World Information Management Day

What is this event?

World Information Management Day is celebrated internationally and is held every year on the third Thursday of February. Its purpose is to raise public awareness of the basic principles of information management. Employees responsible for the flow of information in the enterprise must know how to create, store, manage and destroy documents. Thanks to modern technologies, software solutions are offered for enterprises of various sizes and fields of activity. The holiday is coordinated and organized by the American Association for Information Management in the field of health care and specialized organizations that deal with document management in the medical field and operate with data on the health status of patients, which allows providing the necessary timely medical assistance.

What is information management?

Information management is the integration of various technologies, organizational practices and human activities with the aim of optimizing the use and value of information (informational capital) and managing its distribution by minimizing costs and possible risks.

A comprehensive approach to the organization, management, and protection of all information provides:

  • Full access to the necessary information at any time by the company’s employees.
  • Availability and reliability of data that can be accessed by any employee of the organization.
  • Information is stored properly and according to needs.

Modern solutions cover various types of information, including: physical documents, structured and unstructured data, various files, video and audio recordings, e-mails, etc.

How did the idea to celebrate World Information Management Day come about?

Information management is an important activity that involves the creation, preservation and management of documentation. Today, documents are presented physically – they are printed papers with important information and in the form of digital files, databases, software, etc. The life cycle of each document begins with its creation and use and ends with its removal from circulation.

The rapid development of technologies affected not only the form of documents, but also the speed of their creation. At the same time, the requirements for regulatory acts have increased significantly, so traditional document management tools are no longer able to cope with data management. Thanks to which, a new comprehensive platform has appeared, which provides information management in the realities of modern times.

Modern information management goes far beyond the creation and management of data. It also includes privacy, access control, cyber security, ease of presentation of information for users and other aspects that have become inseparable in modern solutions.

Thus, the field of information management has turned into a huge complex of solutions important for planning the work of organizations of various sizes and jurisdictions. Modern information management platforms ensure the application of these solutions to various data and document repositories.

In the United States of America, the field of information management received official recognition in November 2011. It was then that the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, issued an executive order, according to which all processes of document flow management in the government were reviewed and advanced to more fully cover and solve current issues.

The field of information management began to grow rapidly. Organizations began to use data management systems more often in their activities. And in 2012, the annual international conference of the Association of Records Managers & Administrators (ARMA) was devoted to this topic.

Today, many clerks and office managers have knowledge of information management at a fairly high level. However, many workers know little about this industry. It was to raise this awareness in 2013 that the World Information Management Day was established.

How to celebrate World Information Management Day?

Goal World Information Management Day – dissemination of knowledge about how important the information management industry is among specialists and a wide range of people. The basic principles of this field are promoted. Managers of small and large companies can understand that the use of an information management platform in business processes makes it possible to improve the quality of management and protection of important corporate data.

Organizations for which information and its management are not empty words, but professional activities, are responsible for various solemn events related to the celebration of the World Information Management Day.

On this day, large-scale media campaigns, courses, seminars, and trainings for representatives of small and large businesses are held. At these classes, those present will learn not only about the importance of information management, but also about the possibilities of effective organization of this process using modern methods.

Why is this event important?

Everyone can celebrate this day with benefit for themselves and their business:

  • First of all, learn from Wikipedia what information management is.
  • Delete unnecessary files from your smartphone, tablet, hard drive and cloud drives.
  • Conduct thorough legal research to ensure your business is ready for litigation.
  • If you are still confused about some information management issues, find out which companies offer the software that is most suitable for information management in your organization.

When will we celebrate World Information Management Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 February 18 Thursday
2022 February 17 Thursday
2023 February 16 Thursday
2024 February 15 Thursday
2025 February 20 Thursday

World Information Management Day


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