Republic Day pretends to be one of the most important annual days in the calendar of every country. Some countries commemorate their formation; others celebrate the Constitution appearance or becoming free from the strange power. Indian Republic Day is not an exception. It commemorates the signing of the Constitution. People all over the country celebrate the holiday as a colossal festival. A lot of visitors have a chance to come and watch that wonderful show. When is Indian Republic Day in 2022?

The beginning of the occasion

India was a colony of the United Kingdom. It got its freedom in 1947. The country almost didn’t have its own Constitution, just the Act of 1937. The version was represented the same year 4 months later. The final document was taken into account on January, 26 in 1950. The main law was presented in Hindi and English.

Indian Republic Day

The date coincided with Purna Swaraj Day. It had been celebrated till that year. The freedom from the British dominion let the Indians to become the electors of their own authority. Thus, they elected the first President of the country. It was Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The main person in India was chosen by the majority of people. He accepted the oath in the Government House.

The nation feels a great importance of the day. The day has a symbolic meaning. The country was a colony for so many years. The struggle of the Indian community was so bloody and exhausting. Religious conflicts led to great sacrifices (500 thousand lost). The division of the country into India and Pakistan at last led to one of the greatest migration waves in the history of the mankind.

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For the last years India became well-consolidated. The holiday is very popular among citizens and visitors. The fabulous events can be seen while visiting the country. “What day Indian Republic Day in 2022” is a very frequent request in the internet.

Celebrating points

It is a tradition in different state capitals and Delhi to hold a huge military parade. The Government takes a serious attempt to show the strength of one of the biggest army in the world. This parade unites the representatives of the Navy, Air Force and Army in its show. The Indians and visitors from all over the world can watch the tank riding, the troops walking. The special attention must be paid to motorcycle rides which attract people with presented circus tricks.

A special fly parade is shown by the National Air Force. Coloured smoke produced by the flying planes let the spectators see the huge national flag in the sky. Every act during the show honours the President of the country. It is an ordinary thing to welcome a president from another country.

There is the Amar Jawan Jyoti which is a usual place for laying a garland. The act is always made by the Prime-minister. It is the beginning of the parade. The Prime-minister pays tribute to thousands of people who died in order to save India.

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As the Indian Republic Day is held not only in the capital but in other states of the country, there are several salutes. The President of the country takes the event in the capital while the governor takes a salute in each state.

Indian Republic Day

During the parade there are a lot of dances and national songs performed by the adult groups and the school children. The majesty of the moment is lined by the rose shower made from the helicopters. If a person wants to become the participant of that great act, he should ask the internet “When is Indian Republic Day in 2022, calendar and program of the holiday”.

A tradition of giving different governmental awards at the celebration of the Indian Republic Day is kept for several decades. Brave people, soldiers and even students who made various acts of bravery are given medals for their deeds. The TV industry also doesn’t stand apart the celebration. TV channels propose a wide range of programs about the history of Constitution generation of India and the history of freedom building. Educational establishments make different lectures concerning the Indian Republic Day.

The holiday is a national holiday, so all the governmental offices and other organizations aren’t open on January, 26. The local authorities provide a serious defense to ordinary people and governmental persons.

Indian people are got acquainted with the history of their country, the importance of being free and independent from their childhood. The holiday is very attractive for visitors and guests of the country. When is Indian Republic Day 2022? It is on January, 26.

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Republic Day in 2017

Facts about the Indian Republic Day

The date has interesting facts that should be mentioned:

  • The Indian Constitution is the longest document of its type in the whole world. It has more than 117 thousand words.
  • Before the Constitution the post of the President was represented by Governor General.
  • The Constitution of India was written during almost the 3-year period.
  • The first law was written in two languages.
  • The signing of the document took place on January, 24. The complete acceptance of the Constitution was two days later.
  • On the day of signing of Constitution it was raining. People think it was a very good sign.
  • It’s a bad sign when the Indian flag touches water or ground. It’s forbidden to drape anything with it.
  • The salute is always made with twenty-one guns. At this moment the President lifts the national fag.
  • The ceremony was set at first time in the 1955 in Rajpath.
  • The celebration of the Indian Republic Day lasts for 3 days.
  • The Beating Retreat ceremony finishes the celebrating process on January, 29.
  • The Constitution has a 5-year plan concept which was taken from the Soviet Union Constitution.

The best way to understand the country is to visit it during the most important event. Visitors can find the appropriate day through the internet. What is the date of Indian Republic Day 2022? The holiday program lasts till January, 29, but the most important events take place on the exact day, January, 26.


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