When is International Tea Day in 2024? Do you know it? As a rule, people don’t know the answer to this question. And it is a real pity, because the most part of them adores having a cup of this drink in the morning, afternoon and evening. In order to clarify the situation today we are going to represent this special occasion to our followers. Would you like to join? – We are starting.


Talking about the matter what day Tea Day in 2024 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of this special occasion. Frankly speaking, this direction is under the particular attention among our followers.

All in all the decision to celebrate International Tea Day on December 15 was made after repeated discussions in many international organizations and trade unions during the World Social Forum, held in 2004 in Mumbai, India and in 2005 in Porte Allegre, Brazil. By the way, on this day the World Declaration of the Rights of the Tea Industry Workers was published.

Accordingly, it is mainly celebrated by countries in whose economy an article on aromatic beverage production occupies one of the main places. The most typical ones are India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Uganda and Tanzania.

It is believed that aromatic beverage, as a drink, was initially discovered by the very famous person. It was the second emperor of China named Shen Nung. It happened around 2737 BC, and everything happened occasionally. During the daily walk the emperor dropped tea leaves in a cup filled with hot water. In general, it is quite difficult to believe that now we have a possibility to drink the same aromatic beverage that the Chinese emperor invented almost 5 millennia ago!

At the same time we can’t but mention that in 400-600 AD in China, interest in this drink as a healing one was growing significantly. The process of the first plant cultivation was developing significantly. In Europe and Russia, aromatic beverage became known from the first half of the 17th century. In the modern history there is one more famous event. It is known quite well as the Boston Tea Party, which took place on December 16, 1773. During it, American colonists threw many boxes with this plant leaves into Boston harbor. It was a so-called protest against the UK tax on tea.


What does Tea Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. You see, in order to predict your reaction we should know you personally. In the modern world there are people, who appreciate this drink as well as the holiday. However, there are those, who don’t care.

The World Trade Organization’s international trade policy suggests that manufacturing countries open their borders to trade. The commodity price of aromatic beverage has been steadily declining in all countries, together with a lack of clarity in pricing tea.

In the aromatic beverage industry, overproduction is observed, but this phenomenon is controlled, as profit is pumped to world brands. Global brands have the opportunity to buy tea at the lowest prices, while large-scale reconstruction is underway everywhere in the aromatic beverage industry. It is expressed in decay and separation at the tea plantation level and in consolidation at the brand level.


Investigating the question “What is the date of Tea Day in 2024?” we found some amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with you. As it has already been mentioned above the special occasion is kept annually on December 15th. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen worldwide. Only the regions, which have already held the status of the leading aromatic beverage producers, do it. All in all, a holiday is devoted to one of the oldest as well as the healthiest drinks on the planet.

Its main purpose is to attract the attention of public as well as the authorities to the existing problems of selling it. The relationship between various its sales and the global position of workers are of the special interest. The small producers and consumers are interested in its promotion either. All of them are sure that the drink has to be popularized.

Nowadays it is possible to find a lot of scientific papers, which have been written about the benefits of drinking a variety of drink. In many countries around the world, there are unique centuries-old traditions. All in all this special occasion is a great opportunity to remember them and join the many congratulations to all those people who have been working all this time to have this wonderful drink on our table.


When is Tea Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you. Actually there are no any problems with memorizing the date. The holiday has a fixed date of its celebration and this simultaneously means that you may join the process on December 15th any year you would like to do it.

As you perhaps understand, there is no need to expect that the holiday will be celebrated on the state level in your country. However, there are no reasons for being worried or sad at the same time. You are always free to create your own holiday and to celebrate it alone or to invite some friends.

By the way, have you heard that up to the present moment, there have been many different ways to prepare this magnificent drink? The way of its preparation depends on your personal taste. In addition to traditional “brewing,” many aromatic beverage lovers add to it onions, spices, ginger, lemon or orange slices. At the same time there are some nations which make it in milk, not in water. By the way, in many corners of the planet there are their own rules and traditions of tea drinking. Certainly, tastes differ. However, there is an invariable thing: this drink is among the most beloved ones in the world.

Here we can’t but mention that the special occasion is not official yet. However, it is celebrated widely by some regions, represented mostly by Asian destinations. Annually, on December 15th there is a unique opportunity to visit various exhibitions, to take part in workshops, to attend seminars and many other promotional events, which are dedicated to this direction.

International Tea Day Facts

The question “When is World Tea Day 2024?” is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. It involves a lot of amazing pieces of information, which may be interesting for our followers. For example, today we are going to discuss the general amount of cups which are permissible daily.

Following the specialists’ points of view, no matter how useful your drink seems to be, do not forget about medical restrictions. Excessive aromatic beverage consumption means increased stress on the heart and kidneys. Strong brewing leads to brain arousal, palpitations, frequent urination, and insomnia. High doses of caffeine, as recent medical research has shown, contribute to some diseases. Therefore, with it you should know the measure.

On average, 4-5 cups of not very strong tea during the day are thought to be quite beneficial, especially for a middle-aged person. Some modern men and women can’t do without strong aromatic beverage, because otherwise they do not feel the taste. In this case, it should be limited to 2-3 cups, at the rate of 3 grams of its leaves per cup. Thus, 5-10 grams of it are released per day. It is better to drink a little, but often and always freshly brewed. Of course, you should not drink it for the coming dream. It is good for older people to drink just boiled water in the evening, which is best just before it is boiled and then cooled to room temperature.

The Chinese drink it no more than three times a day.


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