The Islamic world is really famous all over the world for their religious life and their attitude to religion. These people treat religion sensitively, trust God and believe in everything, which is written in their saint book. Certainly, their world vision differs a lot from ours and from the vision of people of other worships. Every holiday is very important to them and they treat all the traditions, which are dedicated to this or that holiday. The whole world knows their Ramadan, for example, and such like holidays, which are the hugest in their religion. But this holiday is not the only one. Here in the article, we would like to speak about one more important day in the lives of Islamic people โ€“ the holiday called Lailat al Kadr. This is one night of the year, which people celebrate. Here we will discuss the sense of the holiday and know, when is Lailat al Kadr in 2022.

Lailat al Kadr

Meaning of the holiday and the beginning

So, it is really interesting โ€“ how it al began and why has such holiday began to exist. Also, it matters, why has the holiday became so important and popular. Well, letโ€™s start from the very beginning. A long time ago the prophet Muhammad lived. He was a saint person whom everybody believed and who was able to explain the Godโ€™s messages to the simple people. He read a lot of prayers all the time and traveled all over the world. Also, he had a special and unique gift โ€“ he was able to see dreams at night, which were real and sent some message to the people. So, one day he also was somewhere in the mountains traveling. Suddenly he heard a sound from the heaven and got a book. He was made to read the book. It was Koran โ€“ the saint book like Bible in Christianity.ย  As Koran has several parts, this time it was only the first part of the book. Later other parts were given in the same way to other prophets and in some time the whole book was finished.

The date of the holiday is dedicated to the date when all this happened. Later you will know, what day Lailat al Kadr in 2022 is. This night is very important and people believe that it was a miracle and since that time every year, this night brings people more miracles and gift than ever. Also, people believe that during this night all angels go down from heaven to earth and bring everything good to people. There is no night in the year, where so many angels come to earth.

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Also, this night has a special name. Usually, it is called the night of power and predestination. Power is because of all the magic, which happens this night and all miracles, which can happen. Predestination is because right at that night the God predestinated peopleโ€™s laws and rules of life. It all began right from that time when Koran has been begun. That night made a lot for the future life and development and understanding of religion.

What is the sense of celebrating the holiday

So, people treat this holiday really seriously and the night itself is treated as the most important during the whole year. That is why they always know beforehand, when is Lailat al Kadr 2022. For the whole day people try to say sorry for everything bad they have done and try to understand, what have they done wrong towards other people and the world itself. It is a really important time when a person can come to the state when he really wants to become better and to correct all his mistakes. It is always really difficult and not everyone can do like this. Also, people think that at this day the God is able to forgive people their sins easier than in other days.

Lailat al Kadr

As a usual, many holidays in Islamic religions are accompanied by a fast. From the very morning, people try not to eat and drink and eat anything. It is thought that every person during the whole day should think only about the holiday, prayers, God and his sins and how to correct them. Only after the sunset people are allowed to eat. It is not a rule, by the way, but this tradition is preferable.

When is Lailat al Kadr in 2022, calendar

Well, there are no special traditions of this holiday. Usually, people spend their day like all the rest days. But after the sunset people walk throughout the city all the night till morning, visit restaurants and cafes, which, by the way, are opened at this night. Also, many streets and buildings are decorated with LED garlands. After a difficult day, spend without food and drinks, in thinking about what have they done, people have an opportunity to have a rest a bit. All their sins are forgiven and they feel free and happy.

The holiday is usually celebrated in the month of Ramadan. In our understanding, we have another information on what is the date of Lailat al Kadr 2022. This year people will celebrate it on May 19. We have enough time to get ready for the holiday. Every person usually for a long time thinks on what wrong has he or she done in order to be well ready when the holiday comes. It is a very respectful attitude towards the holiday in religion, which you are dedicated to.


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