Robert Lee was the leader of the forces of Confederate Army of Virginia during the well-known Civil War in America. He lead people to battle regardless of his own desire to keep America whole, as slavery and racial discrimination were supported by government and considered not only as pretty common thing, but also as the way of how things should be, too. The thing is that Lee was actually an enemy of slavery, but believed in loyalty to his motherland. Robert fought bravely for more than three years until he was forced to lay down arms and surrender to Ulysses Grand in 1865.

Robert Edward Lee came into the world in family of the legend of the notorious revolutionary war Henry Lee Third, or, as he was called on the battlefield, Light Horse Harry. His son proved to be one of the superior U.S. Military Academy students and became an outstanding specialist in engineering and being an officer soon after his graduation. He served America for no less than 32 years and then supported the presidential reconstruction program to make partially destroyed America great again.

Robert E Lee's Birthday

He died at the age of sixty-three years in 1870 and was buried at the university, which now bears the name of Robert Lee himself – Washington and Lee University in the state of Virginia.

The birthday of this incomparable man is considered a holiday in modern America. So, when is Robert E Lee’s Birthday in 2021? He started his life on nineteenth of January, but holiday is usually observed on the third Monday of January, so this year it will be January, 19th.

General Lee on the battlefield

Leading an enormous multitude of people to battle is never an easy task. First of all, you, as an experienced officer know that many of them are not going to make it out alive. Secondly, you feel the tense of your every decision being harshly critiqued and attentively looked on by millions of people not only in your time, but even many years after.

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That being said, tactical and strategic decisions of Robert Lee are pretty controversial theme. Opinions are split on it, because even if Lee won a huge amount of battles against extremely superior forces of Union, he still lost his both main offense lines and ended up surrendered. Another downside of his military strategies was his assertive and risky tactics, which lead to countless deaths among not so numbered from the beginning forces of Confederacy.  This was criticized often in recent years, as historians researched through Civil War and its conditions scrupulously.

But no matter how victorious this famous man was, we still can wonder what day Robert E Lee’s Birthday in 2021 will be to commemorate his memory and his imperfect, but still heroic fight in times of stagnant and rotten political system of early America.

Lee’s Birthday holiday

As was already stated, in the modern America the birthday of General Lee is one of the important holidays, observed across the country annually. Of course, major part of celebration happens in southern part of the America due to the fact that Robert Lee was officer of Confederacy, but this holiday also observed in other parts of the United States.

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So, why people decided to make this day actual holiday? And much more importantly, why is it relevant even today, when slavery and discrimination are strictly forbidden?

Before thinking about it, you need to ask yourself, is it really how things are going nowadays? Aren’t such horrible ideas as discrimination and repression of personal freedom continue to plague our society even now, when social and scientific progresses are far from underdeveloped? The answer is simple and sad – even if we did come pretty far from dark times of complete ignorance, humanity still lacks tolerance and peace.

Of course, Robert Edward Lee fought on the side of South, but it’s important to remember a few facts. He was clearly genuine foe of slavery regardless of religious and political situation in his country. Robert didn’t own a single slave in his life. Also, considering Civil War as fight against slavery is not exactly correct due to the fact that North had four states, in which slavery was common. What’s important is that Lee helped strengthen new order after the Civil War being a president assistant.

Robert E Lee's Birthday

That’s why it is vastly important to remember answer to such question as when is Robert E Lee’s Birthday 2021. Everyone can make our world a better place through honoring old heroes and becoming new ones.

Obeisance and remembrance

It’s pretty fair to say that Robert Edward Lee is one of the most outstanding and important figures in American history. That’s shown in an enormous amount of memorials dedicated to him. Universities, colleges and schools are bearing the name of valiant man Lee, same as some of the counties in United States. There are even a couple of military vehicles and few ships that hold the name of this extraordinary persona.

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For example, there is Lee College in Texas, countless schools in Florida and a whole highway that goes by the name of Lee Drive. Not to mention famed Robert E. Lee Day. By the way, once again, do you know, what is the date of Robert E Lee’s Birthday 2018? Well, now you certainly know – it is January, 19th.

The image of Robert Lee in pop-culture

As any famous person, Lee is often portrayed in movies, literature, and TV-series. His image of a great leader and outstanding military specialist shows in children’s novels, documentaries and even in comic shows, all from a different perspective, but still pretty accurate and similar.

One of the most popular themes in popular culture, associated with Robert, is the alternate history of illustrious American Civil War. It’s nearly a discrete genre of literature in USA, as people love to theorize about the paths and turns of history. And Robert Lee, crucial partaker of Civil War, is clearly the most popular character in such things.

So, if you a fan of alternative history fiction, you might want to commemorate the memory of the great leader. When is Robert E Lee’s Birthday in 2021 – that’s what you need to ask and mark it in your calendar. Just circle the nineteenth of January or paint it red.


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