There are worldwide known holidays, which are celebrated every year on the same day. These holidays are dedicated to such events, which took place in many countries and were historically important. One of such holiday is well-known May Day. People of different nationalities and countries know about it because it is celebrated in their country in particular. As the holiday is so popular practically everywhere, we would like to speak upon this topic in this article and discuss the main moments, concerning it. Let’s talk about it and finally, know, when is May Day in 2022.

May Day

Why has the holiday begun

Actually, this holiday has another name, which is more common for many people – Labor Day. From this name, people can easily guess, what is the holiday dedicated to. Though the day of it is commonly known on the first day of May, in some countries the date may vary and differ one from another. But we will touch this detail later. Here, in the beginning, it is more important to speak about the origin and background of the holiday because it is the main topic here. Afterward, the discussion will touch other aspects of the celebration.

There exist, so to say, two meanings of the May Day holiday. But it doesn’t depend on what day May Day in 2022 is. According to the first explanation, this holiday symbolizes the beginning of spring, when nature awakes from a long sleep when everything around becomes beautiful and fresh. It is a time when everything and everybody reborn and begin a new life. Such an explanation goes back to early times when pagan traditions took place in the world. At that time the tradition of the holiday was to collect flowers and to dance around the maypole.

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But some time later the holiday got a bit other nuance. The beginning of spring was also associated with the achievements of the country on different industrial occasions. Actually, the time after the Civil War was accompanied by demonstrations, where people fought for their working rights and conditions. In particular, they wanted to make their working day smaller – from ten hours to eight. There were several attempts to reach this aim and it was made not from the first time. Finally, only several states were made to change the working day hours. After some time the rest states continued this tradition. It became a great holiday, because of simple people, the solid society made its best to reach their goal.

Such attempts were made not only in the United States. The same problem existed for many years in a number of countries, that is why many people needed help all over the world. For example, China also began celebrating May Day and made three weekends to let people have a rest for a longer time than usual. But the holiday exists in many other countries too – except South and North  America and Canada, it is widely celebrated in Europe, Australia and several countries in Asia. In all these countries May Day is a national holiday that is why people can have a rest, no matter, what is the date of May Day 2022.

May Day

Traditions and celebrations

So, as we have already discussed, the celebrations came from the recent times and were made upon the traditions of meeting spring. It was obligatory to collect huge bunches of flowers and choose the Queen of the holiday. All this was also accompanied by dancing and loud singing. That is why nowadays those, who know, when is May Day 2022, always want to obey to the traditions and dance around the May Pole – symbol of the day.

Usually, at this day, people do not have some special programs or entertainments. Mostly this holiday is made not only to meet spring but to honor labor efforts of their country. In some countries, not huge festivals or parades are made. But usually people just have a day off and during this time they have the opportunity to gather on fresh air with their family or to walk throughout the city and visit different entertainments, which are provided for all guests at this day.

To be ready for the holiday it is useful to know beforehand, when is May Day 2022, the calendar will tell you that it is May 1st.


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