Traditionally people celebrate New Yearโ€™s Day on the 1st of January. It is the most common date. But Muslim people observe the tradition on their own date. The Muslim beginning of a year depends on the moon calendar and has no strict date. When is Al-Hijra in 2024?

The origin of the day

The observance of the 1st day of the year roots to the 622 CE. That day the Islamic Prophet Muhammad had a trip to Medina. This day is known as Al-Hijra. Every year the holiday shifts on another date in contrast to the European New Yearโ€™s Day which takes place on January, 1st. There are 354 days in Muslim calendar.

The story of the Muhammadโ€™s journey is always told to interested persons. The day keeps sacrifices in itself. The Prophet wasnโ€™t a rich man, but he married a wealthy woman named Khadji. That profitable marriage gave Muhammad the chance to become a rich and successful man.


When the man was 25 years old, he wanted to make a walk to Mecca. Those were the times when Muhammad became the Prophet by getting Godโ€™s behest. The Prophet shared the news and belief with his wife and relatives. Then he began involving other people into Islam and retell them Godโ€™s revelations.

Muhammad had to move to Yathrib. It happened because of increasing threat to his followers, cases of violence made by the representatives of another religion. They tried to stop spreading influence of Islam.

The hijra (a flight) was many years ago. This day meant the beginning of a new period, thus, nowadays the day is also the beginning of a new period of life and year. If you write a request โ€œWhat day Al-Hijra in 2024?โ€, youโ€™ll get the answer โ€œAugust, 19โ€.

The city embraced the man and his beliefs, and later the city got a new name Medina. It means โ€œthe Prophetโ€™s cityโ€. The congregation of Muhammad grew greatly. A new organization was formed. Later its role increased. The Muhammadโ€™s movement became a new religion which is nowadays one of the most significant in the world.

Islamic movement spread its influence despite its opponents. Many years were devoted to Islam generation in the world. There were lots of military conflicts to settle the superiority of the Islam religion. The Prophet died in 632.

Six years later the new prophet accepted a new calendar. It was the 1st calendar of Muslims. The starting point of the calendar was the Muhammadโ€™s flight. Thus, the beginning of Muslim years was in 622 CE.

Facts about Muhammadโ€™s flight

Itโ€™s interesting to know how the Prophet settled in a new town and developed his influence on people:

  • The first mosque in Yathrib was initiated by Muhammad. The man made it to worship God. He even took part in the process of building himself. The man carried stones and helped the mosque raising. That construction wasnโ€™t very big, though it was the most valuable building.
  • Prior people based their relations on tribal traditions. Muhammad persuaded his congregation to help each other, to support every Muslim who comes to Yathrib to live there. Muslim people were to belief each other, be faithful. The brotherhood was the sense of human relations according to Muhammadโ€™s teaching.
  • The introduction of a new calendar made Islam different from other religions. That event happened after Muhammadโ€™s death, but his impact on people was so strong that they decided to make his coming to Yathrib the starting year of their calendar. When is Al-Hajra 2024? Itโ€™s on August, 19.
  • Muhammad made an agreement with representatives of other religions for establishing kind relations.
  • The Prophet initiated the improvement of hydrosystem in Yathrib. He proposed his followers to make several wells. With the Prophetโ€™s initiative fifty wells were made in Yathrib.
  • Muhammad involved citizens in gardening. He proposed every interested person to get a piece of land by gardening and cultivating it. So, it was a very wise approach to make the local land rich, fertile.
  • Because of wise management the poverty was eradicated very quickly. People could work, thus, they had homes, food.
  • Yathrib, later Medina got security and law. It was recognized the safest city in the country. Cases of murder or theft were rare. Drunkenness wasnโ€™t an ordinary thing. The total control helped to less problems and troubles in peopleโ€™s lives.

The main score of Muslim movement was to bring goodness to other people. People who practice Islam always should do their best to improve the life in their community. What is the date of Al-Hijra 2024?


How do people observe the day

People should know that Al-Hijra doesnโ€™t move itself but it shifts according European calendar, because the Muslim calendar is shorter.

The ordinary European ways of celebrating arenโ€™t accepted by Muslims. They usually attend religious services and pray. They commemorate the Muhammadโ€™s flight to Yathrib. Some families gather at a festive dinner. Family members give presents each other and wish happiness, though a loud public celebration isnโ€™t held.

Celebrations in different countries can be held on different dates depending on a country. The moon sighting influences on setting of the date. In North America Muslim communities decided to use astronomical system for adopting the date of Al-Hijra, though, such approach faces lots of debates.

Muslims recollect all sacrifices that were made during the period of the development of Islam religion. People also look at their style of living and think over future plans and path of life. Some cities can make fanfare, but Al-Hijra canโ€™t be compared with other Islamic holidays.

The significance of the holiday canโ€™t be overestimated because this occasion reflects the Islam formation and setting. Nowadays there are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world. You can join the occasion by visiting a mosque in your town or go to one of the Muslim countries. But youโ€™re to learn the date beforehand with the internet request โ€œWhen is Al-Hijra in 2024, calendar of Muslimsโ€.


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