. In the cab of the truck behind the driver’s seat there is a living compartment for relaxation, called a “sleeper”. In large American long-distance trucks, sometimes there are entire rooms behind the cab.

How to spend this day?

The specifics of the work require truck drivers to be away from home for a long time. Often, drivers meet a professional holiday behind the wheel of their truck. Therefore, the best gift for them will be a celebration in the family circle.

Postcards and greetings for the Day of the Ranger

Happy trucker's day!  |  Greeting card - Happy Trucker's Day - Trucker's Day postcard

Greetings and best wishes!  |  Greeting card - Happy Trucker's Day - Trucker's Day postcard

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Day of the Ranger

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